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Home Improvement Influencers To Boost Your Home and Garden Business

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Home improvement has emerged as a promising niche for influencer partnerships. As homeowners increasingly turn to online platforms for inspiration and guidance, collaborating with home improvement influencers can significantly boost your business’s visibility and sales.

Here, we’ll explore the types of home improvement influencers and highlight some influential figures in the field to help your business get started partnering with influencers.

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Market size for home improvement
Understanding home improvement influencers
Types of home improvement influencers
Choosing the best influencer for your brand
Top 12 home improvement influencers
Final thoughts

Market size for home improvement

The home improvement industry is experiencing steady growth, fueled by rising homeownership rates, increasing disposable incomes, and a desire for personalized living spaces. 

According to research from Statista, the global home improvement market was valued at approximately USD 763 billion in 2020. With more than a 4% compound annual growth rate (CAGR), it is projected to surpass a trillion dollars by 2027. This upward trajectory presents ample opportunities for businesses operating in this space to capitalize on the growing demand for renovation and enhancement products and services.

Understanding home improvement influencers

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Home improvement influencers have built a significant following on social media platforms by sharing their expertise, tips, and insights related to home renovation, interior design, gardening, DIY projects, and other aspects of improving living spaces. 

These influencers often curate visually appealing content, including before-and-after transformations, tutorials, product reviews, and design inspiration, resonating with their audience’s aspirations for creating beautiful and functional homes and gardens.

Types of home improvement influencers

Home improvement influencers come in various shapes and sizes, each specializing in different aspects of home renovation, interior design, gardening, DIY projects, and more. 

Here are some of the different types of home improvement influencers your business could partner with:

1. Interior design influencers

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Interior design influencers are the visionaries behind stunning living spaces that inspire and captivate audiences. They specialize in curating aesthetically pleasing interiors through thoughtful furniture arrangements, color schemes, and decor choices. 

Partnering with interior design influencers can benefit businesses offering furniture, home decor accessories, and interior design services. Look for influencers whose design aesthetic aligns with your brand’s style and values, ensuring a seamless integration of your products into their content.

With over 1 million followers on Instagram, Emily Henderson (@em_henderson) is a renowned interior designer known for her eclectic and approachable design style. She shares design tips, room makeovers, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into her design projects.

2. DIY and craft influencers

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DIY and craft influencers are the creative minds behind ingenious projects that transform ordinary materials into extraordinary home decor pieces. They excel at providing step-by-step tutorials, creative ideas, and budget-friendly solutions for crafting personalized home accents. 

Collaborating with DIY influencers can be advantageous for businesses offering crafting supplies, DIY kits, and home decor products. Seek out influencers who demonstrate a passion for craftsmanship and a knack for inspiring their audience to unleash their creativity.

Sisters Ashley and Whitney are the faces behind Shanty2Chic, a popular DIY and woodworking brand. They provide easy-to-follow tutorials for building furniture, home decor, and more, attracting a loyal following of DIY enthusiasts.

3. Home renovation experts

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Home renovation experts are the trailblazers who document their renovation journeys, sharing insights, tips, and triumphs along the way. They offer valuable guidance on remodeling techniques, contractor recommendations, and navigating challenges encountered during renovation. 

Partnering with home renovation experts can be valuable for construction, remodeling, and home improvement businesses. Look for influencers with expertise in your industry niche and a track record of engaging their audience with compelling renovation stories.

Mercury (@mercurystardusttopz) is a passionate home renovation enthusiast who shares her journey of transforming spaces through DIY projects and vintage discoveries. With a keen eye for design and a knack for repurposing materials, she inspires her audience to reimagine their homes with creativity and resourcefulness.

4. Gardening and plant influencers

Woman sitting on the floor working with plants

Gardening and plant influencers are the green thumbs who cultivate lush indoor and outdoor spaces filled with verdant foliage and blooming flora. They share their expertise in plant care, gardening tips, and landscaping ideas, inspiring their audience to embrace the beauty of nature at home. 

Collaborating with gardening influencers can benefit businesses offering plants, gardening tools, and outdoor decor. Choose influencers who showcase a genuine passion for plants and demonstrate an ability to educate and inspire their audience to cultivate their own green oasis.

Summer Rayne Oakes (@homesteadbrooklyn) is an environmental activist, author, and plant enthusiast known for her urban jungle filled with over 1,000 houseplants. She shares plant care tips, botanical styling ideas, and sustainable living practices, inspiring her audience to connect with nature in their own homes.

5. Minimalism and decluttering influencers

LESS-MESS words on wooden blocks

Minimalism and decluttering influencers advocate for simplifying living spaces and embracing a minimalist lifestyle. They offer practical tips, organizational strategies, and minimalist design inspiration to create serene and clutter-free environments. 

Partnering with minimalist influencers can benefit businesses offering storage solutions, organizational products, and minimalist home decor. Look for influencers who embody the principles of minimalism and can authentically incorporate your products into their content, resonating with their audience’s desire for simplicity and mindfulness.

Learn more about organization influencers here. 

6. Sustainability and eco-friendly influencers

Person showing off eco-friendly packaging on camera

Sustainability and eco-friendly influencers champion environmentally conscious living, promoting sustainable practices and products for home improvement. They advocate for eco-friendly building materials, energy-efficient appliances, and environmentally conscious design choices to reduce carbon footprints and promote sustainability. 

Collaborating with sustainability influencers can be advantageous for businesses committed to eco-friendly practices and products. Choose influencers who share your brand’s commitment to sustainability and can effectively communicate the environmental benefits of your offerings to their audience.

Lauren Singer (@trashisfortossers) is an environmental activist and zero-waste advocate known for her blog, Trash is for Tossers. She shares tips on reducing waste, living sustainably, and making eco-friendly choices in everyday life, inspiring her audience to adopt more eco-conscious habits.

Choosing the best influencer for your brand

Because home improvement encompasses a wide array of topics, selecting the right influencer for your home and garden brand requires careful consideration of your business offerings, values, and target audience.

Begin by understanding your target demographic and their motivations. Consider demographic factors such as age, location, interests, and lifestyle preferences. Your chosen influencer should have a following that closely mirrors your target demographic, ensuring maximum relevance and engagement.

Additionally, ensure that the influencer’s content aligns seamlessly with your brand’s product offerings and messaging. Look for influencers who regularly share home improvement tips, renovation ideas, gardening inspiration, and relevant lifestyle content that complements your brand’s products.

By selecting an influencer whose audience matches your target demographic and whose content complements your brand, you can maximize the effectiveness of your influencer marketing efforts and forge authentic connections with potential customers.

Top 12 home improvement influencers

HOME PROJECT on a sign beside tools on the floor

Here is our list of top home improvement influencers. These influencers cover many home improvement topics, from DIY projects and budget decorating to renovation adventures and interior design inspiration. Partnering with influencers like these can provide your business with valuable exposure and credibility within the home improvement industry.

  1. Nick Olsen, @nickolsenstyle
    • Expertise: Home decor, interior design, and styling
  2. Lauren Shaver, @blesserhouse
    • Expertise: Budget decorating, DIY projects, and home improvements
  3. Garrett and Cathy Poshusta, @thegritandpolish
    • Expertise: Renovation projects, classic designs, and fearless DIY
  4. Mandi Gubler, @vintagerevivals
    • Expertise: Fearless DIY, stylish natural look, and incorporating greenery
  5. Courtney Fernan, @athoughtfulplace
    • Expertise: Home decor, affordable ideas, and cozy spaces on a budget
  6. Kim and Scott Vargo, @yellowbrickhome
    • Expertise: Renovation projects, go-to sources for materials, and product recommendations
  7. Jami Ray, @jamirayvintage
    • Expertise: Vintage revitalization, home decor, and renovation adventures
  8. Molly Miller, @therenegadehome
    • Expertise: Stylish hacks, budget-friendly DIY, and furniture flips
  9. Bong Bain, Wild Hearts Home@bongbain
    • Expertise: Doable DIY projects, step-by-step tutorials, and shopping vlogs
  10. Anne “Lilly” Skjoldahl, @thefurnituredr
    • Expertise: Furniture flips, creative home improvement hacks, and DIY projects
  11. Christine Higg, @chrissyhigg
    • Expertise: Home decor, holiday decor inspiration, and styling hacks
  12. Emily Haufler, @houseandhens
    • Expertise: Home design, improvement, and ‘70s ranch-style home updates

Final thoughts

Incorporating influencer partnerships into your marketing strategy can be a game-changer for your home and garden business. Collaborating with home improvement influencers who resonate with your target audience can amplify your brand’s visibility, foster trust, and drive sales. 

As the home improvement market thrives, leveraging the influence of prominent figures in the industry can help position your business for sustained growth and success.

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