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The Best Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Trends in 2024

Wood kitchen cabinets with matte black hardware

There are a wide range of cabinet hardware solutions available for any kitchen cupboard. From knobs to handles and pulls, learn more about the kitchen cabinet hardware trends dominating the market this year.

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The cabinet hardware market
Top 5 kitchen cabinet hardware trends
The future of kitchen cabinet hardware

The cabinet hardware market

The global cabinet hardware market was valued at USD 9.68 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow to USD 18.9 billion by 2032 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.10% within the forecast period.

This market operates across several sectors, including residential, commercial, and industrial. It is driven by a significant emphasis within the areas of bathroom and kitchen renovation, where trends in interior design inspire variation in hardware design and materials.

There is also a rising consciousness around sustainable and eco-friendly products, resulting in opportunities for green or recycled materials to play a bigger role during manufacturing.

Top 5 kitchen cabinet hardware trends

1. Textured finishes

White kitchen with wavy brushed nickel cupboard handles

Kitchen hardware with textured finishes is expected to be one of the biggest cabinet hardware trends in 2024. For both cabinet door pulls and knobs, the sleek finishes of previous years are making way for trendier hammered, knurled, or brushed kitchen cabinet hardware.

A matte-finish cabinet pull is particularly trendy because it has the added benefit of minimizing the appearance of fingerprints and smudges. Instead of a shiny or reflective sheen, matte kitchen hardware features a soft and smooth finish. When it comes to matte cabinet hardware, dark colors like black or navy are most popular.

Dark kitchen with matte charcoal cabinet door pulls

According to Google Ads, brushed nickel cabinet handles are also gaining popularity. The term “cabinet pulls brushed nickel” saw a significant 50% increase in search volume over the past two months, with 8,100 in February 2024 and 5,400 in December 2023.

2. Mixed metals

Kitchen with steel and brass handle drawer pulls

A combination of mixed metal hardware in the kitchen is forecast to remain trendy in 2024. Mixed metal kitchen hardware offers a warm and eclectic appeal that is visually inviting. The mixed metal look can be achieved within the design of each handle or knob or incorporated as an overall combination of metals throughout the entire kitchen.

There are a few different metals that can be mixed in the kitchen. Beyond the traditional combination of gold and silver kitchen hardware, the use of copper or bronze with stainless steel or nickel kitchen cabinet hardware makes for a more personalized style.

The term “mixed metal cabinet pulls” attracted a search volume of 480 in February 2024 and 260 in December 2023, which represents a nearly 85% increase over the past two months.

3. Cabinet knobs

White and blue kitchen cabinets with silver knobs

Although cabinet drawer pulls have been popular for several years, the use of knobs on cabinets is making a comeback in 2024. In particular, geometric cabinet hardware is trending this year because of its modern design. For example, hexagon or triangle knobs for cabinets give kitchen drawers and cupboards an artistic touch.

Kitchen cabinet knobs come at an affordable price compared to kitchen cabinet handles, which may allow them to be more accessible to a wider group of customers. They are also more versatile because knobs can be easily replaced in comparison to cabinet pulls, which may vary in length and size.

Gold kitchen cupboard door knobs

According to Google Ads, the term “knobs for cabinets” accumulated a search volume of 33,100 in February 2024 and 27,100 in September 2023, which equates to a 22% increase over the past two months.

4. Artisanal designs

White kitchen with wooden cabinet handles

As the retro-inspired craze continues, vintage cabinet hardware is making a comeback. The market is no longer shying away from traditional kitchen cabinet hardware with intricate designs and finishes like oil-rubbed bronze.

For an artisanal touch, kitchen door knobs and handles made from natural materials are an ideal fit. Stone, marble, bamboo, or wood drawer pulls are becoming more popular both for their appearance and sustainable properties.

Bronze door knobs for cabinets with roped border

As an example, the term “wood cabinet handles” saw a 22% increase in search volume over the past two months, with 6,600 in February 2024 and 5,400 in December 2023.

5. Statement hardware

White kitchen cabinets with leather drawer pulls

A major trend in interior design this year is colorful and whimsical design. Kitchen hardware takes advantage of this trend with bold colors, unexpected shapes, and whimsical motifs. Alternatively, mosaic designs or leather cabinet pulls are other ways to make a statement in the kitchen.

When it comes to statement cabinet hardware, colors like red, green, or blue offer customers a chance to experiment with style. Colorful kitchen cabinet hardware should feature saturated colors that pop against the color of the cabinetry.

Rose gold modern cabinet knobs

The term “leather cabinet handles” achieved a 22% increase in search volume over the past two months, with 6,600 in February 2024 and 5,400 in December 2023, which indicates a growing interest in drawer handles made from unique materials.

The future of kitchen cabinet hardware

The latest trends in kitchen cabinet hardware offer exciting opportunities for businesses in the market. Statement cabinet hardware is becoming a big trend, with textured finishes, artisanal designs, and mixed metals infusing kitchen design with personality. Moreover, businesses are advised to focus on the rising interest in cabinet knobs over the next year.  As governments and companies continue to invest in the infrastructure market, there is a growing need for hardware parts for various facilities, including kitchens. This investment will bring positive business potential to the kitchen cabinet hardware market.

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