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PopPunk: The Darkly Creative Trend Striking a Chord With Gen Z in 2023

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The PopPunk trend is making a comeback in 2023, driven by Gen Z’s desire for unique self-expression during the “polycrisis” era. Inspired by punk idols like Vivienne Westwood, teens are embracing the rebellious DIY aesthetic across social media. In this article, we’ll explore the origins of PopPunk’s revival, key style influences, essential garments and accessories, and tips for nailing this eclectic look. Whether you want to tap into the nostalgic Y2K vibe or add an edgy twist to your inventory, PopPunk offers plenty of opportunities for retailers catering to young trendsetters. Let’s dive into this versatile trend that’s encouraging dark creativity!

Table of Contents
PopPunk 101: The nostalgic reemergence
Key style influencers breathing new life into punk
DIY garments & accessories defining the aesthetic
How to style PopPunk’s darkly creative look

PopPunk 101: The nostalgic reemergence

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The revival of PopPunk among Gen Z consumers is driven by their desire for self-expression and individuality amidst the “poly-crisis” era. With climate change, political turmoil, and an ongoing pandemic, many teens are experiencing anxiety about the future. PopPunk offers an outlet to harness these emotions through music, fashion, and online communities.

ByKey punk influences include Vivienne Westwood, whose rebellious designs shaped the 1970s-80s punk scene in London. Westwood’s granddaughter Cora Corré continues this anti-establishment ethos today. Japanese manga character Nana Osaki has also emerged as an icon, inspiring DIY styling on TikTok.

Viral hashtag trends like #Y2K, #HeritageChecks, and “How to dress like a Vivienne Westwood model” showcase the nostalgic, eclectic PopPunk aesthetic. Teens are blending vintage pieces with contemporary youthful essentials and customized details. This mashup of eras and influences caters perfectly to Gen Z’s dark creativity.

Key style influencers breathing new life into punk

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A new generation of models, designers, and influencers are putting their own spin on punk culture, bringing PopPunk into the mainstream.

Cora Corré, Vivienne Westwood’s granddaughter, carries on her grandmother’s legacy through climate activism and collaborations with youth-driven brands. Chopova Lowena, a British label known for upcycling and bold patterns, embodies the DIY punk ethos in a sustainably-minded way. 

Chinese TikTok creator Jizifanfan brings anime-inspired styling to life for her 10 million followers. Her videos on recreating looks from the Nana manga series have fueled the trend. Model and singer Gabbriette Bechtel of pop rock band Nasty Cherry stars in Marc Jacobs’ Heaven campaign, blending music and fashion.

Even luxury houses like Gucci are participating through upcycled collections with brands like Rave Review. These partnerships give vintage pieces a new life while retaining punk’s characteristic edge.

DIY garments & accessories defining the aesthetic

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The PopPunk look centers around DIY and upcycled garments, paired with customized accessories that exude personal style. 

Key items include corsets, often made from vintage or deadstock materials and embellished with studs or hardware. Cropped, tight-fitting t-shirts get updated with placement graphics, slogans, and illustrations for a modern take on the classic band tee. 

Checkered skirts in mini or midi lengths draw inspiration from punk’s roots in Scottish culture. Designers can source deadstock or recycled fabrics to create one-of-a-kind checkered patterns.

Accessories like berets, chokers, and stacked platform shoes complete the aesthetic. Bold colors, metallics, and shearling add interest. Footwear ranges from combat boots to knee-high platforms, finished with buckles and other punk details.

By upcycling vintage pieces and experimenting with materials, retailers can enable the DIY ethos that’s core to PopPunk. Unique customization creates a look that feels distinctly Gen Z.

How to style PopPunk’s darkly creative look

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When curating and styling PopPunk looks, focus on creating an eclectic, personalized aesthetic for Gen Z. 

Layer vintage or upcycled statement pieces with more modern basics. A cropped cardigan over a mesh corset top, paired with a plaid mini skirt and combat boots makes for an edgy outfit.

Add pops of bright color and print through hair accessories, bag charms, and platform shoes to elevate the look. Tartan details on accessories can complement classic punk plaids in an unexpected way.

Use DIY elements like customized t-shirts, embroidered jean jackets, or repurposed jewelry to make pieces feel unique. Enable creativity by providing materials and guides for easy customization.

Styling content is key – share images demonstrating how to pair items and make the aesthetic work for everyday wear. Enlist influencers to show the versatility and broad appeal of PopPunk through styling videos and campaigns.

By blending vintage inspiration with Gen Z creativity, retailers can develop a distinctive PopPunk assortment that allows teens to stand out.


The revival of PopPunk in 2023 presents an exciting opportunity for retailers to capture the imaginations of Gen Z consumers. By tapping into punk history and youth culture, brands can curate an eclectic selection of DIY and upcycled pieces. Use bold accessories and footwear along with creative styling to showcase this trend’s versatility. Most importantly, embrace Gen Z’s craving for individuality and self-expression by enabling customization. With some guidance from punk’s greatest hits, PopPunk can strike a nostalgic yet rebellious chord with young trendsetters.

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