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4 Best LED Lighting Trends for Commercial Buildings


According to a ResearchAndMarkets.com report in 2022, LED lights have dominated the lighting market due to increased demand for energy-efficient products. The ever-evolving LED lighting market offers unlimited options for commercial buildings.

The selection process can be tedious with a wide range of LED lighting designs. This guide provides an overview of the latest LED lighting trends for commercial buildings.

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Overview of the LED lighting market
Best LED light trends for commercial buildings
LED lights are here to stay

Overview of the LED lighting market

Research shows that LED lighting is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.5% over the next ten years. According to PS Market Research, the LED lighting market is valued at US $55,201.0 million.

Key factors responsible for the market’s rapid growth are declining LED light prices, increased adoption of energy-efficient solutions, and increased infrastructure development activities.

An average lifespan for LED lighting ranges between 50,000 to 100,000 hours, almost four times as long as most sodium vapor and metal halide lights. According to Mordor Intelligence, commercial buildings can save over US $18 billion in electricity costs by transitioning to LED lighting. Further, the world can be protected from over 160 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions yearly.

Today, lighting accounts for between 19–40% of electricity usage in commercial premises. The high usage calls for the adoption of energy-saving methods across the world. Fortunately, there are numerous LED light designs fit for commercial buildings, whether retail stores, healthcare organizations, warehouses, or restaurants.

Best LED light trends for commercial buildings

LED lighting is fast growing and dominating the lighting market. In commercial buildings, LED lighting trends offer developers and consumers unlimited designs. The lighting designs are trendy, appealing, safe, and durable, offering variety for every commercial building.

1. Restaurant LED lighting designs

Ambient design LED restaurant lights

Restaurant LED lighting designs are manufactured to provide an attractive, vibrant, and perfect environment for food preparation and service. New LED lighting trends, such as silk pendant lights, offer patrons a softer and more comfortable glow. The silk pendant design is a classic light made of opal glass mounted on a delicate but architectural brass stem.

Restaurants have different areas, such as dining rooms, kitchens, and restrooms, requiring different light designs. Panel light designs provide sufficient lighting for the kitchen area, where visibility and safety are critical.

Both panel and silk pendant lights are fitted with lighting level control technology to effectively light spaces around the restaurant while reaping reduced energy cost benefits.

2. Retail store LED lighting designs

LED lighting in retail can provide more than a common ambiance, impacting sales and customer experience. LED retrofit kits and retrofit kit panels help set the mood when shoppers walk in, and guide them around the store as they shop.

Furthermore, accent lighting designs help retail stores track and recess light to accent displays and products. The design uses Halogen PAR and HID bulbs to highlight products and attract customer attention. For general lighting designs, track bulbs are the most common trend and offer a focused beam of light using a reflector bulb, mostly PAR38 and PAD30.

3. Warehouse LED lighting designs

Warehouse LED lighting designs provide sufficient light for high ceilings and open spaces. The most popular warehouse designs are the high bay lights, capable of projecting enough brightness for a larger space. The design also provides durable and eco-friendly light, making it the number-one choice for most warehouses.

Recently, innovation has led to a new trend toward intelligent motion lighting with designs such as IG Series, OSQ Series, and KBL Series. Such designs offer controls for efficient illumination and low-glare function that improve visual acuity, enabling employees to operate machinery and move around safely.

According to the U.S Department of Energy, LED light designs can reduce warehouse electricity expenses as they use at least 75% less energy.

4. Healthcare LED lighting designs

LED lighting trends in healthcare help meet a wide range of needs, such as patient room lighting, surgical suite lighting, MRI suite lighting, and other sections. Dimmable LED light designs are a great option in patient rooms since dimmer light encourages recovery and rest when there is no nurse working in the room.

On the other hand, LED recessed linear lights offer sufficient light to the reception area helping illuminate the first point of contact for the patients.

Canopy and flat panel designs are great options for nursing stations, examination rooms, and corridor areas. The designs produce non-interfering, aesthetically pleasing, and non-susceptible light creating a warm and calming atmosphere for the patients.

LED panel lights and utility ceiling canopy lamps provide bright and clean light in exam rooms to help healthcare professionals diagnose patients effectively, hence improving the quality of care.

LED lights are here to stay

LED lighting trends can be summed up in one word: versatile. From brick-and-mortar retail store designs to healthcare-specialized lights, LED lights will continue revolutionizing the lighting industry.

If you are interested in adding any commercial construction LED lighting to your product portfolio, this guide will help you research, interpret buyer preferences and interests, and choose the best LED lighting designs to meet your customers’ needs and dynamic preferences.

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