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Top Tourist Souvenir Items to Sell in 2024

Different attractive souvenirs on display

Traveling abroad is an amazing event that naturally attracts many consumers who want to take back souvenirs for themselves, their friends, their families, and their colleagues. But many of these consumers want something more than just shirts or keychains, as these stereotypical souvenirs often end up at the back of a cupboard somewhere.

Sellers who are ready to spice things up and attract more buyers should read on to discover eight tourist souvenir items that are way above the norm for more memorable travels and better sales in 2024!

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Outlook for the tourist souvenir market in 2024
8 souvenirs worth adding to your inventory in 2024

Outlook for the tourist souvenir market in 2024

The tourist industry is massive, so it’s natural that the tourist souvenir market follows this trajectory. According to experts, the global souvenir market reached US$ 94.97 billion in 2022, and predictions show its valuation will hit US$ 114.26 billion by 2029. Experts predict the market will boost at a 2.6% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over the forecast period.

Based on the above reports, the tourist souvenir market registered the highest sales and demand from Europe—emerging as the highest regional contributor. The region generated massive revenue due to the growing tourism industry and the rising demand for premium/customized gifts in the UK, Italy, France, Germany, and Spain.

8 Souvenirs worth adding to your inventory in 2024

Serving pieces

A huge variety of serving dishes

Buying delicate souvenirs may not seem like a great idea since consumers must be careful with them, but they can be super cool souvenirs. Things like mugs or plates from the places consumers visit can be a big help around the kitchen, especially if someone makes them their favorite. Sellers can focus on offering local specialties, like Bordallo Pinheiro from Portugal or Emma Bridgewater from the UK.

Other amazing serving pieces that make great souvenirs include cups, plates, and glasses—but it depends on the consumer’s budget. Since these items are fragile, sellers must help take the worry off consumers when packing them. Use packaging items like bubble wraps, packing papers, packing peanuts, and foam sheets to keep these breakable serving pieces safe during transit.

Sweets and desserts

Multiple sweets and desserts on a table

Forget consumers grabbing things like Ladurée macarons from France (they don’t travel well). Instead, local treats like chocolate, cookies, or candies will do a better job of helping consumers capture the sweetness of their trip. Many consumers prefer chocolate because it is easy to pack—although they may break during transit. Countries like Switzerland and France offer big chocolate brands, but businesses can add a bit more variety and uniqueness to their offers by exploring many of the smaller manufacturers.

Another reason chocolate is a great souvenir is how long it lasts when refrigerated, especially those high-quality bars. But if consumers want easier snacking, they’ll feel more attracted to individually wrapped chocolates. But there’s more. Local cookies, granola bars, and candies make great souvenirs, often tastier than consumers may find back home. While some treats are globally available, others, like Bonne Maman butter biscuits, remain regional exclusives, offering a unique snacking pleasure for consumers to take home.


Hand holding three little ornaments

Buying Christmas ornaments is another great way for consumers to remember their trip, especially if they celebrate Christmas or know someone who does. However, sellers must skip that cheap touristy stuff and go for special ornaments that offer lasting memories. For example, they can stock up on orbs showing scenes of the city or wooden ornaments showcasing local craftsmanship.

Ornaments featuring kings, queens, symbols, or local dishes are also big hits! The variety is endless, ensuring consumers will find something they or their loved ones will like while looking amazing on their Christmas trees. But the best part is that ornaments aren’t restricted to holidays.

Even if it’s not Christmas, sellers can offer artsy ornaments that represent the locals or like those from museum gift stores. Some amazing options include crystal figures in the Czech Republic, Tudor-themed ornaments in England, Italian scenes on porcelain orbs, and Delft glassware in its classic blue and white from the Netherlands.


Various eye-catching artistic pieces on display

Whether consumers live in a small apartment or a big house, adding new art or decorations from their travels is a fantastic way to make their home look awesome. Offer them prints or paintings for their walls or go the special route with art depicting something unique. And art is not just restricted to paintings and prints.

Consumers also go crazy for pieces that show exquisite craftsmanship. For this reason, retailers can offer them furniture, sculptures, or anything that would scream, “I got this from my trip!” Some tourists are even willing to spend big on artistic pieces, so sellers must try their best to impress them at first sight. For example, some consumers grab wooden animal sculptures from Kenya or carpets from Turkey. Others start with something as small as artsy pillowcases.


Multiple gold and silver jewelry souvenirs

Jewelry from travels makes awesome souvenirs—and sellers can offer varieties for any budget. If consumers want some pieces from local resources, sellers can provide specialties like gold from Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar or amber from Baltic countries. And if consumers want something more unique, other options are available, like Israel’s unique Eilat and Carmeltazite stones or the Czech Republic’s Moldavite.

Some tourists steer away from local specialties to more cultural pieces. The good news is there’s no shortage of such pieces! Retailers can offer them items like a Claddagh ring from Ireland or bangles from India. In the Middle East, jewelry with symbols like the Hamsa are top sellers!

Alternatively, sellers can offer some unique charm bracelets. These jewelry options are amazing enough to capture the memories from each destination. Even if consumers don’t wear them, charm bracelets can serve as cool keepsakes to pass down, showing all the places they have been and inspiring others to travel.


Magnets showing popular Rome landmarks

Magnets may seem simple, but they still make cool souvenirs! While many think they are easy to overlook, it’s only when sellers stick to the bland ones. In truth, magnets are the most affordable way to keep memories alive, and that’s how businesses can leverage them for more sales.

Prioritize magnets of amazing art or moments most likely to be special for consumers on their trip. They can stick them on their fridge or a metal board, giving them the best view of their memories every day. Here’s the scoop: sellers can go for magnets with cool scenes, portraits, or historical moments to help consumers capture their trip in one spot. And since they are affordable, tourists can add as many as they want to their collection.


Various unique mats with amazing textiles

When traveling, consumers may look for cool fabrics to take back home. Think of things like dish towels, tablecloths, or pillowcases, with each piece a nice reminder of where these adventurers have been. In truth, some places specialize in amazing fabrics consumers can’t find elsewhere, making them perfect as souvenirs.

For instance, sellers in Ireland can offer cozy wool blankets, while tartan throws are more popular in Scotland. Top-notch carpets are the go-to items in Turkey and Morocco. Although textiles are usually the more expensive souvenirs, sellers can offer a great range for all budgets.

Beauty products

A beauty product set on a pink background

Buying beauty products abroad is super fun for consumers, especially the ladies! They can discover awesome brands not available at home. Or enjoy products overseas with safer and better ingredients for their skin. Here’s a secret: ditch the usual, popular brands and offer some local ones instead!

For instance, some European stores can offer top skincare at great prices with quality ingredients. Consumers may even stumble on their next favorite through sellers’ humble souvenir shop—and that’s sure to keep the orders coming! No matter the budget, sellers can offer makeup, skincare, and fragrances!


The most powerful part of any trip is the experience and memories, with souvenirs being the best reminders of that ecstatic feeling. It’s why the souvenir market is massive and still promising amazing growth in the future. Even better, souvenirs attract a large interest monthly, with Google ads showing up to 1 million searches for the best ones for people to take home on their trips! So, jump on these eight top products to grab a piece of the souvenir market in 2024. And for more insights like these, remember to subscribe to Alibaba Reads for essential e-commerce trends and updates.

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