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Smartphone Holders: 5 Top Trends for 2024

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Smartphone holders can easily enhance a user’s mobile experience. Whether they’re a photography enthusiast, a multitasker on the move, or simply seeking hands-free convenience, there’s a holder that’s perfect for them.

This article scours the market to bring businesses the very best smartphone holders. So, discover the top five smartphone holder trends to elevate mobile lifestyle inventories.

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The market for smartphone holders in 2024
Five practical smartphone holders consumers want
Rounding up

The market for smartphone holders in 2024

The smartphone holder market will gain ground in 2024. According to the most recent report, the market was estimated to be worth USD 1.03 billion in 2021 and is expected to increase at a 5.7% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2023 to 2030. By 2030, the market will be valued at USD 2.04 billion.

As users become more dependent on smartphones, they are looking for ways to keep them safe while on the go. As a result, smartphone holders have evolved from niche products to essential accessories for anyone using phones regularly.

Five practical smartphone holders consumers want

Extendable tripod stand

a short tripod phone stand

Extendable tripod stands are a simple, affordable solution that allows users to enjoy hands-free video capturing while working or sitting on the couch. It’s easy to set up, comes in multiple sizes, and can hold many different types of devices—from tablets to smartphones.

It offers adaptability and versatility as the adjustable height and customizable angles make it suitable for various applications, including video conferencing and content creation. Some, if not all, extended tripod stands come with a foldable design, making them very portable and easy to travel with. Its sturdy build ensures stability, which is crucial for high-quality videos, images, and live streaming.

a woman filming with a tripod phone stand

Even more interesting is that tripod stands are handy when consumers want to take steady pictures, like group shots or cool long-exposure shots. Plus, they’re great for setting up phones for hands-free video watching, whether movies or video chats.

Here’s the kicker: Phone tripods are one of the hot products of 2023. Google Ads data reveals that they’ve been getting more popular lately, as searches for them went up from 49500 in 2022 to a whopping 60500 in September 2023. People seem to be loving them!

Gimbal stabilizer holder

a black gimbal stabilizer phone stand

Gimbals are cool gadgets that use sensors and electric motors to keep the user’s smartphone super steady, even if they’re moving around. And the best part? Some of these fancy gimbals even have apps that can track a subject and make sure everything stays in the frame, allowing consumers to always get pro-level shots.

This smartphone holder shines because it gives consumers video recording without annoying shaking. And its steadiness is not the only benefit. Users can enjoy different shooting modes and get super creative and flexible with their shots. It’s like a one-stop shop for awesome content.

a white gimbal stabilizer phone stand

Gimbals are impressive because they come with mounts that keep the camera or smartphone locked in place. They’re also connected to the gimbal’s mechanical system so consumers can make super precise movements.

What’s more, these devices feature nifty control handles or grips that act as a command center. It lets the user steer the gimbal in different directions for actions like panning, tilting, and rolling the camera.

Gimbals have a big following. Google Ads says there are about 450000 searches for gimbals every month, and it’s been like that since 2022. That’s a lot of people interested in getting their hands on these gadgets!

Foldable phone holder

a foldable phone holder next to charging brick

Consumers looking for something simple and easy to carry around will see the foldable phone holder as a perfect choice. They can fold it up when they don’t need it and unfold it when they don’t.

Foldable phone holders are ideal for folks who are always on the go because they don’t hog a lot of space. Consumers can toss them in bags, purses, clutches, and even pockets. Plus, these phone holds often have straightforward and no-fuss designs.

a smartphone placed on a foldable phone stand

Many of these foldable phone holders come with amazing features like adjustable angles and heights, meaning consumers can set up their devices at the right angles for comfy viewing. It’s awesome for watching videos, taking video calls, reading, or using the phone as a second screen.

These phone holders might not grab all the headlines, but they’ve risen over the past year. Google Ads data shows they began with 1600 searches in 2022 and peaked at 1900 inquiries in September 2023. So, they’re quietly gaining some traction.

Gooseneck phone holder

a table clip gooseneck holder with a phone

What’s great about the gooseneck phone holder is that it’s all about flexibility. Consumers can bend and twist it to set their smartphone at the perfect angles. These phone holders often come with a base that users can attach to a desk or mount on a wall, so they don’t have to worry about it wobbling or falling over.

Gooseneck phone holders are like a dream come true for hands-free activities. Whether consumers are reading, using navigation apps, binge-watching videos, or video conferencing, it’s got them covered.

a neck rest gooseneck phone stand on a white background

And guess what? Consumers can also use it in their cars because it sticks to various surfaces. Think of it as a personal phone assistant for any situation.

Gooseneck phone holders are catching some attention, although they might not have as big of an audience as other types. According to Google Ads, these gadgets get around 2400 searches each month, and they’ve been holding steady at that level since March 2023.

Car phone holder

a suction cup car phone stand with a GPS map

A car phone holder is arguably the most common type available today. The best part? They’re usually budget-friendly compared to other types of holders, and they make it super safe to use devices while driving without taking your eyes off the road. 

a white phone in a car phone holder

Car phone holders help cut down distractions when driving. They give consumers a stable platform for GPS navigation or for taking pictures on the road. Plus, they come in sleek designs that fit naturally with most car interiors, and setting them up is a breeze too.

Although they don’t work outside of cars, this isn’t enough to water down their popularity. Based on data from Google Ads, car phone holders are the second most popular trend in this article, garnering an amazing 110000 searches monthly in 2022. And what’s key is that their search interest boosted to 135000 in September 2023.

Rounding up

The choice of a smartphone holder can significantly impact productivity and presentation quality in today’s quickly changing technological environment. By keeping up with recent trends, businesses can match their smartphone holder selections with consumer demands and objectives. 

There are many possibilities, but five top smartphone holder trends include extending tripod stands, gimbal stabilizer holders, foldable phone holders, gooseneck phone holders, and car phone holders.

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