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US E-commerce Weekly Update (Jan 22 – Jan 29): Amazon Explores Car Sales, TikTok Shop Adjusts Free Shipping Policy


Amazon Innovations: Enhancing Privacy and Venturing into Car Sales

Amazon’s Ring Adjusts Privacy Features: Amazon’s subsidiary Ring is discontinuing its “Request for Assistance” feature, which allowed law enforcement to request video footage from users. This change aims to balance privacy concerns with public safety, reflecting the evolving dialogue around surveillance and community security.

Amazon Explores Online Car Sales: Amazon is venturing into the car sales industry, aiming to revolutionize the traditional car-buying process by introducing a seamless online shopping experience, a feat yet to be achieved in this complex and highly regulated sector. With the U.S. car sales market valued between $2.5 trillion and $3 trillion, Amazon’s pilot program allows select Hyundai dealers to sell cars through its platform, initially to Amazon employees. This move taps into the growing consumer demand for online car purchases, particularly among electric vehicle buyers. While online car sales remain a small fraction of total sales, Amazon’s entry into this space is closely watched by dealers, some of whom are skeptical about Amazon’s ability to navigate the challenges that have hindered others. Despite concerns, the initiative is seen as a significant step, leveraging Amazon’s technological and operational prowess to potentially transform car buying.

TikTok Shop Adjusts Shipping Policy and Sees Seller Revenue Surge

TikTok Shop Raises Free Shipping Threshold in the US: TikTok Shop is reportedly increasing the minimum spend required for free shipping for returning customers in the US from $20 to $25, while maintaining a $5 threshold for new customers. This adjustment is part of TikTok’s ongoing efforts to optimize costs and enhance service efficiency.

TikTok Shop Sellers Report Revenue Growth: A survey by Hugo Cross-Border shows optimistic overall revenue growth for sellers on TikTok Shop, with 71% reporting an increase in revenue compared to the previous year.

E-commerce Evolution: SHEIN’s Unique Market Position and Strategic Moves by Shopify, eBay, and Temu

SHEIN Positions Itself Beyond Amazon’s Shadow: Peter Pernot-Day, SHEIN’s strategic communications head for the UK and US, emphasizes that SHEIN does not consider itself an Amazon clone. As SHEIN deepens its presence in the US market, its product categories are expected to expand, tailored to the preferences of Gen Z and younger Millennials.

Shopify Analytics Introduces Market Filtering: Shopify has updated its analytics feature to allow sellers to filter reports by market, enabling more targeted analysis of business performance and customer behavior across different regions.

eBay Launches Exclusive Discount for Offsite Ads: eBay has introduced a 50% discount promotion for its Offsite Ads service, offering up to $1,000 in ad credits to invited sellers. This initiative aims to help sellers capitalize on early 2024 traffic and secure a competitive edge in offsite traffic acquisition.

Temu‘s Rapid Growth in the US: Similarweb data reveals that Temu, a cross-border e-commerce platform by Pinduoduo, has become the second fastest-growing large website in the US in 2023, with a staggering 700% increase in traffic and an average monthly visit count of 99.2 million.

AI’s Transformative Impact on E-commerce

The e-commerce sector is encouraged to embrace AI boldly, leveraging its potential to enhance customer experiences and operational efficiency. Despite integration challenges and concerns over creativity, AI’s promise for engagement and revenue growth is driving increased investment and strategic adoption within the industry.

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