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Retailers Embrace AIoT Technology


AIoT is the secret weapon helping retailers stay ahead of the curve with intelligent video systems.

AIoT comprises AI and IoT. Credit: Mammadzada via Shutterstock.
AIoT comprises AI and IoT. Credit: Mammadzada via Shutterstock.

Retailers are facing intense competition, compelling them to seek innovative ways to stand out. Prioritising customer service, efficient operations, and personalisation is crucial in this landscape.

A recent collaboration between Hikvision and Retail Customer Experience has yielded a white paper detailing the potential of Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) in helping retailers stay ahead of the game.

The fusion of artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT), known as AIoT, introduces intelligent video systems. These systems utilise high-definition cameras and AI analytics to offer actionable insights.

Retailers can leverage features such as remote inspection and business intelligence, tailoring the shopping environment to meet consumer demands efficiently.

This technology not only enhances operational efficiency but also elevates the overall customer experience.

A cost-efficient alternative

One standout application of AIoT video technology is the development of remote audit solutions. These solutions streamline retail operations by enabling remote store inspections through CCTV.

Standardising procedures and ensuring adherence to company standards across branches, these solutions present a cost-efficient alternative to physical audits.

The use of AIoT in remote audits significantly reduces annual costs, marking a shift towards more streamlined and tech-driven retail management.

Business intelligence in action

Smart video solutions, powered by AIoT, play a crucial role in enhancing the customer experience. By analysing in-store traffic patterns and effectively managing queues, these solutions offer valuable insights.

Retailers can make informed decisions about merchandising, staffing, and floor planning, ultimately providing a more satisfying shopping experience.

The integration of business intelligence tools into the retail environment showcases the transformative power of AIoT in improving customer interactions.

Efficiency in parking: stress-free and streamlined

Implementing automatic license plate recognition and efficient parking guidance systems is another way smart video solutions, driven by AIoT, benefit retailers.

These systems not only alleviate driver stress but also reduce operating costs for businesses. By improving car park turnover rates, they contribute to a smoother overall experience for customers.

The focus on enhancing parking efficiency reflects the comprehensive impact of AIoT across various aspects of retail operations.

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