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Your Essential Hair Spray Buying Guide for 2024

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Hair sprays are staples in the styling world that help women take their looks to the next level. They give hairstyles neat finishing while increasing their wear time. But like other things in life, there’s no one hairspray that’s a one-size-fits-all product. Different consumers require options unique to keep their hairdos in place, leading to an incredibly high variety of hairsprays in the market. This article will spill the tea on the top areas to focus on when picking the best hair sprays for consumers in 2024.

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An overview of the hair spray market
Everything to know about choosing hair sprays in 2024
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An overview of the hair spray market

Hair sprays are very common cosmetic products critical to many hair styling kits. For this reason, they have one of the biggest beauty markets worldwide. The global hair spray market’s worth in 2022 was US$ 10.1 billion, with experts predicting it will readjust to US$ 20.5 billion by 2030 at a 7.89% compound annual growth rate (CAGR).

The rising influence of the entertainment industry is one of the major drivers pushing market growth. More consumers are also becoming aware of various hairstyles achievable with hair sprays, which experts say will propel demand.

Based on the above report, North America emerged as the highest revenue generator in 2022, with experts predicting it will maintain dominance over the forecast period. Europe is the second leading market, also generating significant revenue in 2022. Also, synthetic hair sprays accounted for the highest market share in 2022.

Everything to know about choosing hair sprays in 2024

Hair type

Woman using a spray on her full, curly hair

Choosing the best hair spray for consumers requires considering their hair type. Do they have curly hair? Or straight, fizzy, flat, long, or short? It will help determine the best one to offer or make available online. Usually, they will want one of the following types:

Anti-frizz hair sprays

Are consumers struggling with frizzy hair? They will need something to keep their hair in place without looking disheveled later. And that’s where anti-frizz hair sprays come in. These products can flatten all that pesky frizz, maintaining women’s hairstyles smooth throughout the day. Anti-frizz hair sprays are also must-haves for summer or rainy days.

Volumizing hair sprays

Sometimes, consumers want their hairdos to look fuller for a more attractive style. In such cases, hair sprays with volumizing properties will do a great job adding more body to their hair. But, since these sprays add extra weight to the head, experts only recommend them for straight or very fine hair. Volumizing hair sprays are not great for curly or thick hair—they will make them look frizzy or puffy.

Shine hair sprays

When consumers just want their hair to feel and look more alive, they will need hairsprays with some more shine. These hairsprays help women maintain their hair’s natural radiance and glow, especially after pampering it with hairdryers or flat irons.

Control hair sprays

These hair sprays are among the most common (and popular) types. They are the go-to for keeping any hairstyle locked securely for hours. And in contrast to other hair sprays, control variants can work for all consumers. Many women also love them for their incredible versatility, allowing them to rock any style they want.

Setting hair spray

These sprays are also multi-functional. While their primary role is styling and smoothing hair, they can also reduce static and lock hair in place after using straighteners or curling irons. Setting hair sprays are perfect for fine or straight hair and can handle even the lightest strands.

Hold strength

Blonde lady using hairspray outside

After choosing the best options according to hair type, the next step is determining the style consumers want to achieve. And the strength of the hair spray hold is the first thing to consider for this aspect. Hair sprays can have up to seven hold strengths, ranging from light to ultimate.

Light/flexible hold

Women looking for natural-looking hairstyles or a way to stop stubborn flyaways won’t need anything more than light hold strengths. Because it’s not too strong, ladies can restyle their hair whenever possible. For this reason, most consumers prefer them for transitioning from daytime styles to killer evening looks.

Medium hold

While not as light as the previous hold strength, medium hair sprays still offer control, movement, and bounce—and at the same time, too! Ladies hoping to rock smooth hairstyles, like sleek ponytails or slicked-back hair, will love this hold strength. Even better, this is the perfect hold strength for consumers with frizzy hair—it’ll keep all those stubborn strands in place.

Boost hold

Do ladies need more help in the volume department? What they need is the mighty boost hold. These hairsprays give the hair all the hold it needs to rock those voluminous hairstyles (like beehives and bouffants). Despite being level three hold hair spray, these products won’t make the hair sticky and stiff.

Extra hold

If consumers want more control than medium sprays offer, they can’t go wrong with extra-hold hairsprays. These are the top choices for securing full glam hairstyles like waves and curls. Extra hold sprays are the go-to for fabulous, long-lasting hairstyles without any annoying extra weight.

Firm hold

Entering the realm of creating hair shapes required something stronger than the previous hold strengths. So, when consumers want bow-style updos or flower-shaped braids, they’ll reach for a can of firm-hold hair sprays. These products will help ladies nail their look, providing up to 24-hour humidity protection—all without leaving sticky residues.

Extreme hold

Fancy updos are a popular sight on luxury occasions. And what do fancy updos need? An extreme hold hair spray, that’s what! If ladies want that intricate chignon or stylishly braided updo, they require the strong, long-lasting hold of extreme hairspray to keep their style secure all day long.

Ultimate hold

Consumers looking for the strongest hold will feel at ease with ultimate hold hairsprays. These bad boys are excellent at holding more sophisticated updos like knots, buns, and braids. The best part? It lets women move around as much as they like without worrying about their style running amok.


Person using hairspray on a client

Another to check when choosing hair spray is the ingredients. Consumers want to avoid ingredients that could damage their hair instead of securing it. One common bad ingredient is alcohol, which is notorious for drying out the hair and making it more fragile and brittle.

For this reason, offering hair sprays without alcohol is a great idea for helping consumers to keep their hair healthy. Instead of alcohol, look for options packed with gentle ingredients like flexible fibers or waxes, giving the hair a strong hold without causing damage. If consumers prefer natural products, business buyers can stock plant extract hair sprays. These not only help style hair but also provide vitamins and minerals to keep it healthy.


Woman holding hairspray next to her hair

The kind of finish sprays give is super important for the desired hairstyle. Hence, whatever style consumers have in mind often influences the type of finish they will go for. Here are some options worth considering:

1. Matte finish

If consumers want a textured look with minimal shine, hair sprays with a matte finish are an amazing option. They make the preferred style look natural and cool, perfect if ladies like a bit of an edgy look.

2. Light shine

But if consumers want a subtle, less attractive hairstyle, they can’t go wrong with sprays that give a light shine. It adds a classy touch to looks, keeping things glam without being too flashy.

3. Wet look

When super shiny and sleek hairstyles are the goal, hairsprays that make the hair look wet are what consumers need. They give the hair a glossy finish that stands out, great for making a bold statement.

Last words

Consumers love creating different hairstyles to fit whatever occasion they have in mind! But hairsprays are the only tools they can use to keep that style on their heads for long—otherwise, they see flyaways pop up after some minutes. But, since consumers have different hair types, they often need different hair sprays to get the best results. But don’t worry. Follow this guide to choose the best hairsprays for target consumers and get maximum return on investment in 2024.

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