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Spa Capsules: Everything Businesses Need To Know in 2024

A white spa capsule in a beauty parlor

Many consumers see spas as a means to get the much-needed pampering their bodies deserve. Massages, aromatherapies, hot tub sessions—everything needed to relax is available. But add spa capsules to that list, and clients are in for a ride they’ll never forget!

Spa capsules are the ultimate multifunctional unit that will leave customers feeling lighter than a feather. And many beauty salons want them in 2024, so what better time to invest than now?

Keep reading to discover how businesses can profit from spa capsules in 2024.

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What are spa capsules?
Overview of the global spa capsule market
What are the most popular uses for spa capsules?
5 things to check out when choosing spa capsules
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What are spa capsules?

Lady enjoying her session in a spa capsule

Spa capsules are versatile machines that can handle weight loss, anti-aging, de-stressing, massage, and anti-cellulite procedures. They are non-invasive, meaning every service provided is self-automated and unattended.

But wait, how can a machine help you lose weight? It’s simple—spa capsules can help reduce heavy metals that cause weight gain and poor digestion. They also cut down on stored fat, helping consumers burn up to 600 calories in one session.

Although spa capsules are primarily in beauty salons, consumers get models made for the home environment. That way, they can bring the amazing spa experience to their homes!

Overview of the global spa capsule market

A white spa capsule opened vertically

According to research, the spa capsule market hit US $1.7 billion in 2022. However, experts forecast the market will surpass US $2.7 billion by 2030 at a 5.9% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). 

They also attribute the market’s impressive growth to the surging demand for spa treatments, rising disposable income, and increasing awareness of the health benefits of spa capsules.

Other stats to note include:

  • Steam baths emerged as the most popular type of spa capsule due to their various health benefits.
  • Home spa capsules are growing tremendously as more people want to enjoy spa treatments in the comfort of their homes.
  • North America is the largest regional market for spa capsules, owing to a high disposable income and rising interest in health/wellness.
  • Europe holds second place, while Asia-Pacific is the fastest-growing regional market for spa capsules.

What are the most popular uses for spa capsules?

A smiling man tucked in a spa capsule

Spa capsules are dominating the spotlight, offering various benefits that make them perfect for both health and wellness. Check out some of their most popular uses below:

Skin treatments

Spa capsules can handle various skin treatments, like facials, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels. These treatments aim to improve the skin’s appearance while reducing wrinkles and acne.

Relaxation and stress relief

Many consumers see capsules as great ways to relax and de-stress. These units offer a warm, enclosed environment that helps promote relaxation. Additionally, clients can enjoy various treatments to help reduce stress and tension.

Weight loss

As mentioned earlier, spa capsules are great for weight loss. While they don’t suck the fat out of consumers, the treatments can help promote it, allowing consumers to lose the extra fat faster. 

These weight-loss treatments can include herbal wraps, infrared saunas, and massage therapies.


Spa capsules are also effective for detoxifying the body. Steam therapy, sweating, and massage can help eliminate those pesky toxins, making consumers feel better after the session.

5 things to check out when choosing spa capsules

Female coming out from a spa capsule

1. Special effects

Spa capsules offer various features that some people call “special effects.” These are the treatments these capsules offer to help: 

  • Steam sauna: Spa capsules with this feature create specific temperatures and humidity inside them to help the user relax and open all pores on the skin. As a result, all the active cosmetic ingredients in the capsule are more likely to penetrate the skin deeply.
  • Infrared sauna: This feature uses rays to penetrate the client’s skin and reach muscles, relaxing them and eliminating fatigue quickly. It’ll help send users into a completely relaxed state.
  • Aromatherapy: Spa capsules with this feature utilize aromatic oils, which help relax or brighten the body. Aromatherapy can help improve the user’s sleep time.
  • Water massage: With this feature, consumers can enjoy massage sessions from pressurized water jets. They can massage a part or their entire body, depending on their desired procedure.
  • Vibration massage: Instead of water jets, this feature utilizes pulsation to target specific or whole body areas. Its effects include muscle cramp elimination, relaxation, and improved blood circulation.
  • Chromatherapy (color therapy): Spa capsules can also use light colors to stimulate the mind and body. Most people believe that different colors offer other effects, like red for energy, blue for relaxation, and green for balance.
  • Stereo systems: These units can also come with stereo systems to keep consumers entertained and relaxed. Usually, they’ll play relaxing sounds, like singing birds and water sounds, to keep the experience pleasant.
  • Oxygen therapy: This treatment increases the oxygen content inside the capsules. Combined with cosmetics, it’ll help rejuvenate skin and the entire body.

2. Technology and controls

A commercial and sophisticated spa capsule

It’s necessary to look at the technology and controls to ensure using them is easy and enjoyable. More importantly, the technology inside the spa capsule should be up-to-date and have controls that users find simple.

One important thing is having a modern touchscreen, which makes it easy for consumers to go through different options. The settings should also be easily changed so users can adjust the temperature, the spa session’s duration, and the treatment type.

3. Comfort and size

When selecting a spa capsule, prioritize size and comfort to offer consumers a personalized and inclusive experience. Ensure it can accommodate various body sizes with ergonomic designs that enhance relaxation.

It’s an important consideration for prolonged spa sessions, contributing to an enjoyable and rejuvenating experience. Another aspect to consider under comfort/size is the capsule’s seating. Prioritize features like cushioning and adjustability to foster an even more relaxing environment. 

4. Material quality

Checking that the materials used in spa capsules are of good quality ensures they last long and that users are happy. More importantly, the materials must be tough enough to handle regular use and different operating conditions.

Usually, these units will go through various pressures, temperature variations, and moisture levels. So, quality materials will prevent damage from such conditions, ensuring the capsule maintains its aesthetic appeal and functionality over time. 

Here are some materials to look out for:

  • Acrylic
  • ABS plastic
  • Stainless steel
  • Fiberglass
  • Wood

5. Hygiene and maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance are another crucial aspect to consider when choosing spa capsules. In addition to choosing easy-to-clean and stain-resistant materials, spa capsules should also come with antibacterial surfaces and easily removable components for regular cleaning.

Last words

Spa capsules are an undeniably revolutionary machine within the beauty industry. Their relaxing environment, treatment options, and special benefits make them indispensable in spas, homes, and hotels.

While they offer different effects, each spa capsule is versatile enough to handle various procedures and treatments—even the cheapest ones. But it’s up to sellers to find what resonates more with their prospects.

With this article, businesses can easily navigate the spa capsule market and make offers that attract salon owners and home users in 2024.

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