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What To Know Before Investing in IPL Beauty Devices

Patient receiving skin treatment with IPL beauty device

IPL beauty devices took the world by storm for offering the most effortless way to remove pesky hairs. However, their popularity and unbelievable results pushed several manufacturers to flood the market with thousands of devices.

Unfortunately, not all IPL devices offer the same functions and appearances, complicating the buying process even more. So, if retailers want to provide consumers with the best IPL device experience, they must put energy into choosing the right ones.

This article has made the process easier by highlighting everything sellers should remember while purchasing IPL devices.

Table of Contents
Overview of the global IPL hair removal device market
What are the benefits of IPL beauty procedures?
Everything to consider before investing in IPL beauty devices
Final words

Overview of the global IPL hair removal device market

Patient getting treatment with IPL beauty device

Experts say the global IPL hair removal device market touched US $351 million in 2022. Now, forecasts suggest the market’s value will reach US $528.6 million by FY 2028 at a 7.1% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). 

The increasing availability of high-tech products, rising disposable income, boosted aesthetic awareness, and increased demand for personal care products are driving market growth.

Here are some other relevant statistics:

  • Over the forecast period, at-home use will generate the largest IPL hair removal device market revenue.
  • Asia-Pacific is set to register impressive growth due to the region’s increasing population, rising disposable incomes, and changing lifestyles.

What are the benefits of IPL beauty procedures?

IPL hair removal devices use light spectrums to target dark pigments of unwanted hair, destroying them at the root. Unlike other hair removal methods (like waxing and epilating), IPL procedures are pain-free, although the treated area may feel a bit tender and look reddish.

In addition, IPL beauty procedures are one of the safest ways to get long-lasting hair removal results. They are quicker, more convenient, and more permanent than shaving sticks or wax, even on sensitive areas.

Everything to consider before investing in IPL beauty devices

Dermatologist treating a patient with an IPL beauty device

The consumer’s requirements

Before stocking up on hair removal devices, retailers must know what they would do for their target consumers—or if the devices would work for them. Check out some conditions consumers prioritize when purchasing IPL beauty devices.

Hair color

Usually, IPL devices send their energy into the unwanted hair’s pigment. These devices are super effective on dark hair, including brown, black, and dark blonde. However, they won’t work properly for consumers with lighter hair colors.

To combat this, some manufacturers equip their devices with an IPL and radio frequency technology combination, allowing lighter hair colors to enjoy the benefits of IPL hair removal.

Skin type

Skin type is another critical prerequisite for consumers. IPL light targets pigments, so it will also attack the skin if there’s no noticeable difference between it and the hair.

For this reason, IPL devices are recommended for consumers with lighter skin tones, like ivory, fair, and light brown—especially if they have enough contrast between their hair and skin.

Darker-skinned consumers are not left out. Some IPL devices can work for them without any side effects—but only if manufacturers combine them with other technologies like radio frequencies.


Will the target consumer travel often? If yes, choosing devices that are easy to carry on trips is necessary. Focus on the accessories, packing case, size, and weight of the prospective device.

Body areas to be treated

Not all IPL hair removal devices will work on the same body areas. Some are perfect for the face and body, while others are more suited for sensitive or intimate areas. 

Design and window size

IPL beauty device placed on a laser blue platform

Another thing to keep in mind is the device’s shape. IPL devices usually feature gun-shaped designs that fit into the user’s palms. So, businesses must prioritize models offering the best grip.

However, if consumers want to reach tricky areas easily, they will prefer IPL devices with curved wand-shaped designs. Lastly, hair removal devices with straight-want slim designs are the easiest to hold, meaning consumers can use them all over their body without tiring their hands.

In addition, the device’s window size should be large enough to handle large areas (like legs) quickly and smaller portions (like lips) efficiently. In other words, they must offer the sweet spot—not too big or too small. 

Power supply

Anonymous hand using an IPL beauty device

IPL devices can come with rechargeable batteries or a main power supply. Rechargeable models offer more freedom, as cords won’t restrict movement. Nevertheless, sellers must factor in the charging time and battery duration to provide the best experience.

Likewise, corded IPL devices offer plug-and-play services but are limited by their cord length. So, consumers may find reaching areas not within the cord’s reach challenging.

Energy output

Higher energy output translates to greater device efficiency. But despite the obvious advantage, great energy outputs also increase the chances of redness and skin irritation.

But don’t worry. Most IPL devices only output 6–10 J/cm2 of energy, safe enough to kill hair without side effects. But if target consumers can handle the heat, businesses can offer devices up to 20 J/cm2.

Number of flashes/lifespan

The number of flashes IPL devices can deliver determines their lifespan. Since consumers will spend a good amount on these devices, they’ll want something that will last for years.

IPL devices offering 250,000 flashes may last up to 20 years on average, which is good enough for most people. But devices with 1 million flashes may last a lifetime without losing effectiveness. 

Pain relief features

Female getting a beauty treatment

Although IPL treatments are mostly pain-free, some consumers may experience a rubber band snapping sensation during the procedure, creating a stinging sensation. 

If target consumers are worried about this potential side effect, retailers can opt for IPL devices with ice-cooling technology. This feature will help prevent even the smallest pain, giving consumers the best experience possible. 

Intensity levels

Different consumers require various energy levels. In truth, even a single user needs multiple intensity levels for other body areas.

As a result, sellers must prioritize IPL devices offering a sizable amount of intensity. That way, consumers can easily treat their body, face, and other areas with stubborn hair without suffering the effects of using the wrong intensity.

Treatment modes

Consumers need different treatment modes to handle body hair quickly and facial hair precisely. For this reason, some IPL devices offer stamping modes, while others feature gliding techniques (usually divided into thumb-press or thumb-free gliding modes).

Note: It’s recommended that businesses opt for models offering both treatment modes.

Final words

IPL beauty devices have revolutionized the way consumers deal with unwanted hair. Moreover, consumers will only reap the full benefits if these devices come in kits.

For the best experience, users will need a safety razor for shaving, an IPL device for destroying hair follicles, and UV-protective glasses to keep their eyes safe. Although consumers can get them separately, businesses will offer more value if they come in a single kit.

Combined with the factors discussed in this article, retailers are sure to get a higher ROI in 2024.

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