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Must-Have Curling Equipment for New Players

Person releasing curling stone with red handle on ice

Curling is considered a graceful indoor winter sport that’s played by many people all around the world. For those who are just starting their curling journey, though, choosing what equipment to purchase can be a daunting task. There are many types of curling clothing and accessories available in today’s market, but some are more essential than others for new players.

Each piece of curling equipment will help players develop their skills, so it’s important that consumers purchase gear that’s right for them. This guide will look at the must-have curling equipment for new players, focusing on the key features of each piece. Keep reading to learn more about the most used and popular pieces of curling equipment.

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Overview of the global curling equipment market
Must-have curling equipment

Overview of the global curling equipment market

Three curling stones lined up on ice rink

Curling is a popular sport in countries that have harsh winters, and it can be played both indoors and outdoors. The growth of curling as a sport is down to factors such as consumers becoming more health conscious, people looking to participate in physical activities during the winter months, and curling being broadcast more on television and online streaming platforms.

Two sweepers on rink sweeping curling stone with red handle

As of 2023, the global market value of curling equipment reached USD 567.3 million. Over the next 10 years, between 2023 and 2033, that figure is expected to increase to at least USD 719.2 million, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2.4% during that period.

Curling is considered a low-impact sport, so consumers of all ages are attracted to it, which is helping to drive participation and market growth.

Must-have curling equipment

Woman wearing red gilet while releasing curling stone

For any curler, having the right equipment is essential for an enjoyable experience. This is even more true for new players, who may seem lost as to what equipment they should purchase to be able to play at an appropriate level. Curling is a sport that takes time to master, but the tools to do so aren’t as complicated to use as they may appear upon first glance.

Curling circle with four stones and a brush on top

According to Google Ads, “curling equipment” has an average monthly search volume of 1,900. The most searches come in January and December, with 2,900 searches per month. Over a 6-month period, between August and January, searches increased by 65%.

Google Ads also shows that “curling brush” comes out on top with 18,100 monthly searches. This is followed by “curling shoes” with 6,600 searches and “curling gloves” with 720 searches. Keep reading to learn more about each of these pieces of curling equipment.

Curling brush

Person using curling brush to sweep ice near curling stone

Choosing the correct type of curling brush can have a big impact on how much a player is able to contribute to the team. They’re used as a stabilizing aid for the player sliding the stone as well as for sweeping the ice in front of the stone. The brush is made up of different materials, starting with the handle, which is made from lightweight materials such as carbon fiber. The brush can be made of either horsehair bristles or synthetic materials.

Consumers will be looking for a brush length that provides a natural sweeping motion, which is why many brushes come with adjustable handles to make them more versatile. Interchangeable heads allow players to switch between bristles based on their personal preference. Swivel heads, on the other hand, allow players to adjust the angle of the brush, which can help them perform different sweeping techniques.

Beginners will start playing with synthetic brushes that are easy to maintain and more affordable. The bristles are often softer, which makes them less aggressive on the ice but easier to control. Professionals will use a mixture of synthetic and horsehair bristles, which will enable them to sweep more efficiently. Having ergonomic handles on the brushes also helps to provide additional control and comfort.

Curling shoes

Two curlers wearing black and white curling shoes on ice

Curling shoes are equipped with a Teflon slider on one of the soles, which allows players to glide over the ice. Some shoes have adjustable sliders built into them, so players can adapt better to different ice conditions. The other shoe is meant to grip the ice, so it will have a rubber sole for stability, often with a textured grip.

The upper part of the shoes is made of a breathable material, such as synthetic fabric or flexible leather, that can provide comfort on the ice. Although curling is played in cold climates, it’s important that the shoes provide ventilation. They should also be insulated in order to keep the feet warm and comfortable.

There are many options when it comes to curling shoes. Beginners will want shoes that are simpler in design, with a basic sole that provides good traction on the ice. As they progress, these players will look for shoes with interchangeable sliders.

Professional curlers typically wear higher-quality shoes that are designed with reinforced materials to withstand consistent use. It’s not uncommon for stainless steel or Teflon to be found on the soles of these shoes to allow for a smoother slide. Customizable sliders are also a popular choice, as they allow players to adjust their slide based on playing conditions.

Additional features, such as reinforced ankle supports, can attract more potential buyers by providing extra stability—something that’s crucial for all ice sports.

Curling gloves

Curling team wearing curling gloves while sweeping ice

For new players, curling gloves are a must-have for both warmth and grip. These gloves are designed to provide insulation, protection against the icy surface, and additional grip on the stone and brush.

The most common types of curling gloves are made from materials that provide not only insulation but also flexibility, such as leather and synthetic materials. The inner lining is insulated with thermal linings such as Thinsulate, while the outer layer is moisture-resistant.

Traditional 5-finger gloves are always a popular choice with players, but for those who want better control when they’re gripping the stone, the split-finger design is a better option. Along with the finger design, cuff lengths can have a big impact on performance, with shorter cuffs providing additional flexibility and longer cuffs offering extra protection against the cold.

Players who are just starting out will look for budget-friendly curling gloves that provide warmth but don’t include advanced features. Professionals will need specialized materials, such as leather or Gore-Tex, for grip and durability. Additional padding in key areas of the gloves is also preferred to protect against friction during sweeping.

Consumers who are looking for modern curling gloves enjoy the use of gloves with touchscreen capabilities as well. This can be useful for checking scores or using training apps. Curling gloves are considered must-have curling equipment for new players, but they are equally popular among more seasoned curlers.


Selection of curling stones and brooms placed on ice

For new players starting their curling journey, there are some important pieces of equipment that need to be purchased in order for them to have an enjoyable experience and compete effectively.

Curling stones are usually provided by the venue, but other equipment such as curling brushes, curling shoes, and curling gloves is chosen by the individual. The market is expecting modern technology, such as trackers, to be added to curling gear in order to appeal to a wider audience.

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