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Top 5 Energy Boosting Interior Decor Styles to Know in 2024

Bold colored maximalist furniture and room décor

While many living room interior décor styles exude comfort, sophistication, and elegance, only a handful are unafraid to use bold colors to brighten living areas. In contrast, all interior styles use light, which also energizes spaces.

Here, we discuss five interior design styles to help retailers stock items that appeal to their customers. Additionally, we provide examples of products that match these design styles to guide buyers in delivering value to their specific markets.

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Overview of décor elements and principles
Interior décor styles that lift energy (with product examples)
Final thoughts

Overview of décor elements and principles

Custom printed area rugs with bold Boho colors

All interior décor styles consider the seven core elements and principles of design to maximize spaces in different ways. Some of these concepts may help retailers to understand these concepts and make informed purchasing decisions when stocking inventory. For example, color, textures, and patterns are vital elements in interior design. Similarly, contrast, emphasis, and details are essential principles.

Retailers can use this information to choose home décor items for customers who want to include these qualities in their interiors. Sellers can attract buyers by stating how their products meet specific interior design styles. But no matter how interior designers categorize and describe these styles, many products cross the boundaries, ensuring their versatility for various décor styles.

Interior décor styles that lift energy (with product examples)

Eclectic two-seat sofa design style

Bohemian interior décor

Handwoven jute, Boho-style wall decorations

Almost everyone associates the Boho living room interior with bright colors, patterns, and a unique mix of textures that brighten rooms significantly. The Bohemian décor style draws inspiration from several cultures using many natural fibers and textures; if these cultures exude a sense of being free-spirited, including the use of woods, metals, wools, and cotton, then they match the Boho style that succeeds in lifting a space.

Boho décor items include everything from cushion covers to carpets, wall decorations, and furniture. Items in this décor style can often be incorporated into maximalist, transitional, coastal, and several others below, depending on the other decorations.

Maximalist décor

Vintage woman with parasol painting on canvas

Interiors maximize color and patterns to achieve a fun, maximalist style interior. When customers wish to implement this style, the idea is to cover almost every space in the room with patterns and textures. Although challenging to implement, the maximalist design brightens up spaces and lifts the energy, but it may be overwhelming for many people. Still, this décor style creates a welcoming atmosphere and an indelible impression when done right.

Ornate, richly decorated ornaments and curtains fit in well with this style. Likewise, bold furniture, busy wallpapers and carpets, and light fittings are ideal products to make the maximalist style come alive in the home. If carefully selected, many maximalist décor items will suit Boho interiors and Nordic styles, as with the specified light fittings in this section.

Eclectic interiors

3D textured wall art, sofa, and coffee tables

Eclectic means diverse or varied, which is how this interior styling gets its inspiration. By taking bits and pieces from many sources, experts create a rich, layering effect from décor styles that have been popular over the centuries to create this contemporary interior design style. The outcome of this style is an unusual fusion of elements. Interior decorators also understand this style has several focal points that must balance to add interest to rooms and generate a light energy aesthetic.

Buyers can increase the eclectic feel with bold Boho-style accessories or textures if room colors are plain. Various textural layers can be achieved by introducing unusual furniture, light fittings, coffee tables, or window treatments. In contrast, if the furniture is plain, ornaments, rugs, or lampshades can be used as statement pieces and vice versa. While eclectic décor is often used to bring light energy to spaces, the items used to achieve this goal are appropriate in minimalist, Scandinavian, mid-century, and other styles as well.

Scandinavian interior design styles

Scandinavian-style minimalist metal wall art

Like minimalism and eclectic interiors, Scandinavian interiors focus on clean lines and light colors. Also, like the eclectic style, Scandinavian décor draws from other cultures. Unlike some others, this décor style highlights functionality, simplicity, and affordability throughout living spaces.

Other characteristics of this décor focus on a warm, inviting feeling in a space, using natural textures and soft shapes with clean details. These features often make the same décor elements ideal for mid-century, modern farmhouse, and minimalist interiors.

Examples of suitable Scandinavian interior décor include boucle chairs, side tables, wall art, and area rugs. Other items that reflect this style are mirrors, curtains, and ornaments.

Coastal interior design

Large coastalmid-century décor style wooden standing lamp

Concepts like crisp, clean lines and cool colors highlight this interior design style. White neutral color palettes interspersed with tranquil shades that capture ocean hues are uplifting solid features of this décor. Interior designers also concentrate on natural textures like wood, iron, cotton, glass, and so on to interject into these spaces. Coastal décor items overlap with many styles, ensuring suitability in Scandinavian, minimalist, eclectic, and mid-century interiors.

Samples of coastal décor items for sofas, coffee tables, area rugs, light fittings, and wall decorations follow neutral colors. Throw pillows are a great way to inject color into the design, while ornaments are valuable for adding texture or a focal point if distinctive. Buyers can combine these items to offer customers coastal décor to complement their other offerings.

Final thoughts

Two abstract white and black coastal or Nordic sculptures

With over 30 interior design styles, navigating the vast range of décor products can become difficult. That’s why this article is aimed at helping retailers to narrow down the focus and improve their purchasing decisions. What’s more, sellers worldwide can browse the Alibaba.com showroom to see which items align with specific interior styles to give their customers the best selections possible.

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