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Tapping Into the Profitability of Floor Lamps in 2024

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Floor lamps have versatile appeal, meeting both consumers’ aesthetic and functional needs. In 2024, they offer businesses and homes a cost-effective way to light spaces and add a touch of style consequently, adding these amazing products to your inventory will help meet the needs of customers who value both utility and style.

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The global market outlook for floor lamps
What to consider when choosing the best floor lamps
Popular types of floor lamps

The global market outlook for floor lamps

A traditional style floor lamp in a bedroom

In 2023, the global market value of floor lamps is estimated to be US $4.23 billion. According to additional projections, the market will grow at a 4.1% CAGR from 2024 to 2032, reaching US $6.05 billion.

Drivers that are helping to fuel this demand include:

Rising demand for homes

Floor lamps are increasingly popular in home settings for their dual role in functionality and decor, offering an easy solution for homeowners to personalize and illuminate their spaces.

Increased emphasis on ambiance

The trend towards creating ambient, mood-enhancing spaces has bolstered the demand for modern floor lamps, with their ability to add warmth and character to a room becoming increasingly valued.

Increased use in the hospitality industry

In the hospitality sector, modern floor lamps are used extensively to create welcoming and distinctive environments. This trend is driven by the industry’s focus on delivering unique guest experiences.

What to consider when choosing the best floor lamps

A floor lamp adding warmth to a cold space

Selecting the right floor lamp involves several key considerations to ensure it meets specific needs and enhances a space effectively. These include:

Intended use

Understanding what the lamp’s primary function will be – be it for reading, adding ambiance, or to accent lighting – is crucial to choosing the right style.

Base material

A lamp’s base material will affect both its durability and aesthetics. Options range from metal and wood to glass and ceramic.

Bulb type and brightness

Selecting the appropriate bulb type and brightness level is essential for achieving the desired lighting effect. LED, incandescent, and fluorescent bulbs offer varied lighting experiences.

Style and mood

The lamp’s design should complement the room’s decor. Style choices can range from modern and sleek to vintage and ornate.

Size and adjustability

The lamp’s size should be proportionate to the room. Therefore, retailers should stock a variety of sizes. Some floor lamps have features like adjustable arms or shades that add functional versatility.

Popular types of floor lamps

A floor lamp lit in a dark room

Floor lamps are highly sought-after in 2024, with an average monthly search of 673,000. According to Google Ads data, arc floor lamps are the most sought-after variety with an average monthly search of 40,500 searches, followed by both shelf and tripod lamps with an average 22,200 monthly searches each. 

Arc floor lamps

An arc floor lamp in a bedroom

Arc floor lamps stand out for their curved silhouette, making them a statement piece in modern designs and adding an artistic touch to any space. Their focused light is versatile enough to fit various room layouts, especially in living rooms or offices, and for reading corners or over coffee tables. They are also ideal for modern or contemporary bedrooms. They easily complement various interior styles and come in a range of materials and finishes, from sleek chrome to warm wood.

Shelf floor lamps 

Shelf floor lamps offer a unique combination of utility and style. They’re ideal for displaying decorative items or adding extra storage in tight spaces, blending lighting with functionality.

Shelf floor lamps are a smart choice for the modern, space-conscious consumer. Their shelves hold lighting fixtures and offer a stage to showcase personal style through photos, plants, or books. These lamps are particularly useful in creating a cozy, organized corner in smaller apartments or studios.

Tripod floor lamps

A tripod lamp in a living room

Tripod floor lamps blend form and function with a sleek three-legged design, adding a touch of contemporary flair to any space. Their stable base and versatile aesthetics make them a popular choice for both residential and commercial settings. 

With adjustable heads for focused lighting, tripod lamps provide a stylish lighting solution. For business buyers and retailers, integrating these modern luminaries into your inventory ensures a chic and practical lighting option that resonates with today’s design preferences.

Rattan floor lamp

Rattan floor lamps and lamp shades

Rattan floor lamps – which boast 14,800 average monthly searches on Google Ads – bring nature indoors with a trendy, bohemian touch. Crafted from woven rattan, they radiate warmth and charm, and are ideal for creating cozy spaces across diverse interior styles. Offering rattan floor lamps in your inventory provides customers with a sustainable and stylish lighting solution that enhances any space with natural grace.

Industrial floor lamps

An industrial lamp next to a textured wall

These lamps are a nod to warehouse and factory aesthetics, often incorporating elements like steel, copper, and exposed wiring. Their rugged look makes them suitable for bedrooms in loft-style apartments or to add an urban edge to a space. They receive 12,100 average monthly searches.

Industrial floor lamps serve not just as lighting fixtures but as conversation starters. Their bold and raw design, often featuring distressed finishes or geometric shapes, brings a fusion of modern style and rustic charm.

Tree floor lamps

A white tree floor lamp in a room

Tree floor lamps resemble functional art, offering multiple adjustable arms for targeted lighting. They work well in rooms where more than a single light source is needed, like large living rooms or studios.

Tree floor lamps are as practical as they are stylish. With branches that can be angled and positioned to serve as floor lighting when necessary, these lamps offer the flexibility of lighting up various parts of a room simultaneously. Their unique structure makes them a focal point, ideal for spaces that need functional lighting and artistic flair.

Torchiere floor lamp

A black and white torchiere lamp

The upward-facing design of torchiere lamps makes them excellent for ambient lighting in bedrooms. Their sleek design is often paired with dimming capabilities, making them adaptable to various moods and settings.

Torchiere floor lamps are like a beacon of soft light in any room, bathing ceilings in a warm glow. Their elegant, towering form is not just functional but also adds a touch of sophistication.

Japanese-style floor lamps

A Japanese-style floor lamp

Inspired by traditional Japanese design, these floor lamps feature a paper-like cocoon and infused spaces with serene simplicity and cultural elegance. Also called “Akari” lamps, they are characterized by natural materials that create a calming ambiance that is ideal for minimalist and zen-inspired interiors. Incorporating these lamps into your inventory brings a touch of tranquil sophistication to modern living spaces.

Classic floor lamps

A man eating beside a traditional floor lamp

Classic floor lamps are the epitome of versatility with their simple and elegant design. These lamps add timeless charm, whether in a traditional study or a contemporary living room.

Classic floor lamps blend seamlessly into any home decor, offering a balance of function and style. With a range of shade designs, from subtle to bold, they can complement the existing decor or stand as a statement piece. Their long-lasting appeal lies in their ability to adapt to changing trends and personal styles.


Three decorative beautiful floor lamps

Floor lamps have been popular for decades, but thanks to technological innovations and new designs, they’re driving a boom in the lamp industry. The profitability of these standing lamps in 2024 lies in their versatility and aesthetic appeal. From modern arc lamps to timeless traditional varieties, these lighting solutions continue to captivate consumers.

As trends evolve, floor lamps remain a beacon of profitability, attracting the discerning eye of both homeowners and retailers. Stock a variety of these appealing floor lamps to cater to your customer base’s varied tastes and needs. 

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