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5 Leading TikTok Outfit Ideas for Girls in 2022


TikTok outfit ideas represent comfort, freshness, fun, and freedom, which is how most TikTok girls like to vibe. So, as an online clothing retailer, it’s ideal to go for outfits that meet all the above features.

Luckily, this article will cover five leading TikTok outfit ideas blazing the girls’ fashion world in 2022. But, before seeing the top five trends, keep reading to discover the summarized overview of the TikTok girls’ fashion market.

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TikTok girls’ fashion: how big is the market?
TikTok outfit ideas: five girl fashion trends making waves
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TikTok girls’ fashion: how big is the market?

2019 was when TikTok fashion became a big thing among many youngsters. That was the year more TikTokers started following TikTok influencers to get fashion ideas. At that same period, there was a rising TikTok hashtag trend called “#ootd” (outfit of the day). As a result, many TikTok girl fans got fashion ideas of what to wear for school, home, recreational events, and work during such days and more.

Today, the TikTok girls’ fashion market has grown to a stage where:

  • Many gen Z females are rocking clothes from online thrift shops to achieve the TikTok fashion look and feel. 
  • Older females are returning to the subcultural styles of their youth.
  • Professionals and amateurs look to the market for clues about what is to come in the fashion world.

No doubt, the rise of the TikTok fashion trend has impacted the growth of the women’s wear market. 

Because TikTok is one of the biggest sources to find various fashion inspirations, there will always be a demand for those trends that retailers should jump in to make a profit. It’s worth noting that the US, Europe, and Asia-Pacific are the areas to find the most consumers. 

TikTok outfit ideas: five girl fashion trends making waves 


In recent years, cottagecore trends have grown in popularity because they cut across different generations. This TikTok outfit trend is a sweet fusion of romanticized rural farm lifestyles and modern styles that offer simplicity and comfort. 

Girls rely on TikTok outfit ideas to stand out, as the algorithm knows	what they want. Discover how to be profitable with this trend.

The cottagecore trend taps some influence from hipster aesthetics and percepts of country living. Bow ties, denim smocks, corduroy, and dresses with ruffles are great examples of everyday clothes under this trend. Hence, consumers can nail this look effortlessly by exploring textured tights and light pastel-colored dresses.

Lady posing in front of a tree in cottagecore dress

Other staples of this trend include knitted cardigans, overalls, puffed sleeves, loose linen pants, long skirts, etc. Stripes, paisley, gingham, and florals are the key players in patterns. Traditional neutrals like green, brown, and white are the most prominent color palettes in this trend. Buyers can go for the classic cottagecore consisting of cotton dresses with puff sleeves, sweetheart necklines, cable-knit sweaters, etc.

Consumers who don’t want to go all-in can still add some cottage core vibes by wearing a floral blouse with a pair of distressed or ripped boyfriend jeans. Fun fact: consumers can rock the cottagecore style to the office by teaming corduroy pants and embroidered cardigan. A gorgeous loose-fitting plaid or embroidered dress is another way to live the cottagecore fantasy. 

Consumers can rock a green blouse and wide-leg linen pants or a corduroy overall with brown tees for a walk to the park. Also, users can rock bodice dresses with cut-out sides for date nights to do the trick.


The idea behind the normcore trend is to promote plain simplicity and embrace the feeling of sameness. Also, this TikTok outfit trend encourages consumers to blend in with the crowd without recognition. In short, the simpler the outfit, the better. This minimalist style is easy to pull off as it knows no bounds, and consumers can draw inspiration anywhere. Since the trend focuses on pieces that boost comfort regardless of the occasion, it comprises a perfect pair of jeans, making a good choice for retailers.

Asian lady in an oversized jacket and boyfriend jeans

The jeans in this category consist of mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, or baggy jeans. The rule of thumb here is to go for denim with a higher rise and relaxed-leg fit. While at it, the bottoms must be void of any brand logo to give an illusion of anonymous denim. A light to medium shade is ideal for the normcore. 

Blondie in blue boyfriend jeans and brown jacket

Alternatively, consumers can rock denim alternatives like classic grey sweatpants or pleated khaki trousers. As for tops, plain white tees or any neutral color will do. In addition, consumers can choose any neckline based on their preferences. Also, they can explore other shirt options like solid-colored sweatshirts, menswear-inspired blazers, or oversized sweater vests.

Dark academia 

The dark academia trend is a subculture that comes from glorifying literature, knowledge, and classical studies. This TikTok trend staggers around scholarly references, and its core aesthetics come from the wealthy and upper class in the pre-WWII era. Layers of neutrals, plaid trousers, button-down shirts, and plaid skirts are a few staples of the dark academia aesthetics retailers can stock. Dark academia is more about gothic works and literature, while light academia is all about the classical era.

It’s almost impossible to skip the tweed blazers with this trend, as they are versatile and easy to style in vast ways. Consumers can decide to rock the tweed blazers with rolled cuff, oversized, or tailored fits. In addition, button-down shirts are fantastic options that work well alone or combined with cable-knit sweaters.

Gothic lady rocking a dark academia outfit style

It is a great idea to team the tweed blazers with a mid-length skirt or checked trousers and turtleneck in a neutral or dark shade. Alternatively, consumers can go for a monochrome look in a Houndstooth or Harris. White shirts are another trend staple that gives a casual and modern vibe. Consumers can pair frilly white blouses or button shirts with plaid trousers and a chunky sweater for a timeless look.

Pink-colored hair lady in black pinafore and white shirt

The pinafore is also an excellent replacement for the plaid trousers for a chic look. The dark academia allows a feminine twist. Hence, females can rock a long skirt with a turtleneck for a get-together or dinner with close friends. Gender nonconformists aren’t left out as the trend features tailored pants for all body types. These pants look great with a blue or white cardigan, button-down, or turtleneck.


Similar to the normcore, the gorpcore trend revolves around hiking-inspired pieces. This TikTok outfit trend is a good mix of practical garments and functional outwear with a touch of mountain chic. Consumers can easily make a statement with this trend as long as they follow the formula and stick to the defined colors, fitting clothes, etc.

Young lady in crop top layered with yellow padded gilet

The gorpcore trend is big on colors. Hence, purple, orange, pink, and yellow are a few prominent colors associated with this trend, thanks to their contrasting tones with nature. Neutral tones like brown, olive green, and beige are also popular. In short, consumers should aim for outfits that look like an old beige fleece with a yellow puffy that can stand the test of mount Everest.

The gorpcore aesthetic is all about mid-layering during the spring-summer season. Consumers can rock a fleece jumper and an open coat. The goal is to get the benefits of technical clothing and remain comfortable. Volume is another feature of this trend. Typically, the clothes are functional, loose-fitting, and have pockets to stash essentials. 

Lady in teal orange top and olive green padded gilet

An excellent example is hiking trousers with adjustable ankles and waist. Logos are like the final dose of authenticity. The trend stands out with many symbols that depict high quality and credibility. 

Reflective logos splattered on the chest or shoulder are pretty familiar with the gorpcore trend. 

Lady with pink hair rocking black jacket with multiple logos

Additionally, consumers can combine a synthetic breathable base layer, a short fleece bomber jacket, and technical trousers. Finally, the Gorpcore jacket with a long-sleeved base layer and sweatpants is another outfit trend sellers can stock up in 2022.

Coconut girl

Coconut girl is one of TikTok’s latest trends that works well for consumers who want a great vacation look even after summer is over. Sellers can stock this trend consisting of fashion apparel that conveys vacation vibes and beach looks while embracing styles of the early 2000s. Some defining designs of the coconut girl aesthetic are crochet, washed pastels, halter necklines, hibiscus, and tropical floral prints.

Black lady in an orange Hawaiian-print top

Consumers can rock this trend style by wearing a crochet halter-neck knitted mini dress with a play of bright hues like pastel yellow, white, or bright pink. Hibiscus-print Hawaiian shirts with loose-fitting shorts are another fabulous coconut girl aesthetic. Consumers can also get a crop top and miniskirt two-piece with tropical vacation splashed. 

Smiling woman in green and blue Hawaiian-print top

Another must-have to nail the coconut girl aesthetic is a colorful crochet halter top with flowy pants or denim shorts for the perfect retro look. A washed pastel tie and die dress with a mesh fabric also makes a great coconut girl style.

Rounding up

One key feature of the TikTok outfit ideas listed in this article is comfort. 

Most female consumers rocking TikTok fashion trends want to always feel comfortable in what they wear, asides from looking beautiful. It’s not such a surprise, considering how millennials and Gen Z, who are the target consumers, value comfort.

As a seller, it’s key to always look for comfortable clothing like athleisure, activewear, etc., which TikTok users will love to blend with other comfy apparel.

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