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Shopify Plus: Does the Plus Bring Value?


Shopify Plus is so much more advanced and high-end than regular Shopify plans that it is sometimes presented as a separate Shopify platform in its own right: a next-generation ecommerce platform for high-volume enterprises that is completely B2B-friendly.

Basically, it’s a more costly Shopify membership (the minimum Shopify Plus cost is $2,000 per month) that gives you more room and leverages to expand your business globally.

Dedicated support, access to custom checkouts, and advanced API connections are just some of the capabilities exclusive to Shopify Plus, which is tailored to large and rapidly expanding enterprises.

What is Shopify Plus
Who is Shopify Plus for?
Shopify Plus vs. Shopify: what makes it so distinctive from other non-plus plans
Shopify Plus features
Wrap-up: the Shopify Plus cherry on the Shopify’s cake

What is Shopify Plus 

Shopify Plus is a premium ecommerce SaaS that is premised on equipping organizations expecting quick development or high sales volume with all the tools they need to expand without fuss and customize operations for a stronger result. 

What are Shopify Plus benefits

Some of Shopify Plus’s notable features:

  • Advanced automation tools
  • Flexible APIs for custom integrations
  • Unlimited bandwidth, storage, and API calls
  • High-performance storefront and checkout
  • Access to a dedicated and experienced account manager
  • Customizable checkout and payment options
  • Wholesale channel and multi-currency support
  • Advanced security features

Who is Shopify Plus for?

The Shopify Plus package is a good fit for businesses with a lot of customers, intricate workflows, and unique design requirements. 

This also applies to companies, organizations, and brands who are expanding rapidly and thus need advanced ecommerce capabilities and integrations – they will find this platform to be an excellent fit.

Shopify Plus vs. Shopify: what makes it so distinctive from other non-plus plans

The reasons behind the decision to upgrade to Shopify Plus may be multiple. Most often, customers highlight the following benefits:

  • Scalability
  • Advanced customization
  • Innovations & cutting edge features
  • Cost-effective payment processing rates
  • 24/7 Dedicated support 

These abstract advantages have a very specific, concrete technical basis. Here are the features that online merchants admire Shopify Plus the most for.

Shopify vs. Shopify Plus Comparison

ShopifyShopify Plus
PricingFixed, $24-299 USD/moCustomized to your sales volume, starting from $2,000 USD/mo
Traffic capabilityLow to moderate trafficHigh traffic
Customization and controlMinimal controlFull control and customization
SupportSupport through phone calls, email, chatDedicated launch manager and a merchant success program
Collaboration and staff accountUp to 15 accountsUnlimited staff accounts
Wholesale channel
API integrationBasicExtensive (+beta access)
AutomationBasicHigh-level automation with Shopify Flow, Launchpad, Shopify Script
Exclusive apps
Flash sales automation
Multichannel integrationBasicExtensive (+Shopify POS for physical sales)
Ideal forSmall and medium-scale businessesLarge businesses doing millions per year

Shopify Plus features

Multi-currency feature

Shopify Plus’s multi-currency functionality enables sellers to accept digital payments in their preferred currency while also supporting customers’ preferred currency of purchase. The ability to show pricing in other currencies is a great way for companies to attract clients from all around the world, amplifying international traffic. 

Shopify Plus stores may accept payments in several currencies by enabling a currency selection and configuring Shopify Payments. The feature enables enterprises to broaden their horizons and tap into a global market, catering to diverse clientele with varying currency denominations. 


Shopify Plus’s wholesale offering is a private, password-protected sales channel set up by retailers for their wholesale clientele. 

The product allows you to manage access to specific customers and groups of customers, with support for tiered pricing, the ability to set purchasing limits, restrict order size, customer-specific pricing, product availability, and payment options.

With the wholesale function, businesses and their clientele may benefit from simplified ordering and other wholesale-specific features.

Unlimited staff accounts

Due to the fact that Shopify Plus allows for an infinite number of employee accounts, growing businesses are free to hire as many individuals as they need in order to successfully operate the system. 

For the record, Basic, Regular, Advanced Shopify plans have 2, 5, 15 accounts available respectively.

Shopify scripts / Shopify Plus functions

Shopify Scripts are snippets of code that Shopify Plus merchants may use to fine-tune and spice up particular details of their online stores: i.e., the shopping cart or checkout pages. 

Also, Scripts are good at automating certain routines and have more control over the management of shipping, discounts, and payments. 

Shopify Launchpad

Shopify Launchpad is a feature of the Shopify Plus plan that helps retailers organize and execute promotional events like product drops, flash deals, and email blasts. Products may be added or removed, themes can be switched out, and landing page content can be updated at predetermined intervals. Many routine procedures can be easily scheduled.

Shopify Plus features overview

Leveraging Launchpad, merchants can save time on event checklists, boost conversions, and keep track of promotions. With Launchpad, Shopify Plus users can remarkably increase revenue by managing a wide range of commerce events.


Flow is an efficient automation tool for operations and repetitive tasks within the entire Shopify ecosystem. 

With Shopify Flow, merchants can program their own workflows and automate tedious manual processes like product tagging and administration, stock alerts, and product suggestions.

The solution supports the rule-based automation of a wide range of jobs and operations, such as modifying the theme based on customer tags or adjusting the ordering choices depending on stock levels. 

Automation of processes, as well as the creation of compelling sales campaigns and user experiences, are all based on the platform’s implementation of the triad of triggers, conditions, and actions.

Checkout extensibility

Though Shopify advertises their checkout in non-Plus plans as industry-defining, many users find it to be rather rigid. In Shopify Plus, more checkout-related capabilities are accessible that aren’t in the cheaper Shopify subscriptions. 

Shopify Plus merchants may utilize the Shopify Scripts app to modify and apply discounts throughout the checkout process, and they also have access to the brand new “checkout extensibility” function: more extensive formatting, scripting, personalized messages, and specialized fields, etc.

Shopify Plus gives merchants additional control over the checkout process by allowing them to design their own payment gateways. 


Shopify POS Pro remarkably simplifies the inventory and sales data tracking. Its comprehensive functions make it easy to monitor stock and sales figures, keeping you ahead of the curve.

In Shopify Plus, with POS comes a wide range of useful features, such as staff and shop management tools, streamlined checkout processes, and support for selling through numerous channels.

Any non-Plus package costs $89 USD a month per site, but the Plus plan covers up to 20 locations, making it cost-effective for businesses with numerous stores.

+9 free expansion stores for Shopify Plus clients

Free extra stores under the same brand to sell in multiple languages or currencies is a really important feature of Shopify Plus.

Shopify vs. Shopify Plus: what is the difference meme

It is common practice for online retailers to construct “clone” or “expansion” stores for testing purposes, entering new markets, or launching new sales channels (such as a wholesale store). 

Wrap-up: the Shopify Plus cherry on the Shopify’s cake 

Shopify has been able to pivot its attention towards enterprise-level enterprises and their unique requirements. And its Plus edition plays a great role in this leap.

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