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The Essential Kitchen Cabinet Trends for 2022


Everyone appreciates a well organized kitchen, which means there is always strong demand for products that can help keep one’s kitchen neat and tidy, as well as for products that can increase storage space. As a result, kitchen cabinets are loved by interior designers and homeowners alike. 

This article will explore the latest trends in kitchen cabinet materials, designs, and technologies for 2022. This will allow retailers to appeal to a wider customer base by ensuring their catalog is up-to-date and relevant to this growing market. 

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Kitchen cabinet market growth
Kitchen cabinet trends for 2022
Final thoughts

Kitchen cabinet market growth

The kitchen cabinets market will reach US $160 billion in 2025, with a 6% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). Global demand for residential buildings is driving this demand, with the key types of cabinets being stock cabinets, ready-to-assemble cabinets, semi-custom and custom cabinets. 

The North American kitchen industry has several popular trends in 2022. 41% of residential kitchen renovations feature white cabinets. Wooden cabinets are popular in residential accommodation, chosen by 76% of homeowners, while 64% of homeowners prefer kitchen cabinets in the Shaker style, showing an increase of 8% compared to 2021. 

Residential construction projects often feature minimalist kitchen designs as well. This ensures an efficient use of space, which is important in residential apartment blocks. Ready-to-assemble cabinets are also seeing increased demand as homeowners seek more convenient installation options. 

Designer kitchen cabinets are also becoming commonplace. 43% of homeowners pick custom kitchen cabinet designs, and 35% choose semi-custom designs.

Kitchen cabinet trends for 2022

The main trends in kitchen cabinets vary by type and can be broken down into design, material, and technology trends, as discussed below: 

White kitchen storage cabinets installed in a house

Demand is increasing for space-saving kitchens as homeowners focus on storage. Smaller kitchens need to integrate into the architecture of modern apartment blocks. This makes storage cabinets important because they form part of high-quality kitchen renovations.

An example of a custom white kitchen storage cabinet

Customization has become more popular for consumers hiring companies for home renovation projects. Kitchens are one of the most common parts of a home chosen for renovation. Most homeowners choose to have custom or semi-custom cabinets installed. 

One driver of customized kitchen cabinets is affordability. This means that retailers can compete more on quality and variety than price. And this year, kitchen cabinets with recessed doors are a top pick in the market.

Base cabinets are also popular for installation underneath kitchen islands and seating zones, while wall cabinets provide an alternative method of storing dishes and other items, and tall cabinets provide an appealing means of storing food.

A kitchen floor cabinet with recessed doors

Another trend in cabinet choices are wall and floor cabinets. These are popular in modular kitchens for the storage of everyday items. A renovation team can install them anywhere in the kitchen. 

Paint is the most common material used in the construction of kitchen cabinets. It gets used to provide a variety of finishes, enabling retailers to appeal to more customers. Wood and glass are the second and third most common materials.

Painted wooden kitchen cupboards

Wood has gained popularity due to an increased demand for natural construction materials. A 2020 survey showed medium wood was a preferred color choice for kitchen cabinets. 

Other raw materials feature in cabinet construction as part of modular kitchens. These include lacquered wood, melamine, bamboo, plastics, and wheatboard.

Black lacquered wood kitchen cabinets

And finally, the modular kitchen market is trending upwards in size, with an expected CAGR of 5.88% through to 2026. This is because of a desire for luxury lifestyles. Residential construction companies now factor this into their kitchen designs.

Advancements in kitchen cabinets have come alongside a stronger focus on interior design technologies. And because of smaller apartment sizes, cabinets with added space get used more widely in residential kitchens.

An example of a space-saving kitchen design

Slide-glide technology provides larger shelves and increased space within drawers. This enables the storage of larger items that don’t fit into drawer-only cabinets. This increases storage efficiency, which is why residential construction companies favor the technology.

Laminate drawer-only base kitchen cabinets

Drawer-only base cabinets are now also becoming more common. They offer quick access to any items placed inside of them. Other features include trays and racks for storage and LED lighting for aesthetics.

Final thoughts 

The key trends in the kitchen cabinet market show a preference for customized kitchen cabinets made from wood and paint, while wall, base, and tall cabinets have a wide appeal because of their practicality and aesthetics. Custom cabinets with LED lighting and interior racks and trays are also popular choices, as are modular units.

Given the timeless popularity of kitchen cabinets and their appeal to construction firms, designers and independent renovators alike, this article has outlined some of the key trends for the industry so that retailers can be well placed to capitalized on this market. 

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