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Throw Blankets: An Inventory Must-Have for 2024

A throw blanket on the sofa

The cozy feeling of being wrapped in a warm throw blanket during chilly weather is unmatched. This blanket type primarily leaves users feeling comfortable and warm. But savvy buyers also consider it a versatile décor element for their living space aesthetics.                                                                                      

Throw blankets are a big deal. Experts anticipate the market will hit the US$ 3.2 billion mark by 2030, growing at a 4.5% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) during the forecast duration. This growth can be traced to the growing demand for unique décor products and the increasingly popular trend of gifting items, which presents a great opportunity for retailers.

That’s why this blog offers key insights and sourcing tips for sellers aiming to enter or expand in this market in 2024!  

Table of Contents
Exploring the many uses of throw blankets
A closer look at throw blankets: Comfort & warmth
Enabling comfortable outdoors
Throw blankets as promotional items
How do customers choose the right throw blanket?
Ensuring a throw blanket for every occasion

Exploring the many uses of throw blankets

The primary role of a throw blanket isn’t just to provide warmth; it’s a tiny blanket with a major impact at any time of the day.

Throw blankets for comfort and warmth

Throws generally offer sufficient warmth to feel cozy. Their compact size and specialized materials are perfect for napping or watching TV during those cold evenings.

Throw blankets as home décor

Users toss the aesthetically beautiful blanket over large pieces of furniture for a touch of style. They always go for a unique texture, design, and hue.

Throw blankets for outdoor use

Most households consider fall the perfect time to get comfortable outside. However, the functionality of throws spans multiple seasons, from hot summers to late springs to early winters.

Throw blankets used as gifts

Gifting your loved one with a beautiful throw blanket demonstrates that you care. It’s one of the most durable gifts you can use for promotions.

A closer look at throw blankets: Comfort & warmth

A cat feeling cozy

How throw blankets provide warmth

The design and construction material of throw blankets allows them to offer warmth. Typically smaller than regular blankets, they provide localized warmth around the shoulders or draped over the legs. Materials like fleece, wool, and cotton also make them great insulators.

Ideal situations for using a throw blanket

The throw can serve its purpose while reading a book by the fireplace, watching TV, or taking an afternoon nap. It can also serve on the porch or patio during those chilly evenings. Most users leverage it to enhance their comfort without the weight of a full-sized blanket.

What gives throw blankets an edge over traditional blankets?

A throw cannot replace a regular blanket but offers several advantages. Their smaller size makes them easy to fold, store, and carry. The stylish accessories also come in diverse patterns and designs that add personality to any space.

Enabling comfortable outdoors

A striped throw blanket

Camping or picnicking

Users can spread throw blankets on the ground to create a comfortable picnic area. These accessories can serve as an extra layer during the cold campsite evenings.

Outdoor movie nights

Throw blankets can deliver cozy outdoor movie nights. Users can place it over their shoulders or spread it across their lap to stay warm and comfortable throughout the cinematic experience under the stars.

Caring tips after outdoor use

Throw blankets’ versatility supports outdoor use during cold nights or days. However, owners must ensure proper care to maintain their longevity. The savvy users always shake off any dirt before folding and storing them.

Throw blankets as promotional items

Gifting someone a throw blanket can be impactful. This isn’t your typical gift; the receiver will likely cherish it for a long time. 

Considering a throw blanket as a gift

A throw is a thoughtful gift combining comfort and style. It’s hard to go wrong with it, especially with your marketing campaigns. Your customers will love the gift because it’s:

  • Versatile
  • Sentimental
  • Durable
  • Eco friendly
  • Ideal for self-care

Selecting the perfect throw blanket for a gift

The right rug will deliver the best impact. Generally, you should prioritize your customer’s favorite colors, decor style, and personal preferences. Moreover, most sellers prioritize high-quality materials like soft fleece or plush wool for a luxurious feel.

Best occasions for gifting a throw blanket

Throws make ideal gifts all year round. Sellers can offer the cozy additions as gifts during housewarming parties. Other opportune moments include birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays.

How do customers choose the right throw blanket?

A multicolored woolen throw blanket

Buyers can face challenges picking the right throw due to the numerous options available. However, several considerations tend to guide their decision:

  • Average height – A 50 by 60-inch throw blanket can work for most occasions. But consider your height or the receiver’s if they’re exceptionally tall or short.
  • Sofa size –A smaller variety can comfortably cover your arms in bed. Contrarily, a larger one can cover the bed’s foot. Always consider the throw’s dimensions in relation to the furniture you wish to place it on.
  • Fashion and design – You need an inviting throw blanket. Choose a larger, more dramatic variety in a large room and a smaller, lighter option for compact spaces.
  • Color – There’s no right or wrong color color. Buyers generally strive for a unified effect by picking a hue that matches their furniture’s color scheme.
A well-maintained throw blanket

Ensuring a throw blanket for every occasion

Throw blankets are versatile home accessories that serve almost every occasion. Stocking these items is a great idea. In addition, always provide various designs to meet your customers’ needs for different occasions. Luckily, Alibaba.com offers an extensive collection ideal for your diverse customers. 

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