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The Ultimate Guide To Buying a Custom Hat


Hats are among the fashion accessories that have been there for a long time. They come with many benefits, including temperature regulation, sun protection, and complementing your fashion style. Custom hats are made based on the style, color, and depth preferences of the buyers. There are so many custom hats in the market that it may be challenging to identify which one will indeed bring you profits. 

This article will focus on what a buyer needs to consider when buying a custom hat. Also, it will look at the different styles of hats available in the market. 

Table of Contents
Hat styles
What to consider before buying custom hats 

Hat styles

1. Trucker hats 

A blue trucker hat with a map of Africa

Trucker hats are highlighted with a mesh fabric back for a cool and dry fit. They are a common variation of the baseball cap invented in the 1970s. The difference is the mesh fabric on the sides, which allows air circulation and gives a cooling sensation. These trucker hats identify the truckers and trail runners.


– Breathable mesh allows air circulation

– Light and comfortable

– Fashionable


– The mesh back can be easily torn

2. Baseball caps

Orange baseball cap on a white background

Baseball caps have curved bills, a mesh back, and a front panel. Baseball players in the 1840s wore them to shield their eyes from the sun and dust. They are made of an adjustable base, a bill made of cardboard or plastic to cover the forehead, and a fabric base that covers the head. They are commonly worn at outdoor activities, including sports events. 


– Prevent/ease sunburns

– Affordable

– Show support for teams and brands


– May cause hair loss

3. Fitted caps 

A custom blue fitted flat-brim baseball cap

The fitted hats have specific measurements and are available in small, medium, or large sizes because they do not have adjustable snapbacks or clasps. Also, they have a stiff appearance, due to their inflexibility, and a higher profile as they are worn higher on the head than the traditional cap. Mostly, these fitted hats are custom to the wearers as the make is individualized to their needs.


– Offer a personalized experience


– Difficult to wear on a low bun or ponytail

– Less affordable due to the customization

4. Beanies 

A warm winter beanie hat on a white background

Beanies are trendy hats worn in winter and fall since the early 1900s. They are meant to keep one’s scalp, ears, and forehead warm in that chilly weather. These caps are made from various fabrics, including knitted yarn, fleece, and wool. Moreover, a beanie can be pulled down or up as a single piece depending on the user’s desire.


– Provide comfort and safety against extreme climate conditions

– Can easily be maintained and carried around


– They do not allow the scalp to breathe

– They ruin hairstyles

5. Visors

Different sides of a blue visor hat

Visor hats assume the baseball cap structure but do not have the fabric base. They leave the top of the head bare as they shield the eyes from the sun. They are commonly worn during summer sports like tennis.


– Breathable

– Lighter than traditional hats

– Absorbs sweat


– They do not protect the scalp from the sun

What to consider before buying custom hats

1. Your budget 

Most brands of hats in the market are affordable. Some are way cheap, and others are crazy expensive. The cost of a hat depends on the material and sometimes the style. For instance, fedoras and berets are more expensive than baseball caps. 

2. Material of the hat 

The material that makes hats determines how stylish they look and how well they complement a buyer’s general look. It also ensures the hats’ durability; thus, it is important to invest in high-quality material. Although acquiring a top-quality hat might be costly, it will last longer. 

3. Customer’s face shape

When buying a hat, it is vital to test whether it matches the face shape first. If your customer has a diamond face shape, they should opt for any suitable style that is not wider than the face. A round-faced individual will look good in hats with wide brims. Hats with moderately high crowns and narrow brims are fit for triangular faces. A heart-face shape will match hats with small brims as they make the forehead look relatively small. It is also worth noting that oval faces are suitable for any hat. 

4. Comfort

Buyers who understand the kind of hats will usually opt for customized hats. This is simply because they provide the desired comfort. A buyer should choose the right quality and suitable size. Hats made from quality poly-weave and spandex fit well and thus are very comfortable when worn. Some hats provide cool and dry moisture fabrics that allow for breathability. Such hats keep your customers’ heads dry and odorless. 

5. Color 

This heavily depends on the buyer’s sense of fashion and style. There should be a remarkable match between their clothes and the hat they plan to wear. Darker hats effortlessly match most outfits as opposed to colorful hats. 


One can never regret investing in high-quality hats. Hats bring versatility as they complement different outfits and enhance your customers’ styles and looks. The above guide shows retailers how to narrow down to hats that suit the needs of their target buyers, be it a hat worn at a special event or under specific weather conditions. To meet their unique needs when purchasing a custom hat, visit Alibaba.com

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