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US E-commerce Weekly Update (Dec 26-Jan 1): Amazon Ads in Prime Video, eBay’s AI Social Media Push

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Amazon: Expanding services and enhancing customer experience

Prime Video to feature ads from January: Amazon has announced the integration of advertisements in Prime Video, effective from January 29, 2024. This move, as explained in an email to users, is to continue investing in compelling content. Prime members will experience fewer ads compared to traditional TV and other streaming services. For an ad-free experience, members can opt to pay an additional $2.99 per month.

New advanced A+ Content module unveiled: Amazon has recently introduced a new ‘Premium A+ Content module’ across its website. This feature allows customers to add products to their cart directly from the module, view real-time prices and stock availability, and read summary reviews. The module also facilitates product comparison on a single page, enhancing the purchasing decision process and boosting conversion rates.

Shopify: Structured analysis for returns and refunds

Shopify has upgraded its return workflow with a structured analysis for return/refund reasons. This feature enables sellers to better understand product issues and customer preferences, thereby improving the efficiency of returns. Sellers now have access to a list of reasons for returns and can add notes for each, aiding in data collection and analysis.

eBay: New Social Caption Generator launched

eBay has introduced a ‘New Social Caption Generator’ feature, using generative AI technology to simplify the post-creation process for sellers. This feature, now available in the US, UK, Germany, and Australia, allows sellers to share individual listings, categories, promotions, and store details with AI-generated captions, tags, and emojis, enhancing their social media commerce presence.

Coming soon is an additional enhancement — auto-posting. Sellers will be able to choose to automatically post their listings to social media as soon as the listing is published, with no additional action needed. This is just one more way eBay is leveraging innovative technology to help connect people and build communities to empower economic opportunity for all.

SHEIN: Named among Top 10 Fastest Growing Brands in the US for 2023

SHEIN has been recognized as the 4th fastest-growing brand in the US for 2023 by Morning Consult, standing alongside international brands like ChatGPT, Zelle, OpenAI, Facebook, and CocaCola. Additionally, SHEIN secured the 2nd position in the ‘Fastest Growing Brands among Millennials for 2023’, marking its significant impact and popularity among young American consumers.

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