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Trends in Lip Care Products One Must Know in 2024/25: Bold and Subtle

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The lip care market is experiencing an exciting surge in growth. According to the research of imarcgroup, the North American lip care products market size reached approximately US$ 459.9 Million in 2023 and is expected to grow to US$ 526.5 Million by 2032, showcasing a CAGR of 1.5% during 2024-2032​. Another report by GlobeNewswire forecasts the market to expand from US$ 452.2 Million in 2022 to US$ 500.4 Million by 2028, reflecting a CAGR of about 1.3% from 2023 to 2028. In this case, the trends are a must-know to people in this industry, this season marks a significant shift in the lip cosmetics industry, blending the comfort of neutral tones with the intrigue of futuristic finishes. From the nourishing allure of ‘girly’ pinks to the seductive depth of cherry lacquer, the latest trends cater to a broad spectrum of consumer preferences, ensuring both comfort and style. This article delves into the pivotal lip color stories, highlighting the opportunities for innovation in texture, finish, and application.

Table of Contents
Juicy cherry lacquer: a sophisticated revival
Girly pinks: where saturation meets comfort
Autumnal tropics: the bright and bold palette
Subtle futurism: embracing the unexpected

Juicy Cherry Lacquer: A Berry Revival

The A/W 25/26 season marks the return of berry tones with a sophisticated twist, embodied by the Juicy Cherry Lacquer trend. This vampy hue blends seduction and luxury, offering a nighttime allure with a just-bitten look that is irresistible.

Juicy Cherry Lacquer A Berry Revival

The key to this trend is its versatility across product types—from lip vinyls to liquid balm, achieving the perfect balance between glossy and satin finishes. Cherry Lacquer is not just a color but a statement, matured into a perennial trend that promises consumer buy-in and demand.

Girly Pinks: Saturation Meets Comfort

Girly pinks make a playful comeback this season, with the Peachy Pink leading the surge. These tones are not just about the color; they embody a youthful, candy-like saccharine appeal with a creamy finish that’s comfortable to wear.

Girly Pinks Saturation Meets Comfort

The beauty industry is advised to invest in these hues as they continue to influence multiple categories with their semi-matte, satin, and glossy finishes.

popular pinkish shade

Peachy Pink, Cosmetic Pink, and Transcendent Pink are the shades to watch, as they bring a glow and saturation that brighten the colder months.

Autumnal Tropics: Bright and Bold

Bright oranges and haptic blues define the Autumnal Tropics trend, offering a palette that combines the warmth of tropical climates with an energetic flair. The key colours, including Solar Orange Shimmer and Neon Flare, promise to ignite a sense of power and restoration in lip cosmetics.

Autumnal Tropics Bright and Bold

This trend is on the rise, suggesting brands to test the waters with matte, satin, and glitter finishes in smaller volumes or special editions. It’s a bold move that could pay off by capturing the consumer’s desire for lip products that both energize and nourish.

Subtle Futurism: Cool Tones and Chromatic Gloss

Subtle Futurism takes a dive into the unexpected with cyborg tones and finishes, catering to the Chameleon consumer who dares to stand out.

Subtle Futurism Cool Tones and Chromatic Gloss

This trend is marked by multi-chromatic glosses and cool-toned hues that offer a surreal, alien aesthetic appealing to Gen Z’s subversive tastes.

popular pinkish shade

Shades like Purple Punk Shimmer and Moonstone Blue Shimmer are leading the charge, suggesting brands to experiment with glossy, satin, and semi-matte finishes. This emerging trend calls for careful testing in special-edition runs, aiming to captivate those seeking a futuristic twist in their beauty routines.


The sophistication of Juicy Cherry Lacquer, the playful allure of Girly Pinks, the boldness of Autumnal Tropics, and the avant-garde approach of Subtle Futurism each tell a story of a market that is rapidly adapting to the changing tastes and expectations of its consumers. As we navigate these trends, it becomes evident that the future of lip care is not just about color or finish but about creating products that resonate on a deeper level with consumers’ evolving identities and lifestyles.

For online retailers and industry professionals, staying ahead of these trends is crucial for capturing market share and fostering consumer loyalty. By understanding and integrating these insights into product offerings and marketing strategies, brands can not only anticipate consumer needs but also lead the way in innovation and style. As we look forward to the future, the lip care market promises a canvas of endless possibilities, inviting brands to paint with the broad strokes of creativity and precision.

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