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Top Serving Dishes Trends for Sellers in 2024

Multiple serving dishes with food on a table

Nothing beats the pleasant smell of food served on special occasions, holidays, and even regular nights. While the food is the main attraction, the serving dishes that hold them also add to the foodgasm magic!

Serving dishes are key to elevating the dining experience. They easily elevate the food’s aesthetic appeal in different environments. Undoubtedly, presentation is as important as taste and quality.

But with the huge food variety also comes a vast amount of serving dishes. This article will highlight five trendy ones consumers are searching for to take their dining experience to a whole new level.

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What’s the size of the serveware market?
Serving dishes: 5 trends to watch in 2024
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What’s the size of the serveware market?

According to experts, the global serveware market was US $12.18 billion in 2021. They project it will grow to US $17.10 billion by 2030 at a 3.84% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). The increasing demand for commercial applications is one of the major driving forces propelling the market’s expansion.

Ceramic and glass serveware has also registered a popularity uptick in developing and established nations, which experts say has strengthened the market’s growth rate. Social media and cooking shows have also positively impacted the serveware market.

In 2018, Europe was responsible for over 30.0% of the serverware market’s income, making it the most lucrative region. However, experts believe Asia-Pacific will grow quickly (4.2%) from 2022 to 2030.

Additionally, bowls and platters have been the dominant segment since 2018, accounting for more than 30% of global market sales. Analysts suggest chafing dishes will register the highest CAGR (4.6%) over the forecast period.

Serving dishes: 5 trends to watch in 2024

1. Bowls

Person holding a tray of white salad bowls

Throughout history, several cultures have used bowls for various culinary purposes. History shows that the oldest bowl is about 18,000 years old. But how are these dishes fairing in modern times? Exceptionally well, with over 673,000 searches in January 2024!

From morning cereals to more fancy dinners, most meals consumers eat start and end with bowls. Unlike ancient times, manufacturers now make bowls from different materials, including ceramic, metal, wood, and plastic, each offering unique aesthetics.

Modern bowls also have various shapes and sizes, allowing consumers to modify their table and serving etiquette easily. In other words, they’ll use different-sized bowls for specific food items. For instance, dessert bowls are always the smallest, while snack bowls may be about medium-sized.

Fruit bowls are a great example of glorious serveware—they help keep all the healthy treats in one place while offering impressive aesthetics. Salad bowls are also the go-to for serving different nutritional dishes because of their shape and design variety.

2. Platters

A platter filled with fancy food

Once a thing of royalty, serving platters are an incredible way for consumers to elevate their hospitality and add elegance to house parties. Platters have seen an interest boost recently, as Google data shows they’ve increased from 40500 in 2023 to 74,000 searches in January 2024.

Serving platters are the perfect serveware for displaying and serving various foods. Their designs are incredibly functional, as the main goal is to allow consumers to carry and present multiple food items at a time.

But there’s more. Serving platters are one of the most multi-functional serveware pieces. Consumers can easily transition them from the kitchen to the dining room. Plus, they’re versatile, which allows them to hold various foods and drinks without issues.

Serving platters are also easy to use and maintain, which helps solidify their position as a modern-day home and dining essential. Manufacturers may offer platters in unique shapes and sizes to increase their aesthetic appeal. Also, they can come from stone, glass, ceramic, or wood.

3. Boards & trays

A wooden tray packed with healthy snacks

When consumers want to entertain family and friends (with food, of course!), they often turn to serving boards and trays. They’re a must-have serveware for presenting food to multiple guests. So, it’s no surprise they’ve gotten 1.8 million searches in January 2024.

A sleek stoneware board or a warm, rustic bamboo tray can easily highlight a meal’s beauty. However, aesthetics are not all this serveware is good for. Boards and trays also save consumers from making multiple trips to the kitchen.

However, consumers won’t just pick any old board or tray to provide munchies for their next event. They’ll love ones that go the extra mile to make meals more appealing. For instance, large wooden boards or trays are great as showstopping centerpieces, while smaller cheese boards are the go-to for friendly get-togethers.

Besides the materials listed above, boards and trays can come in many styles. Acacia wood is a popular option for its smooth feel and scratch-resistant surface. Bamboo is the king of antibacterial trays and boards, but it also offers a nice and dense finish.

Designs are another big plus for this serveware. Consumers can get them in white or neutral tones for the highest versatility. They may also opt for gorgeous patterns such as paint splatters or flowers if they feel bold. Retro patterns and gold trims are the best options for classic luxury and elegance.

4. Jugs & beverage pots

An antique-looking serving jug on a table

Solid foods are not the only ones that deserve serving in style. Liquid foods can also join in on the aesthetic serving with jugs and beverage pots.

Serving jugs, also known as pitches, typically have larger sizes with handles and spouts for easy pouring. Consumers often use them to serve cold beverages, like water, iced tea, lemonade, or fruit punch. Some serving jugs may have lids to keep the liquid fresh and prevent spills.

On the other hand, beverage pots are usually smaller in size. Their role is to serve hot beverages, like coffee or tea. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, beverage pots are made from heat-resistant materials like ceramic or glass to retain their heat and aroma. Some may even have built-in elements to keep beverages warmer for longer.

5. Chafing dishes

A beautiful copper chafing dish

Ever wondered how food service establishments keep their food warm? Their secret is chafing dishes. This serveware has a multi-system design that keeps different foods warm while ensuring their safety.

The best part is that food establishments are not the only ones that can use these dishes. Regular consumers can also utilize them at home, especially when dealing with large gatherings or events. And so far, they have 301,000 searches in January 2024.

Chafing dishes also come in various types, with the most common being rectangular ones. Rectangular chafing dishes are also the go-to for serving meals at buffet lines. Round chafing dishes offer more home-friendly designs, making them ideal for scoopable foods like casseroles, dips, chillies, and eggs.

And if consumers don’t want the hassle of cleaning up after their events, they can go for disposable chafing dishes. These types offer all the benefits of standard chafers, but with the added advantage of minimal clean-up time.

Final words

Whether consumers are having a fun family meal or hosting a fancy dinner, having suitable serving dishes can easily upgrade the culinary experience. From saving extra trips to the kitchen to offering a practical and aesthetic way to have meals, serving dishes are the unsung heroes of all things food.

More importantly, one serving dish is not more important than the other. They all have roles, allowing consumers to choose them based on their needs. These five trends are the most popular, boasting hundreds of thousands of searches in January 2024.

So, what better time to invest in them than now? Grab these trends now to increase sales from the serveware market in 2024.

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