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5 Tranquil Boho Lighting Ideas to Watch


Many of today’s modern consumers are obsessed with decorating using organic and natural materials, which is exactly the reason that the boho style of decorating has become so popular. Other than having natural light seeping through the windows, there are some important boho lighting ideas to watch out for.

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Global market value of boho lighting
What is “boho” design?
5 trendy boho lighting ideas
The future of boho decorating

Global market value of boho lighting

Boho decor is fast becoming one of the most popular styles among today’s consumers. This free-spirited aesthetic is a beautiful organic blend of different cultures and art and is unlike any other style of interior design. Many consumers who are looking to have a more calming space within their household or want their rooms to take on a natural look are leaning towards boho lighting. 

The global market value of lamps and lighting in general reached USD 75.53 billion in 2022. Between 2022 and 2027 this market is expected to grow by a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of at least 5.77%. This rise in value is down to a number of factors such as an increase in construction and the implementation of innovative lighting technologies. The latest boho lighting ideas are helping to boost the lamps and lighting market as consumers look to change the theme of their rooms to fit in with their modern lifestyle.

Neutral toned room with table and chairs below boho lighting

What is “boho” design?

With a history dating back to 19th century Paris, Bohemian or boho design is still a very popular choice of interior design. This style focuses on unconventional beauty standards and is a blend of various cultures and ideals. It was inspired by nomads, artists, and writers who focused on the creative aspects of design rather than the monetary value. Overall, boho is an expansive category of design that’s both quirky and naturalistic, and it’s not expensive to pull off.

5 trendy boho lighting ideas

Whether it’s lighting, furniture, or pieces of art, one thing that all boho decor hasin common is that it uses natural materials to create a warm and relaxed space. The latest trending boho lighting ideas include rattan pendant lighting, hanging macrame light shades, paper lanterns, light toned wood, and feathered lighting designs.

Rattan pendant lights

One of the most eco-friendly materials that can be used in home decor is rattan. It’s a style that keeps coming back time and time again because of how versatile and strong it is. Rattan isn’t a new boho lighting idea, but there are several new versions of this type of pendant lighting emerging that are more appealing to the modern day consumer.

A popular rattan light for large spaces and dining rooms is the hanging chandelier which mimics the fancier chandeliers that are often associated with high-end decor. The low-hanging lantern lighting style is a very popular option for restaurants, especially if it’s hung over booths, as it creates a cozy atmosphere and can alter the look of an interior significantly. There are plenty of different designs of rattan pendant lighting available in today’s market, and these examples only touch the surface of the shapes and styles that can act as a centerpiece to a space.

Various shapes of rattan pendant lights hanging above tables

Hanging macrame light shades

For consumers who want something a little different than rattan, macrame is the perfect alternative that fits in beautifully with boho designs. Macrame is a unique form of textile produced by making knots in the fabric rather than weaving or knitting. This technique is often used for plant hangers, wall hangings, or even tablecloths, but it’s now being equally utilized in the world of lighting and is a big boho decor trend.

For consumers who have high ceilings or a lot of space within the room, the hanging chandelier macrame light will help to brighten the space and add a touch of character to it as well. Rather than having a large macrame light hanging down from the ceiling with frills and tassels, some consumers will opt for the macrame cord light which often resembles a single rope or group of ropes hanging down by themselves or tied to a piece of wood. This is a simplistic look that’s really starting to pick up steam with buyers.

Beige macrame light hanging from ceiling with lightbulb on

Paper pendant lanterns

In the past, paper lanterns have been associated with outdoor parties or festivals, and originate from Chinese and Japanese culture. But today, with the rise of new boho lighting ideas, these paper lanterns are being used in boho home decor as well. The paper pendant lantern gets its inspiration from an iconic modern designer and can be both a statement piece within a room or act as a subtle touch. It’s another example of a beautiful timeless lighting piece that’s becoming more popular by the day.

There are different sizes of boho paper lanterns to consider depending on the size of the room. Smaller lanterns can be placed together in bunches to make a type of art installation within the space, whereas larger lanterns can be installed by themselves and are often hung over a living room table or entrance hall. With just this one type of boho lighting style, there are lots of options for consumers, which is one of the reasons why it’s such an important trend to follow.

Three white round paper lanterns hanging from restaurant ceiling

Light toned wood

The latest boho styles are all about having natural and eco-friendly materials incorporated into the interior design of a space. A top trend in today’s market for boho lighting now includes light toned wood which can take on different shapes and forms to create a very natural look as a stand-alone table or floor lamp. Woods such as oak and maple fit in perfectly with this type of tone, and it’s not uncommon to see the original lines of the wood on show in order to keep things as natural as possible. 

Some of these lights will look to mimic the shape of a tree, and incorporate natural looking curves into them as well as a slight thickness to the main body of the lamp. Others are designed very thin so they look like they’re not there. For consumers who can’t get enough of rattan though, there’s always the option to combine rattan with light toned wood for the ultimate boho lighting style.

Boho style room with light decor and wooden standing light

Feathered lighting

Feathers are synonymous with boho designs, so it goes without saying that they’re also incorporated into lighting trends too. The soft and fluffy look to this type of lighting is a stark contrast to wood and rattan, and is often preferred by consumers who want a more cozy look in their space. This feathery look can be toned down and neutral, or it can be bright white dotted with various colors to really make the lighting stand out.

Feathered lighting can be used for both hanging lights and floor or table lamps, and both are big hits among consumers. The feathered ceiling light will emit a warm tone to the room, which often suits the natural decor and overall feel of the room better than other materials. Feathered lighting for floor lamps can equally make a space feel complete, and in many cases this type of lighting can include a unique body that makes it stand out too.

Floor lamp with tree base and white feathered top

The future of boho decor

Boho isn’t for everyone, but it’s starting to gain traction among a large number of consumers as more people look to incorporate eco-friendly and sustainable decor into their rooms. There’s also been an increase in the amount of modern hotels embracing the boho style to boost their appeal. 

The latest boho lighting ideas to keep an eye on include rattan pendant lighting, hanging macrame light shades, paper pendant lanterns, light toned wood lighting, and feathered lighting. As boho interiors grow in popularity, the market is expecting a surge in demand for unique forms of lighting to match their natural look. Given that boho has been around for years and has never really lost its popularity, it’s safe to say it will be around for the foreseeable future. This means it’s an important trend within the indoor lighting sector to keep on top of. 

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