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These Living Room Chair Trends Are Going To Be Big

Woman sitting on orange sofa chair with ottoman

Chairs are both practical and aesthetic, creating an inviting atmosphere in the living room for sitting, relaxing, and socializing. They can be worked into a space by themselves or arranged around other furniture to give any living room a fuller and more balanced appearance. Here, we’ll outline the living room chair trends that are currently dominating the market.

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The living room furniture market
Top living room chair trends

The living room furniture market

Globally, the living room furniture market, which includes items that are intended to make a room more comfortable and functional, was valued at US $214.70 billion in 2023. The market is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.83% between 2023 and 2028. 

Along with a growing demand for furniture that is both stylish and comfortable, there is also a trend toward multifunctional and portable furniture that can serve different purposes and fit into small spaces. Furthermore, wood remains a popular material for furniture because of its aesthetics, durability, versatility, and sustainability. 

Top living room chair trends

Lounge chairs with ottomans

Gray quilted wingback with ottoman
Brown leather chaise lounge chair with ottoman

Lounge chairs with an ottoman are a multipurpose piece of furniture, which can be used together or separately depending on need. Oftentimes these accent chairs come with a matching ottoman produced in the same material and color. 

Armchairs with a reclining feature are an extra comfy option. Some lounge chairs with ottomans even come with a storage pocket on the side for books and magazines to transform them into reading chairs. 

According to Google Ads, the term “accent chair with ottoman” garnered a search volume of 8,100 in November and 6,600 in May, which represents a 23% increase over the past six months.

Armless accent chair

Armless white leather corner chair
Living room with red armless accent chair

Armless accent chairs are unique pieces that can act as works of art as well as a great lounging spot. 

Modern armless living room chairs often feature sculptural shapes and contemporary fabrics like velvet, chenille, or boucle. The absence of arms means that they provide an extra-wide, extra-plush seat for additional comfort. 

These types of armless lounge chairs make for great accompaniments to modular sofas because of how versatile they are. Some armless chairs may feature a swivel chair base for additional flexibility.

The term “armless accent chair” witnessed a 21% increase in search volume over the past six months, going from 2,900 in November and 2,400 in May. 

Wingback chairs

Living room with beige wingback armchair
Living room with brown leather wingback lounge chairs

Wingback chairs offer a timeless design that suits almost any living room. These traditionally high-back armchairs often feature a tufted wingback with nailhead trim detail along the roll arms. An updated version of the traditional wingback for modern living rooms may instead come with a simple and curved shape. The mid-century egg chair is another interpretation of the winged lounge chair for the contemporary home. 

In small living rooms, a petite wingback accent chair is perfect for tucking into the corner and complementing a minimalist design, such as the Scandinavian hygge aesthetic. 

The term “wingback chair” boasts a significant average monthly search volume of 49,500, which indicates their popularity over other styles of living room chairs.

Oversized armchairs

Brown leather oversized living room lounge chairs
Large orange velvet swivel barrel chairs

Oversized armchairs are popular for their roominess, allowing the occupier to curl up fully into the seat. Oversized living room chairs even come with a deep and extra-wide seat that can accommodate up to two people, like a cuddle chair. For extra comfort, add throw cushions or pillow arms

It should be noted that due to how much space oversized loungers take up, they’re less suitable for customers with small living spaces. 

The search volume for “oversized chair” jumped 49% over the past six months, from 27,100 in May to 40,500 in November.

Wood frame chairs

Living room accent chair with wooden arms
Apartment living room with wood frame accent chair

Comfort is key when it comes to living room chairs, but wood too retains its popularity for consumers looking for a more vintage, eco-friendly option.

Accent chairs with wooden arms are the perfect blend of style and relaxation. This type of wood frame chair often features an upholstered back and seat paired with a natural solid wood frame. Wood frame lounge chairs made from FSC-certified plywood present an additional selling point for customers seeking products with responsibly sourced materials.

The term “wooden frame armchair” attracted a search volume of 2,400 in November and 1,900 in May, showing a 26% increase over the past six months.


The trendiest living room chairs offer a delicate balance between aesthetics, comfort, and functionality for a variety of spaces. Wingback chairs and wood frame chairs remain a classic option, while armchairs with ottomans, oversized lounge chairs, and armless accent chairs each have their own unique charm and practicalities.

The living room furniture market is a significant segment of the global furniture industry. Growth in the industry is driven by an increasing focus on interior design and home décor. Living room chairs help create a more inviting environment for sitting and relaxing. As a result, living room chairs are a key furniture item and remain a strong segment in the market.

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