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7 Must-Have Menswear Details for Spring/Summer 24


As an online retailer, staying on top of the latest trends is crucial for curating a compelling product assortment that resonates with fashion-forward consumers. For the Spring/Summer 24 season, menswear is all about eye-catching details that add freshness and desirability to classic silhouettes. In this article, we’ll dive into the seven key details you need to know, and provide actionable insights on how to incorporate them into your offerings strategically and cost-effectively. Get ready to elevate your menswear selection and captivate your customers with these must-have design elements.

Table of Contents
1. Metal embellishments make a statement
2. Sheer layers for a sensuous touch
3. Statement pockets offer style and function
4. Minimalism strips designs down to the essentials
5. Tonal textures add understated interest
6. Athletic paneling ventures beyond activewear
7. Contrast topstitching for a crafted look

Metal embellishments make a statement

Metal embellishment

Metal embellishments are having a major moment in Spring/Summer 24 menswear, tapping into the edgy punk aesthetic that’s gaining traction. From all-over studding to decorative eyelets and zip details, there are many ways to incorporate this trend. For a subtle look, opt for small flat studs, while cone-shaped studs or studs combined with quilting create bold statement pieces. Get creative with zipper placement to alter silhouettes, like transforming straight-leg trousers into flares. The key is to use metal embellishments to add visual interest and an enticing tactile element to otherwise simple designs.

Sheer layers for a sensuous touch


Sheer fabrics, whether woven or knit, are another essential detail for Spring/Summer 24. Layered under tailored blazers or leather jackets, sheer tops and panels add a sensuous yet subversive touch to eveningwear and streetwear looks. For a more commercial take, use sheer overlays or mesh panels to complement solid fabrics. While decidedly feminine, sheer layers also contribute to the broader trend of redefining masculinity in fashion. Don’t be afraid to experiment with this detail to offer your customers progressive, boundary-pushing styles that showcase their confidence.

Statement pockets offer style and function

statement pocket

Oversized, eye-catching pockets continue to be a key detail in menswear, driven by the popularity of utility-inspired designs and the influence of activewear. Consider asymmetric placements, functional metal trims, and modular elements like detachable pockets that double as shoulder bags. Statement pockets are an excellent way to add visual interest and practical appeal to basics, as consumers increasingly seek out designs that blend form and function. Lean into this trend to offer your customers elevated everyday styles that stand out from the competition.

Minimalism strips designs down to the essentials

clean fit

On the flip side of heavily embellished utility looks, a pared-back minimalist aesthetic is also trending for Spring/Summer 24. Clean, stripped-down designs in neutral or pastel palettes exude timeless appeal and speak to sustainability-minded consumers seeking investment pieces. The key to nailing minimalism is focusing on quality materials and impeccable construction rather than overt design details. By offering streamlined silhouettes executed in premium fabrics, you can appeal to customers looking for versatile styles that transcend fleeting trends. Consider this an opportunity to zero in on perfecting the classics.

Tonal textures add understated interest


Tonal dressing continues to dominate menswear, but Spring/Summer 24 sees an emphasis on tonal textures as a way to add depth and understated interest. Incorporate jacquards, quilting, pleating, and varied fabrications in the same color family to create visually engaging yet easy-to-wear designs. Stick to geometric motifs, optic graphics, or subtly romantic florals for the most versatile appeal. The goal is to offer pieces that seamlessly integrate into a range of personal styles while still feeling special. Tonal texture is a great way to add value and elevate your basics.

Athletic paneling ventures beyond activewear


Athletic-inspired details like contoured paneling are crossing over into mainstream fashion, popping up on runways and retail racks. To make this sporty detail work for a variety of scenarios, play with unexpected color pairings and elevated materials. Try combining neutral and bright hues for a high-low contrast, or keep things sleek with tonal color-blocking. Pair athletic panels with polished overlock stitching to add a dash of sports-inspired edge to casualwear and tailoring alike. By venturing beyond the gym with this detail, you can offer fresh, comfortable styles that fuse fashion and function.

Contrast topstitching for a crafted look


Workwear continues to influence contemporary menswear, with heavy contrast topstitching emerging as a key detail for Spring/Summer 24. Traditionally found on denim and rugged twills, this eye-catching stitching is now popping up on everything from classic tees to tech fabrics, adding a crafted touch. Stick to off-white or retro-inspired gold thread for an authentic look, and don’t be afraid to go bold with a heavy stitch weight. Contrast topstitching is an easy way to make basics feel more special and tap into the broader trend of celebrating artisanal details.


Incorporating these seven key details into your Spring/Summer 24 menswear assortment will help you curate a selection that feels fresh, desirable, and in tune with what fashion-savvy consumers are seeking. Whether you go all-in on punk-inspired metal embellishments, understated tonal textures, or sports-influenced details, the key is to use these elements to elevate familiar silhouettes and fabrics. Don’t forget to consider cost-effective ways to tap into these trends, like offering a range of detail-driven designs at different price points or using one hero fabric across multiple silhouettes. By strategically embedding these must-have details into your product mix, you’ll be well-positioned to excite your customers and drive sales in the coming season.

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