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Water Fountains: A Strong Forecast for Global Sales in 2024

Beautiful four-tier cascading outdoor water fountain

Popular for use indoors and outdoors or even as drinking fountains, water fountains add a level of white background noise to home spaces that is infinitely soothing. So, although water fountains are not always at the top of the list of interior home décor, they should be. Why? For the simple reason that they serve multiple purposes while being extremely decorative.

Also, a massive portion of the market appreciates the benefit of these water fountains, which is reflected in strong global sales. Due to these inherent possibilities, we have curated information about these products to motivate retailers to stock up on these items for their unique markets.

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The market status of water fountains
Choosing indoor or outdoor water fountains
6 stunning water fountain styles
Summing up the water fountain market

The market status of water fountains

Ornate traditional-style outdoor water fountain

The overall global outlook for water fountain sales estimated the value of this market to be USD 2.02 billion in 2017. Now forecast to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.1% up to 2030, these figures indicate a buoyant market ripe for leveraging, with market research covering indoor and outdoor water and drinking fountains.

Adding to this research is the forecast for outdoor water fountain sales only. One study placed the value of this market at USD 1.1517 billion in 2017, which is estimated to reach USD 1.728 billion by 2031 at a CAGR of 4.14%.

Another indication of consumer interest in these products is the volume of keyword searches that are conducted monthly. According to Google Ads, global searches for water fountains averaged 246,000 monthly, peaking at 301,000 from June to August 2023. After that, the search rate remained at 246,000 up to February 2024.

Driving forces behind global sales and keyword searches include the demand for decorative and aesthetically pleasing water fountain designs. Urbanization has also played a role in beautifying city walkways and buildings with drinking fountains. Besides these factors, construction and the desire to increase outdoor living drive this trend in many countries, providing retailers with possible growth opportunities in this sector that are hard to ignore.

Choosing indoor or outdoor water fountains

Small modern indoor tabletop water feature

Before diving headlong into the wonderful world of water fountains, it is vital to understand the basic characteristics that aid the buying process. Some details to consider when choosing stock include water fountain designs, installation types, features, materials, the main accessories sold with these products, and their market applications.


Most water fountain design styles can be categorized as traditional or modern. However, many of these styles for interiors and exteriors can also be abstract. Specific designs and sizes will also determine whether water fountains are ideal for outdoor spaces or indoor use, with sizes ranging from very small to larger garden designs.

Alternatively, water fountains designed for the home may also be suitable for use as water curtains. Retailers are advised to examine their markets to determine whether their customers might prefer ready-made designs or customized water fountains to create focal points in or around their homes.

Installation types

Whether indoor water fountains or those designed for the outdoors, retailers should consider the installation method involved. For example, indoor or patio water fountains may have floor or wall mountings. Otherwise, they may be specifically designed for use as free-standing interior or exterior home décor items.


In addition to other considerations, water fountain features are important. For instance, customers will want to know if the product is solar, electrically powered, or works on another mechanism.

Similarly, depending on the price, those with adjustable and timed water flows will sell better than those with fewer features. Other unique selling points include whether the product is designed for indoor or outdoor use, is solidly built, and whether functional mechanisms are well concealed in the design style.


Water fountains are made from natural and man-made materials. These materials include resins and polyresins, fiberglass, acrylic, stainless steel, Corten steel, galvanized steel, and other metals and finishes. Retailers will also find a selection of water curtains made from tempered glass, mirror marble, and other materials.

Wood, stone, and ceramic are additional natural materials that improve the ambiance of water fountains, providing sellers with a huge array of products to meet their customers’ expectations.

Main accessories

Some of the main accessories to look for when stocking up on water fountains include the following:

  • Electric-powered water pump
  • Solar panel power
  • Remote control
  • Automatic LED light color-changing function
  • Waterfall flow speed adaptor
  • Spray-head accessories

One or more of these accessories can increase the value and price of the water fountain feature. Depending on the market, retailers should decide whether more features warrant higher prices or whether simpler water fountains will be more popular with their customers.

Market applications

Interior and exterior water fountains are popular for schools and other educational institutions. Likewise, municipal parks, recreational spaces, and sports centers favor using these products, whose use goes beyond drinking fountains in public spaces and offices. However, for this article, the focus remains on the use of water fountains by homeowners.

6 stunning water fountain styles

1. Tabletop water fountains

Modern three-tier tabletop water fountain

Simple yet elegant, this modern resin and metal tabletop water fountain measures a compact 21.5 cm (< 9 in.). Retailers can order this product with or without LED lights, which add to the ambiance of this piece. Suitable for small homes, apartments, or similar spaces, other indoor tabletop waterfalls include this mini home in the forest desktop and this mock rock fountain with candles.

2. Small indoor or outdoor water feature

Modern stainless steel garden water feature

This abstract water fountain design is crafted from stainless steel and stands about 50 cm (20 in.) high. With the unique water flow feature, this piece is suitable for indoors or outdoors to enhance the mood of a space and increase cooling in warm areas. Other similar samples of small water features are this rustic indoor or outdoor piece and this 25-inch minimalist water fountain design.

3. Medium-sized waterfall feature

Medium-sized abstract water feature with three levels

This medium-sized indoor water fountain is manufactured from resin and fiberglass. With a height of about 128 cm (50 in.), it includes LED lights, a rustic base, and a water pump. But its best feature is the modern freestanding design and rain curtain water flow effect.

Another example of a similar size is this complex water feature, characterized by circles, multiple layers, and lights, which retailers can also consider. Otherwise, this cast iron wall fountain is a beautiful outdoor asset for customers who prefer traditional designs.

4. Large outdoor water fountains

Minimalist outdoor water fountain design with rain curtain

Creating a beautiful rain curtain effect, this exquisite outdoor water fountain has another enduring feature. Manufactured from Corten steel, this material generates an aged, rusty appearance within a few days of use, increasing its aesthetic appeal without damaging the frame.

Similarly, large outdoor fountains with electric pumps can be seen in this simple yet dynamic spherical water fountain, as well as these massive traditional marble garden fountains with their ornate patterns or statues.

5. Ultra-modern rain curtain designs

Free-standing water feature with LED lights and rain curtain

When ultra-modern designs are the customer focus, this indoor rain curtain is the answer for homes and offices. Made from acrylic and stainless steel, with its bubble pattern, multiple LED lights, air pump, and remote control, this product is ideal even in restaurants and nightclubs. Besides presenting a beautiful display, this water fountain acts as a room divider and a soothing visual display.

6. Solar-powered water fountains

Small solar water feature with multiple spray heads

As with electrically powered water features, there are also many types and styles of solar water features. This small solar-powered water feature is portable and has its own solar panels, pump kit, and various heads to create different water spray effects. Retailers can easily recommend this product for customers’ fish tanks or small outdoor ponds.

Floating solar-powered water features are simple and equally popular for large bodies of water. In contrast, those with multicolored LED lights produce beautiful effects at night, offering retailers and customers viable alternatives to electrically powered, decorative water fountains.

Summing up the water fountain market

Large abstract outdoor water fountain

Whether you serve indoor décor or outdoor markets, the collection of water fountains in the Alibaba.com showroom is generous for both. And against a background of positive global sales and ongoing keyword searches for water fountains, it is worth the effort for sellers to take a closer look at this market.

Consequently, we invite you to explore more water fountain designs in the Alibaba.com showroom. After considering this collection of possibilities and opportunities, we are confident that you can provide your customer base with innovative ideas and designs they haven’t yet considered for themselves.

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