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US E-commerce Biweekly Update


1. TikTok launches in-app shops in the US as part of expanded e-commerce push

TikTok has launched a new in-app shopping feature in the US, allowing brands to sell products directly through the platform. The feature is being tested with some brands, including Pacsun, pop culture boutique Three Little Mingos, and beauty brand KimChi Chic. The new feature displays a shopping bag icon next to the brand’s profile, allowing users to browse a product catalog with images, videos, descriptions, and prices. Customers can add products from different stores to the same shopping cart for seamless checkout.

2. Shopify considers adding Buy with Prime to its site

Starting April 2022, Amazon is rolling out the Buy with Prime program, allowing participating merchants to add a Prime badge on their online stores’ product page. Amazon Prime members can shop from these merchants’ websites and enjoy benefits such as fast, free shipping, easy checkout, and free returns. Shopify is optimistic about Amazon’s new initiative, and as of January 31, online stores in the US can offer Buy with Prime on their websites.

3. Moovly’s e-commerce video maker available on Shopify

Shor video creation tool Moovly has officially launched on Shopify. Shopify merchants can download the Moovly plugin and create product videos and ads based on their product data and visual branding. By integrating their Shopify and Moovly accounts, they can use advanced features such as AI translation, text-to-speech, and subtitles to generate their own video templates. Utilizing video can improve e-commerce sales for Shopify merchants.

4. Walmart Global E-commerce opens three North American sites to international sellers

Walmart Global E-commerce has announced plans to open its US, Canada, and Mexico sites to international sellers and eliminate GMV quotas by 2023. Walmart has released a merchant recruitment portrait for 2023, signaling its intent to expand its online presence and welcome sellers worldwide.

5. Facebook and Instagram launch paid verification service, ‘MetaVerified’

Meta has launched its subscription service that allows Facebook and Instagram users to pay for account verification. After launching in Australia and New Zealand last month, it has now launched in the US. Verified users will receive a blue badge to show the authenticity of their account. Users will have to verify their account using government-issued ID. Meta Verified costs US$ 11.99 per month on the web and US$ 14.99 per month on mobile. Meta Verified subscribers will not be able to change their profile name, photo, username, or date of birth unless they complete the verification process again.

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