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Why Candles and Home Fragrances Are In-demand Products


Candles and home fragrance devices have always been popular among customers. The worldwide market for candles is expected to nearly double to $13.7 billion by 2026, with a CAGR of 6.7% from 2021 to 2026. Candles are used not only for scent boosting but also to provide ambiance and decor to a room. Many buyers also use candles as gifts around the holiday season, making the last few months of the year an especially profitable time to sell candles and home fragrances.

This article will go over a few reasons why candles and home fragrances are popular selling items for businesses to add to their storefront.

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Why do people love candles?
Light it up

Why do people love candles?

A stylish candle sits on a wooden table

Candles and home fragrance devices help people elevate the look and feel of their homes. They add a pleasant scent to any room, as well as make the space feel warm and cozy with the light and warmth of the candle flame. 

Candles and home fragrances are often used in three ways by buyers; for decor, ambiance, and as a gift around the holidays. The types of candles and fragrance items consumers will be looking for will differ depending on their situation, so it is important to consider the customer base when choosing products to sell. 

They provide ambiance

A hand hovers over a lit candle

Ambiance, or atmosphere, is the feeling associated with a particular place. As many consumers are spending more time at home, they will be looking for ways to create a relaxing ambiance in their houses. Candles provide ambiance through their scent and heat, which can be tailored to their preference. 

Some buyers may not feel comfortable with lit candles in their homes, but there are plenty of home fragrance products that serve the same purpose. Customers can also opt for items like reed diffusers and scented pouches for a few flameless options. For those who want to add soft light that would normally come from a flame, products like wall plug-ins that use artificial light and stylish design will be popular.

Products that also advertise relaxing, spa-like effects are popular with consumers who want a more elegant experience in their homes. Candles with items like dried fruit and crystals set into the wax will have plenty of demand from these customers. People will be especially drawn to them if they are made from environmentally friendly ingredients, allowing the customer to relax guilt-free.

They can be used for decor

A stylish reed diffuser sits next to a decorative vase

Home fragrance products are also sought after for certain aesthetic choices. Candles can come in a variety of shapes and colors, making them an ideal choice for decor items. They are not too expensive, meaning buyers usually buy multiple candles and home fragrance devices for their home at a time. Because candles are easy and inexpensive to make, it is easy for all kinds of buyers to find candles and home fragrances that fit their style.

Younger consumers will be drawn to more creative and novel candles to add character to fun and colorful spaces. Home fragrance designs that have not been seen before will be more in demand for this demographic. Sellers looking to appeal to this demographic should focus on novel, interesting candle and home fragrance products with new and interesting shapes and labels.

Novelty will not fit all aesthetic choices, however. Some customers may want the classic look of a plain white pillar candle on the table. Sellers should be sure they have plenty of stylish, simple candles on their storefront. Buyers who want more timeless pieces without the open flame will look for modern diffusers and other home fragrance items to match their sleek home design. 

People give them as gifts

Four decorative candles sit on a tray

Around the holiday season, candles and home fragrance items make classic and sophisticated gifts for friends and family. Roughly 35% of all candle sales occur around the holiday season. 

Many people will use candles in their homes already, so most would be glad for another candle in their gift bag. Consumers looking for gifts will be drawn to items like candle sets with multiple pieces inside. Good candle sets should include items like matches, flowers, and other small decor pieces that can be used alongside the candle. 

Holiday candles can double as holiday decor around the season as well, with many candles in the shapes of trees, candy canes, Hanukkah items, and other festive designs. Holiday decorating is typically more intense than everyday room design, so consumers may use more candles and home fragrance devices in each room than usual.

Light it up

Candles with rose petals sit on a wooden countertop

Candles and home fragrances are in-demand products that show no sign of slowing down. Throughout the world, people enjoy using candles in their homes to bring light and color inside. The market is expected to grow in the coming years, so selling these items would be a good investment opportunity. 

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