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Top 10 Sustainable Living Influencers to Boost Your Business

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As people become more conscious of their environmental impact, sustainable living has become a significant lifestyle trend. People are more mindful of their consumption habits and the ecological footprint they leave behind in 2024 than they ever have been. According to a recent survey, 78% of people agree that environmental sustainability is importantand want to lead more sustainable lives.

This shift towards sustainability isn’t just a passing fad; it’s a movement reshaping industries and consumer behaviors. In a 2023 survey, 62% of people say they “often or always” seek products because they are sustainable for the environment, a significant increase from 27% in 2021. They also noticed that brands selling eco-friendly products were more successful selling online.

As businesses strive to align themselves with these values, partnering with sustainable living influencers can offer a powerful means to reach eco-conscious audiences.

Let’s delve into what sustainable living entails and explore some influential figures in this space who could help elevate your brand.

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Understanding sustainable living
Market for sustainable products
Why partner with sustainable living influencers?
5 examples of sustainable living influencers businesses could partner with
Top 5 sustainability influencers

Understanding sustainable living

Sustainable living is a lifestyle that aims to reduce one’s environmental impact by making conscious choices in daily life. It encompasses various aspects, including:

  1. Reducing waste: Minimizing the use of single-use plastics, opting for reusable products, and practicing proper recycling techniques
  2. Conserving resources: Using energy-efficient appliances, reducing water consumption, and choosing eco-friendly transportation options
  3. Supporting ethical practices: Purchasing from brands prioritizing fair labor practices, animal welfare, and sustainable materials sourcing
  4. Promoting biodiversity: Supporting initiatives that protect ecosystems, conserve wildlife habitats, and promote biodiversity
  5. Embracing minimalism: Adopting a less materialistic lifestyle, prioritizing experiences over possessions, and decluttering one’s living spaces

By adopting these principles, individuals can contribute to preserving the planet’s resources and creating a more sustainable future for future generations.

Market for sustainable products

The market for sustainable products has experienced remarkable growth in recent years, driven by increasing consumer demand for eco-friendly alternatives.

According to The Economist Intelligence Unit, there has been a 71% rise in online searches for sustainable goods globally over the past five years.

Here are some statistics highlighting the size and growth of the sustainable products market:

  • According to a Nielsen survey, 73% of global consumers say they would definitely change their consumption habits to reduce environmental impact
  • A survey of consumers in North America, Europe, and Asia found that 72% of people reported actively buying more products that are environmentally friendly
  • Research by NYU’s Stern School of Business found that 50% of the growth in consumer packaged goods from 2013-2018 came from products marketed as sustainable

Why partner with sustainable living influencers?

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Partnering with influencers who advocate for sustainable living can offer businesses a unique opportunity to connect with eco-conscious consumers. These influencers have built engaged communities around topics such as eco-friendly fashion, zero-waste lifestyles, plant-based diets, and sustainable travel.

Such collaborations not only help raise brand awareness but also foster a positive brand image associated with sustainability and social responsibility.

5 examples of sustainable living influencers businesses could partner with

While the benefits of collaborating with sustainability influencers extend to various industries, certain types of businesses are particularly well-suited for such partnerships:

1. Fashion and apparel brands

Fashion and apparel companies that prioritize ethical sourcing, sustainable materials, and eco-friendly production methods can effectively showcase their commitment to sustainability through influencer collaborations. Fashion influencers can model sustainable clothing lines and promote conscious consumerism within their communities.

Screenshot from Venetia Falconer’s Instagram

Influencer: Venetia Falconer (@venetiafalconer)

Venetia is a sustainable fashion advocate who shares her journey towards a more eco-conscious wardrobe. She collaborates with ethical fashion brands and promotes sustainable fashion choices to her engaged audience.

2. Beauty and personal care brands

With an increasing demand for natural and cruelty-free beauty products, partnering with influencers who advocate for clean beauty and sustainable packaging can help cosmetic brands reach environmentally conscious consumers seeking ethical alternatives.

Screenshot from Stephanie’s Instagram

Influencer: Stephanie Liu Hjelmeseth (@stephhjelmeseth)

Stephanie is a lifestyle influencer known for her commitment to clean beauty and sustainable living. She shares skincare routines, makeup tutorials, and product recommendations that align with her eco-friendly values. In the past she has partnered with By Rosie Jane, which offers clean beauty products in sustainable packaging.

Find more information on beauty influencers here. Or find specific male influencers or skincare-focused influencers.

3. Food and beverage companies

Brands offering organic, plant-based, or locally sourced food and beverages can leverage influencer partnerships to promote their products as healthy, sustainable choices. Food influencers who share recipes, meal prep tips, and sustainable eating habits can showcase these brands to their engaged audiences.

Screenshot from Deliciously Ella’s Instagram

Influencer: Deliciously Ella (@deliciouslyella)

Ella Mills, known as Deliciously Ella, is a bestselling author and advocate for plant-based eating. She shares plant-powered recipes, nutritional tips, and reviews of sustainable food products, making her an ideal partner for health food and beverage brands.

4. Home and lifestyle products

Businesses specializing in eco-friendly home goods, sustainable cleaning products, and renewable energy solutions can benefit from collaborations with influencers focused on green living and conscious consumerism. Home decor influencers, in particular, can showcase sustainable design trends and environmentally friendly household products.

Screenshot from Featherglass’s Instagram

Influencer: Ellen (@featherglass)

Ellen is passionate about sustainable living and minimalism (i.e. “living simply”). She shares tips on eco-friendly home decor, sustainable fashion, and conscious consumerism, making her a valuable partner for brands offering environmentally friendly lifestyle products.

5. Travel and hospitality industry

Screenshot from Deertraveler’s Instagram

As travelers increasingly seek eco-conscious travel experiences, hotels, tour operators, and travel agencies can partner with influencers who promote sustainable tourism practices and responsible travel behaviors. Travel influencers can highlight eco-friendly accommodations, conservation initiatives, and ethical wildlife experiences to their followers.

Influencer: Dante and Zsuzsi (@deertraveler)

Dante and Zsuzsi are an influencer couple who share content focused on their trips around the world, sustainability, and photography. At each destination, they offer travel tips on activities to do and urge their followers to connect with the culture.

Top 5 sustainability influencers

Ready to get started partnering with influencers? Here are the top sustainability influencers your business may want to consider partnering with:

  1. Aditi Mayer (@aditimayer)
    • A leading voice in sustainable fashion, Mayer advocates for labor rights and social justice within the industry. She serves on the Intersectional Environmentalist and State of Fashion councils, making her an influential figure in the sustainability movement.
  1. Bea Johnson (@zerowastehome)
    • Author of “Zero Waste Home,” Johnson has inspired countless individuals to adopt waste-free living. Her practical tips and resources empower others to reduce consumption and minimize waste, making her a valuable partner for businesses promoting sustainable practices.
  1. Kathryn Kellogg (@going.zero.waste)
    • With a focus on plastic-free living, Kellogg provides practical advice and alternatives for reducing waste. Her large following and expertise in sustainability make her an ideal influencer for businesses seeking to promote eco-friendly products and practices.
  1. Jessica Clifton (@jess.cliftonn)
    • As the owner of Impact for Good, Clifton shares insights and product recommendations for living a waste-free lifestyle. Her expertise in sustainability and dedication to eco-friendly living make her a trusted influencer for environmentally conscious consumers.
  1. Andrew Burgess (@wandythemaker)
    • Burgess’s focus on sustainable DIY projects and upcycling ideas appeals to those looking to reduce waste creatively. His engaging content and commitment to ethical consumption make him a valuable influencer for brands promoting sustainability and conscious consumerism.

Final thoughts

Partnering with these influencers can give your business a platform to amplify your sustainability initiatives and connect with environmentally conscious consumers. But remember, it’s not always necessary to partner with the top influencers with the highest number of followers; micro-influencers can have just as big of an impact on those with a smaller budget.

Before deciding which influencer(s) to partner with, consider your budget and what you want from an influencer partnership.

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