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Unlock Your Game Day Spirit: Top Trending Products for Your Business on Alibaba.com

Stock up for the big game

The big game is coming up fast and soon enough your customers will be shopping for their big game parties and gatherings. Small businesses can score big by sourcing the latest products on Alibaba.com. Dive right into our guide, showcasing the top trends in leading categories related to the big game. Discover low minimum order quantities and unbeatable prices, with products that will capture your customer’s attention.

Table of Contents
Trending sportswear
Camping & culinary gear
Audio visual delight
Alibaba.com trade assurance: Smart sourcing for the big game

Trending sportswear

American football jerseys
  1. American Football Jerseys (Breathable and Lightweight): Elevate game day spirit with jerseys featuring breathable, lightweight, and stretchy fabrics. Starting at just $8.90, these Editor’s Picks on Alibaba.com ensure comfort and style.
American football jerseys (100% polyester)
  1. American Football Jerseys (100% Polyester): Gear up with 100% polyester jerseys, ready for ordering with fast shipping and free samples. Starting at $15.00, these Editor’s Picks are a winning choice for the big game.
Streetwear tracksuits
  1. Streetwear Tracksuits (Classic 2-piece Style): Stay on-trend with these stylish tracksuits in a classic 2-piece style. Featuring long sleeve pullover hoodies and drawstring flared sweatpants, that start at $25.90.

Camping & culinary gear

Air fryers
  1. Air Fryers (Large Capacity and Stainless Steel): Elevate game day snacks with air fryers boasting a large 15L capacity and stainless-steel design. Starting at $54.00, are a popular trend lately with  monthly sales of 2000+ on Alibaba.com.
BBQ grills
  1. BBQ Grills (Easy to Assemble and Clean): Make the big game BBQ-ready with grills that are easy to assemble and clean. Starting at $85, these Editor’s Picks are customizable and available in low MOQs.
Paper food containers
  1. Paper Food Containers (Biodegradable and Grease-Proof): Serve sustainably with biodegradable, grease-proof paper food containers. Starting at only $0.01 per piece, these containers have sold over 700+ tons monthly on Alibaba.com.
Pop-up tents
  1. Pop-up Tents (Steel Trusses and Rust-Resistant): Enjoy the game outdoors with pop-up tents featuring 32mm steel trusses and rust-resistant nylon brackets. Starting at $60.00, these are Editor’s Picks during the big game festival.

Audio visual delight

65-inch smart LED TVs
  1. 65-inch Smart LED TVs (High Contrast and 4K Ultra HD): Immerse yourself in the action with smart LED TVs boasting high contrast ratios and vivid colors. Starting at $259.00, these TVs have seen over 1000+ pieces sold monthly.
TV soundbar with subwoofer
  1. TV Soundbar with Subwoofer (Compatible with Major TV Brands): Enhance audio experiences with a soundbar featuring 5 sound units and strong bass. A major trend with over 30,000+ units sold monthly, starting at only $29.00.

Alibaba.com trade assurance: Smart sourcing for the big game

Remember, as an Alibaba.com buyer you can secure your big game purchases with Trade Assurance. Enjoy buyer protection from payment to delivery, ensuring a smooth sourcing experience. Alibaba.com mediates between buyers and suppliers, providing peace of mind against unforeseen circumstances.

Tips for successful sourcing on Alibaba.com

Sourcing the perfect products to sell for the big game is just the beginning. To ensure a seamless experience on Alibaba.com, consider these tips:

  • Researching Suppliers: Investigate supplier backgrounds, ratings, and buyer reviews to build a reliable partnership.
  • Effective Communication: Communicate clearly and promptly with suppliers to avoid misunderstandings and ensure smooth transactions.
  • Understanding Shipping Terms: Familiarize yourself with shipping terms to make informed decisions regarding delivery times and costs. If you’re in a rush, look for quick-ship items to get them even faster.


Gear up for the big game with Alibaba.com’s latest trends. From sportswear to camping gear and audiovisual delights, find unbeatable prices and low minimum order quantities. Alibaba.com Trade Assurance adds an extra layer of security, making it the smartest way to source for the big game!

Get started today.

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