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Men’s Active Snow Sports: 5 Trends With High Appeal


With snow sports participation among men experiencing a steady increase, consumers are now seeking accessible adventure, social media-friendly looks, and snow-ready pieces for activities beyond the slopes.

Hence, A/W 23/24 follows this shift by embracing creative modularity, adjustability, versatility, and metaverse-inspired aesthetics. Discover five men’s active snow sports trends that reflect this evolving desire in 2023/24.

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How big is the global snow apparel market?
5 men’s creative reset snow apparel trends to leverage
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How big is the global snow apparel market?

Man wearing a ski jacket and helmet

Snow sports keep gaining prominence, making their apparel one of the best-selling industries in the world. According to research, the global snow apparel market will expand to US $3.5 billion by 2025, moving at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.4% over the forecast period. Such predictions are only possible due to urban consumers’ increasing acceptance of outdoor snow activities.

In 2018, the men’s category dominated the women’s section by accounting for the highest generated revenue. The segment grossed a total of US $1.5 billion, owing to men’s rising acceptance of snow products, including insulated shells and fleece. Furthermore, the increasing influence of social media drives this population to purchase more sports apparel, positively contributing to the global market’s growth.

Offline distribution channels emerged as the leading segment in 2018, generating over 76% of the global market share. However, experts predict that the online sector will catch up at a speedy 6.1% CAGR due to the rising popularity of e-commerce portals and the emergence of virtual shopping.

In addition, North America secured a position as the dominant region in 2018, accounting for over 37% of the global revenue. Research suggests that Asia-Pacific will follow closely behind at a 6.3% CAGR from 2019 to 2025.

5 men’s creative reset snow apparel trends to leverage

1. Expandable base-layer

Man posing in a black base layer with detachable balaclava

Whenever consumers plan for their outdoor pursuits, they’ll need the proper clothing to match the activity and unpredictable weather—and base layers are one of the essentials. While generic designs look like simple tops, A/W 23/24 makes them more adaptable with detachable balaclavas and sleeve extenders.

But that’s not all. This season increases the base layer’s versatility by making reversible variants, with one side hosting insulating properties and the other providing moisture-wicking and cooling features for high-energy activities.

Although long-sleeve base layers are the best options for winter, consumers can pull off a look with short-sleeved variants. However, it depends on the activity—long sleeves will keep men warmer and protect them from unpredictable weather conditions during most winter sports.

Men can comfortably wear this piece under hoodies and anoraks or pair it with something heavier, like a fleece or puffer jacket. In addition, the removable balaclava incorporates extra weather protection, ensuring wearers stay warm all around during activities.

2. Adaptable trousers

Man wearing blue adaptable ski pants

Adaptable trousers emerge this season with one purpose: Creating a design that works on and off the slopes. True to its name, consumers use this piece for different body sizes and fits. One noticeable detail on this item is the poppers along the outside leg.

With these adjustable details, men can rock a slimmer fit for casual ensembles or pop an extra width for looser silhouettes. In addition, adaptable trousers utilize breathable, waterproof to make their designs snow-ready. Other details making this piece ready for the slopes and beyond include water-repellent zips and internal stretch gaiters.

In addition, adaptable trousers are also perfect layering items, as men can pair them with various outerwear staples. Consumers can enjoy looking fresh and stylish in suit jackets, trench coats, or puffer jackets.

Adaptable trousers are also solid alternatives to jeans. As a result, men can style them with simple crew neck jumpers and denim jackets when off the slopes.

3. Transitional quilted mid-layer

Man wearing a black quilted jacket

Transitional quilted mid-layers are the perfect option for providing warmth for consumers in the snow. In addition, they are equally functional, allowing urban men to rock them on the streets even when moving into warmer months. Quilted mid-layers can be incredibly practical and versatile, especially with monochrome and minimalist designs.

Like suede, adding velvet to any outfit can elevate and amp up the wearer’s fashion game. For this reason, men can layer a velvet quilted mid-layer over a white tee to craft an urban-inspired aesthetic. Then, they can complete the ensemble with matching or contrasting pants.

Consumers interested in layering for the season can’t go wrong with a lightweight quilted mid-layer. The secret to pulling off a look with this piece is teaming it with light fabrics, so it doesn’t feel out of place. 

In addition, striking off the perfect color coordination is another ideal way to rock an outfit with lightweight quilted mid-layers—think about pairing a burgundy jacket with a black graphic tee and gray jeans.

Male customers looking for both function and style will love hooded quilted mid-layers. The hood adds extra protection from unbearable weather conditions like snow, rain, wind, and fog. Though some men may consider it less stylish when the hood is on, the hooded quilted mid-layer offers unrivaled comfort. It also pairs well with denim and basic tees.

4. Insulated shell jacket

Man rocking a gray shell jacket

Shell jackets are the wearer’s first layer of protection against merciless weather conditions. But while traditional variants focus more on versatility, simplicity, and weight savings, A/W 23/24 combines everything with insulation to create the insulated shell jacket. What’s more? The innovative piece’s aesthetics allows men to wear them as winter jackets for the streets while providing all the functionality of ski jackets.

In addition, insulated shell jackets provide heat across the wearer’s entire body while distributing it evenly across core areas. Some variants are lightweight and easy to wear with water-resistant properties in case the consumer gets under the rain.

One irresistible benefit of the insulated shell jacket is that consumers can rock it anywhere and anytime. Although the piece helps regulate body temperature, the cold protection level still depends on the wearer’s layering. As a result, men can control their body heat management, allowing the jacket to work in warmer climates.

Nevertheless, insulated jackets are unique layering pieces. Men can style them as top layers, wearing mid-layers like form-fitting down jackets underneath the item. Then, they can complete the outfit with jeans for an urban-inspired look or ski pants for a slope-ready ensemble.

5. Après-ski robe

Man holding a glass cup wearing an Après-ski robe

This Après-ski robe is perfect for men looking for comfortable attire to rock between snow activities. Consumers can rest assured that the garment’s thermal-regulating textiles will keep them during relaxation sessions in resorts or pop-ups, like hydrotherapy.

In addition, men can wear après-ski robes in multiple styles. For example, they can rock them as classic robes, fully harnessing their comfort and weather protection while lounging around before hitting the slopes again.

However, the Après-ski robe also works beyond the snowy slopes. All it takes is men styling them as a duster. Pulling off this look involves throwing the comfy robe over a T-shirt and jeans ensemble. It’s easy yet fashionable.

Alternatively, male consumers can push the robe into the spotlight by donning it over their outfits and adding a striking jacket to incorporate edgy elements. There’s no limit to the layering looks wearers can mix and match with the Après-ski robe.

Final words

Snow sports are gaining momentum, and the fashion world is keeping up by updating trendy pieces with transitional appeal. The expandable base-layer blends designs for city wear with snow-sports functionality, while adaptable trousers emerge with peak versatility and adjustability for various body shapes and fits.

Insulated shell jackets utilize weather-proofing materials with minimal environmental impact, and transitional quilted mid-layers have incredible durability for longer lifespans. Lastly, après-ski robes offer comfort and warmth, perfect for in-between activities.

Retailers must focus on these men’s active snow sports trends for an updated A/W catalog in 2023/24.

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