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Unveiling the Future of Color Cosmetics: Insights from Cosmoprof Bologna 2024

Color Cosmetics

Cosmoprof Bologna 2024 showcased an impressive array of color cosmetic trends, emphasizing innovations in beauty. From glimmer-inducing packaging to sustainable makeup solutions, the event highlighted key developments that are setting the pace for the future of the beauty industry. This article delves into the significant trends and their potential impact on market dynamics and consumer preferences.

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Limitless lash care
Glimmer-inducing packaging
Nourishing lip oils
Evolving skin finishes
Sustainable makeup solutions

Limitless Lash Care

Lash care is evolving into a standout category within beauty routines, with innovations that provide salon-quality results at home. The growth in this sector is driven by products that offer both immediate enhancements and long-term benefits to lash health. For instance, Blonde Sister’s innovative 2-in-1 Lash and Brow Serum features a unique three-dimensional mini-roller applicator, ensuring even distribution and easier application.

Limitless Lash Care

This is complemented by products like Fleeky’s Lash Lifting Set from Germany, which promises durability and safety for sensitive eyes. These advancements underscore a market shift towards high-performance, accessible lash care solutions that cater to both natural and enhanced beauty aesthetics.

Glimmer-Inducing Packaging

The push towards sensorial and visually stimulating packaging is reshaping consumer expectations in color cosmetics. French manufacturer Asquan, for instance, offers packaging that features tactile elements like squishy dispersion buttons, elevating the user experience.


Similarly, Cosméi’s playful silicone packaging, inspired by unconventional materials, captivates the modern consumer’s desire for novelty and fun. This trend highlights the importance of packaging as a crucial element in product differentiation, appealing to emotions and senses beyond traditional aesthetics.

Nourishing Lip Oils

The fusion of skincare benefits with vibrant lip colors marks the rise of lip oils. This trend, known as the ‘skinification’ of lip color, blends makeup with care, aiming to nourish while providing color. Innovations by Callidora Cosmetics showcase lip oils in nourishing shades that maintain lip health with hydrating ingredients.

Nourishing Lip Oils

Similarly, Korean brand Rom&nd offers the Juicy Lasting Tint, which combines a glossy finish with thick texture, reflecting the demand for products that offer both aesthetics and benefits. These developments highlight a shift towards hybrid products that do not compromise on health or style.

Evolving Skin Finishes

Skin finishes within the base makeup category are diversifying, catering to a range of consumer preferences from matte to glowing effects. Innovations like Lepo’s Biosense Foundation offer cream-to-powder transitions that achieve a luminous-matte finish, while Korean brand Tfit’s color-correcting primers address specific skin concerns with tinted solutions.

Evolving Skin Finishes

The variety in textures and effects reflects a broader trend towards personalized beauty solutions, where products are increasingly tailored to individual skin types and aesthetic preferences.

Sustainable Makeup Solutions

Sustainability is becoming a cornerstone of product innovation in the color cosmetics industry. Brands are increasingly investing in eco-friendly packaging and formulations, as seen with Helios Nail Systems’ plant-based nails and HCT Beauty’s PET packaging, which offers a quicker turnaround for brands seeking sustainable solutions.

Eye shadow

Beyond packaging, formulations are also seeing a shift with products like Oceanly’s solid foundation that eschew petrochemicals for natural alternatives like vegan collagen and algae extract. This trend is a response to growing consumer awareness and demand for environmentally responsible products.


The trends showcased at Cosmoprof Bologna 2024 underscore a dynamic evolution in the color cosmetics industry, driven by consumer demands for innovation, personalization, and sustainability. From the development of advanced lash care solutions that bring professional results home, to the creation of sensory packaging designs that transform routine beauty applications into delightful experiences, the industry continues to pivot towards more sophisticated and sustainable offerings. As brands strive to merge aesthetic appeal with eco-conscious practices, the future of color cosmetics looks promising, with endless opportunities for growth and innovation. The insights from this event not only highlight current consumer preferences but also chart a path forward for brands looking to lead in the beauty market.

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