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Why I Love AREM Italia Clothing and Your Customers Will Too


Italian clothing has been popular around the world for over a century—its popularity growing considerably during the post-war period and beyond. However, the prohibitive cost of such quality products has often been a major drawback. AREM Italia is a quality-focused and ethical brand that offers economical prices, allowing wholesalers to stock up without the fear of breaking the bank. The team at AREM Italia has kindly invited me to review their quality products, so read on to find out more about what I think of the clothing that AREM Italia has on offer.

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What do you know about AREM Italia? 
My AREM Italia experience
How to buy and sell wholesale AREM Italia products

What do you know about AREM Italia?

AREM Italia is a popular and well-known brand that has been supplying the public with high-quality products for over 40 years. Since 1979, the company has provided its customers with fashionable and affordable T-shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, and more—all of which can be used for work or casual wear. Additionally, AREM Italia provides customizable accessories, including keychains, embroidered patches, woven labels, pennants, and fabric keyrings. 

AREM Italia’s current operations are carried out from an enormous 2,500m2 factory and warehouse located in Bologna, Italy, and established in 1996. The distribution staff provides customized products to almost 20 different countries and has a global shipping time that varies between 7-15 working days. AREM Italia has a total annual revenue of $1-2.5 million and a market that encompasses all of Southern Europe, Northern Europe, and a little of Northern America.

My AREM Italia experience 

Here is an overview of my personal experience with certain items of AREM Italia clothing.

Made in Italy men's polo shirt with custom embroidery tricolor flag

AREM Italia Polo Shirt “Italian Flag Ribs” (Women’s)

When I first wore this item I could not help but be impressed with the quality of the fabric. Made from high-quality, breathable cotton and bearing a striking design, the AREM Italia “Italian Flag Ribs” Polo Shirt was immediately both comfortable and wearable, quickly becoming one of my favorite shirts. The main thing that I would like to highlight, however, is the organic cotton fabric from which this garment is made. This truly made the shirt a pleasure to wear, as it was noticeably better made than various other polo shirts I had bought from other manufacturers. Organic cotton is an excellent option, as it does not accrue body odor as quickly as synthetic materials do, and maintains its size and shape even after machine washing (at low temperatures, of course).

The AREM Italia Polo Shirt “Italian Flag Ribs” is quite clearly a product that will appeal to a wide variety of different customers. Because of its design, the polo shirt is extremely useful both in work and social situations, as it comes across as both smart and casual at the same time. I really did love the way that people reacted to it, complimenting me on its figure-hugging shape whilst at the same time remarking on my professional appearance. Another thing that highly appealed was the fact that the shirt is available in various colors, meaning I could easily find a style to suit my every outfit. In fact, the only negative I could think of when reviewing this product was the slightly smaller-than-average sizing, meaning that you should perhaps remember to buy a size up from what you would normally buy.

Pros vs Cons

  • Pros: Fashionable design, lightweight and breathable, excellent quality 
  • Cons: A little on the small side (you should buy a size larger than you would normally buy, unless you prefer a tight fit)
Eco-friendly organic cotton women's sweatshirt with embroidery print clothing tourism sports associations

AREM Italia Crewneck “Pullover Sweater” (Women’s)

My first impression of the AREM Italia Crewneck “Pullover Sweater” was overwhelmingly positive. Right out of the packaging, it was immediately clear that this was a first-rate piece of clothing; with thick, high-quality material that was unsurprisingly snug and warm. However, the main thing that struck me was how well the clothing falls around your body when worn. While it was perhaps a little bit heavy for use in summer (at least in warmer climate countries), it had such an easily customizable design that I quickly fell in love with it. In fact, I am actually wearing this product right now, as I sit and write this review! Additionally, just as it was with the polo shirt product, the benefits of the AREM Italia pullover sweater’s organic cotton were immediately apparent.

One of the most useful aspects of the AREM Italia Crewneck “Pullover Sweater” was its plain design. This meant that it could be worn with almost any combination of other clothing, as so many other, similar jumpers that I own from different manufacturers are plastered with brand logos. The simple aesthetic of the AREM piece meant that I did not feel self-conscious when wearing it in a professional situation—a massive bonus. This product holds widespread appeal to a high variety of different customers due to its quality, simplicity, and optionality. Again, the only drawback I noticed was the product’s slightly small sizing. The vibrant colors on offer could be off-putting to some; however, it is important to note that there are plainer colors available as well.

Pros vs Cons

  • Pros: Very good quality, thick material, breathable organic cotton, plain and customizable, fitted shape
  • Cons: Colors perhaps a little bright for some tastes, and a little on the small side (you should buy a size larger than you would normally buy, unless you prefer a tight fit)

How to buy and sell wholesale AREM Italia products 

If you have read this article and are interested in becoming an AREM Italia clothing wholesaler, then you must comply with the following:

  • Fulfill all legal requirements: The first step in becoming a clothing wholesaler is to make sure that you comply with legislative requirements in your chosen area of operation. Simply put, you must conduct your own levels of due diligence when registering a business in any country or province.
  • Find bulk clothing wholesalers: Once your business is legally and officially registered, you can begin locating clothing wholesalers that fulfill your needs, such as AREM Italia. It is important to remember that if you are intending to buy clothing in bulk for the express purpose of resale, you must pay extra attention to the importation fees inherent to your place of operation. Also, be sure to check the laws that govern the supplier you wish to make a purchase from and the country or province in which they conduct operations.
  • Market your business: Once you have successfully started up your company and sourced your products, you can put your goods in the shop window! One of the most important aspects of any successful business is to maintain direct and friendly communication with your customers—and marketing your goods is the best way to do this. Digital advertising is perhaps the best way to go about this in 2022, as well as hosting your business through a larger network of brands, to increase exposure.
  • Begin shipping: With legality confirmed, products sourced, and customers aware/interested in your brand (or brands), it is time to begin shipping. Look into import and export laws for the countries you wish to ship to and begin supplying your customers with top-quality items, such as those offered by AREM Italia.


To conclude, AREM Italia is a sought-after brand for good reason. By offering its customers industry-leading levels of comfort, durability, and affordability, AREM Italia has opened up the market to its products in a big way. Their clothing adheres to strict quality control standards and their organic materials assuage any fears of not being environmentally friendly. This has led the AREM Italia brand to build upon its already strong base and provide quality products to wholesalers and smaller clients alike.

I love my AREM Italia products and I have little doubt that your customers will too, particularly thanks to the clothing’s point of affordability without compromising on quality. Customers are seeking ever more economical options to satisfy their clothing needs, and brands like AREM Italia are cleverly capitalizing on this fact by catering to that market. Just remember to check on availability and to make sure that your geographical location does not impede your ability to do business. If you are satisfied that you have conducted the relevant levels of research, then look no further; AREM Italia is the right clothing brand for your business.

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