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S/S 24 Footwear & Accessories: Colors, Materials, Details

Footwear & Accessories

As an online retailer, staying on top of the latest trends is crucial for curating a compelling product assortment that resonates with your customers. In this article, we’ll dive into the key colors, materials, and design details that will define footwear and accessories in Spring/Summer 2024. From the impact of AI-driven experimental designs to the continued influence of Y2K and Western aesthetics, get ready to update your product mix with fresh, in-demand styles. Let’s explore what’s in store for the upcoming season.

Table of Contents
1. Nutshell: the new neutral
2. Cyber lime’s digital poph
3. Barbiecore pinks persist
4. Color-blocked sporty neutrals
5. Noughties denim revival
6. Fiery orange accents
7. Gothlite’s edgy appeal
8. Whimsical underwater motifs
9. Alternative leather innovations
10. Industrial ballchain details
11. Eye-catching colorful metallics
12. Elevated raffia textures
13. Packable travel-friendly designs
14. Hearts beyond Valentine’s Day
15. Modular cross-category accessories
16. Western influences ride on
17. Bold blooms in full effect

Nutshell: the new neutral

Nutshell, a warm and spicy brown, is set to become a key neutral for Spring/Summer 2024. This versatile hue offers a contemporary update to core leather goods, pairing well with both calming tones like Glacial Blue and Oat Milk and vibrant seasonal brights such as Barbiecore pinks, Sweet Mandarin, and Cyber Lime. Consider incorporating Nutshell into low-key luxe bags, boxy ballerina flats, and refined flatforms to tap into the Quiet Luxury trend. For festival-goers, rustic brown leathers on cowboy boots, biker boots, and statement belts will be a hit.


Cyber lime’s digital pop

As digital design continues to influence fashion, chromatic lime green tones remain in the spotlight. This bright and cheerful hue is perfect for accent pieces like party bags, occasion heels, and resort jewelry. Pair these vibrant greens with neutrals or other green shades for a softer look. The e-commerce data shows a slight YoY increase in green across new-in bags, while Google searches reveal growing interest in lime green footwear and accessories.

Barbiecore pinks persist

With the buzz surrounding the upcoming Barbie movie, pink is poised to maintain its popularity well beyond the film’s July 2023 release. A range of pink tones, including Pink Flash, Fondant Pink, Pink Cyclamen, and Pink Diamond, will resonate across different markets. Embrace the trend with novelty pink shoes and bags adorned with feathers, flowers, butterflies, and rhinestones. The pink open-toed stiletto, prominently featured in the Barbie trailer, is expected to gain a devoted following. Google searches and the e-commerce data confirm the rising demand for pink footwear and embellishments.

cyber lime

Color-blocked sporty neutrals

Warm neutrals like Timeless Taupe, Chalk, Parchment, and Oat Milk offer a balanced counterpoint to the season’s bold brights. Tonal blocked designs add sophisticated sporty interest to core items, particularly sneakers and utilitarian bags, bringing a Quiet Luxury aesthetic to activewear ranges. The e-commerce data and Google searches highlight the growing popularity of neutral footwear, especially in sneaker styles.

Noughties denim revival

Capitalize on the enduring Y2K craze with denim accessories and footwear. Light washes and distressed finishes will be key, aligning with Western and festival fashion stories. The e-commerce data reveals significant YoY increases in denim bags, hats, boots, and sandals, while Google searches and TikTok views underscore the demand for denim boots in particular.


Fiery orange accents

Radiant Red and deep corals merge with vibrant oranges to create striking accent colors for core collections. Color-blocking will be crucial for activewear updates, with these fiery hues paired tonally or contrasted against vivid greens. Google searches indicate rising interest in orange footwear, bright color combinations, and functional bags. Consider introducing these shades for high-summer retail across footwear and bags or in early autumn activewear ranges.

Gothlite’s edgy appeal

The resurgence of goth-inspired looks coincides with the return of subversive dressing. The overarching Gothlite theme influences various categories, from the revival of crosses and chokers in jewelry to the prominence of spikes, studs, and worn leather finishes on footwear and bags. Key items include biker boots, Y2K shoulder bags, and rustic belts. The e-commerce data, Pinterest searches, and TikTok views all point to the growing interest in goth-inspired aesthetics.


Whimsical underwater motifs

Inject whimsy into perennial beachcomber themes by drawing inspiration from AI and digital fashion trends. Unusual applications, colors, and shapes refresh seafaring motifs, incorporating colorful metallics, futuristic forms, and dusted pastels into seashell designs. The e-commerce data shows a YoY increase in shell embellishments on footwear, particularly sandals. Statement ear cuffs, drop earrings, chokers, evening clutches, and occasion heels featuring seashells, coral, netting, or pearls will be key items, along with body jewelry like belly chains, ankle bracelets, and harnesses for festival fashion.

Alternative leather innovations

As demand for sustainable materials grows, plant-based leathers and PVC-free vegan alternatives provide retailers with expanded options. These eco-friendly materials are primarily used in classic sneakers and core handbag silhouettes. Innovative solutions, such as shoes made from recycled coffee pods and the world’s first 100% plant-based topcoat, offer exciting possibilities. Google searches and TikTok data reveal a strong interest in cactus leather, indicating younger generations’ enthusiasm for plant-based alternatives.

shells necklace

Industrial ballchain details

Ballchain strands, featuring pearl and metal beads, update the chunky chain and orb details of S/S 23 with an industrial twist. Tap into the Gothlite trend by incorporating ballchain elements into chokers, hoop earrings, and unconventional applications like high heel or purse straps. While gold and metal offer neutral options, consider colorful round beads and polished pearls for variety. Mixed-media chokers with varying sizes of spherical links in mixed metals are on the rise. This trend also presents an opportunity for gender-inclusive accessories, a growing category according to WGSN.

Eye-catching colorful metallics

Inject excitement into footwear and bag collections with limited-edition metallic styles in seasonal shades like Barbiecore pinks, Digital Lavender, and Cyber Lime. These eye-catching finishes are perfect for festival fashion, prom, and summer occasions. The e-commerce data shows significant YoY increases in metallic bags and footwear, led by boots and sandals. Google searches highlight the popularity of gold, silver, and colorful metallic boots. In activewear, colorful metallic finishes on sneakers double as safety features for night runners.


Elevated raffia textures

Raffia takes on a more refined context, with elevated shapes for sandals, hats, and bags. Mirroring the popularity of leather handbags, raffia resort bags adopt modern silhouettes like fans, half-moons, baguettes, and mini bags. Functional details such as removable fabric liners, leather straps, and polished hardware add value and extend the seasonality of these pieces beyond vacations. Key footwear styles include buckle sandals, refined flatforms, and noughties slides. Look to brands like ARANÁZ, Simon Miller, Nannacay, Cult Gaia, and La DoubleJ for inspiration, and consider foldable options that align with the Minimalist Resort theme for S/S 24.

Packable travel-friendly designs

As vacations resume post-pandemic, there is growing demand for versatile, packable accessories. Incorporate clever pieces that can be folded down or enable easy packing, such as origami leather totes and foldable sun hats. The e-commerce data shows a YoY increase in travel-friendly features across accessories, especially hats and jewelry. Google searches reveal a rising interest in travel jewelry storage solutions and multipurpose items that are waterproof or resistant to damage. Consider lightweight, compact designs that maximize space efficiency without compromising style, such as collapsible totes, roll-up ballet flats, and modular jewelry that can be disassembled for easier packing.


Hearts beyond Valentine’s Day

Heart motifs extend beyond traditional Valentine’s Day collections, offering a playful and romantic touch to footwear and accessories throughout the season. Incorporate hearts into key items like pendant necklaces, charm bracelets, and embellished slides and sneakers. Mix heart shapes with organic and geometric elements for a modern twist. Soft, tonal colorways and textured fabrics like crochet and quilting lend a crafty, homespun feel that aligns with the cottagecore aesthetic.

Modular cross-category accessories

As consumers seek versatility and value, modular accessories that can be worn in multiple ways across different categories gain traction. Convertible designs, such as bags with detachable straps that double as belts or necklaces, offer flexibility and style mileage. Customizable elements, like interchangeable charms and hardware, allow for personalization. Explore multi-functional pieces that seamlessly transition from day to night, work to weekend, and across various occasions.

Western boots

Western influences ride on

The Western trend continues to make a strong showing, influencing footwear, bags, and jewelry. Key items include cowboy boots, fringe details, and turquoise and silver embellishments. Update traditional Western motifs with modern silhouettes and unexpected materials, such as vegan leather or recycled fabrics. Festival fashion will be a major driver of this trend, so consider pieces that cater to outdoor events and bohemian styling.

floral choker

Bold blooms in full effect

Floral prints and embellishments remain a perennial spring/summer favorite, but for S/S 24, bold, oversized blooms take center stage. Colorful, graphic florals in saturated hues make a striking statement on bags, shoes, and jewelry. 3D floral appliques and embroidery add texture and dimension to sandals, clutches, and hair accessories. Pair these statement pieces with solid-colored separates or lean into the maximalist trend with head-to-toe mixed prints.


As you plan your Spring/Summer 2024 footwear and accessories assortment, keep these key trends in mind to create a compelling and cohesive product mix. From the understated elegance of Nutshell neutrals to the bold impact of Cyber Lime and Barbiecore pinks, there is ample opportunity to cater to a wide range of customer preferences. Sustainability remains a crucial consideration, so prioritize eco-friendly materials and innovative leather alternatives. Don’t forget the power of nostalgia, with Y2K and Western influences still going strong. As always, versatility and value are paramount, so seek out modular designs and multi-functional pieces that offer style and practicality. By incorporating these trends into your collection, you’ll be well-positioned to captivate your customers and drive sales in the coming season.

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