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4 Amazing Landscaping Stones Trends for Home Design in 2022


Landscaping stones have become a popular choice among homeowners because of their ability to blend with the environment, low-maintenance nature, and sustainability features. In 2022, people are gravitating toward environmentally friendly designs and this is why landscaping stones are in trend. They are economical, sustainable, and have easy upkeep compared to artificial resources. 

To help wholesalers tap into the growing market, this article will discuss four landscape stone trends for home designs that will generate sales for them in the upcoming years.

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Market growth of the landscaping stones industry
4 landscaping stones trends for home design in 2022
Wrapping up the landscaping stones trends

Market growth of the landscaping stones industry

The global landscaping stones market is currently worth $51.76 billion and it is projected to reach $68.06 billion by 2029, exhibiting a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.0% in the next seven years (2022 to 2029). 

Since 2020, there has been a steep shift in home design. Now more and more people in the US are moving toward homes that are environment-friendly, sustainable, and have a natural element to them. As a result, homeowners are using natural landscaping stones to revamp their homes. 

Being a wholesaler, it will only be wise to tap into the growing market and follow the trend in 2022. 

Following the four trends will give wholesalers a competitive edge to boost their sales in the current year and beyond. 

3D mural stone for interior and exterior spaces

3D mural stones to design bedroom wall

The 3D mural stones can be used for both the interior and exterior of a home to amp up the look and feel of a space. The entire design of 3D mural stones is meticulously created by craftsmen and it is a work of embossing and not plaster of Paris (POP). 

Be it a bedroom, living room, kitchen, or bathroom, they can be fitted in any part of the house, giving the space a natural and ethereal feel. They come in different shapes, colors and designs, so homeowners can pick the ones that go best with the vibe of their homes. 

The 3D mural stones can be a timeless addition to homes as they require minimal upkeep.

Ready-to-use stones for outdoor and indoor fire pits

Ready to use stones to make fire pits

Fire pits are in trend these days and whether they are placed indoors or outdoors, homemakers want one for their homes. They are usually accentuated with ready-to-use stones to give a warm and cozy effect to a space.

Now that winter is approaching, the fire pits will be in high demand, which is a great opportunity for retailers to boost their sales and jump onto the bandwagon for this trend. 

Not only do fire pits uplift the mood of a space, but they are also thoroughly celebrated during nights when people gather together or play games around them. 

They can even be enjoyed inside homes where friends and family members sit around them to have drinks and food during cold winter nights. 

Stacked stones for building outdoor walls

Stones stacked on top of each other

The stacked stone walls look natural and present an artful addition to an outdoor space. They tend to retain pressure and can let water pass through them. It requires intensive labor to build a stacked stone wall, but the immaculate result is worth all the effort.

Between all the plants in the driveway, a wall made of stacked stones adds a splash of warm, earthy tones to a space. 

The stones for landscaping can blend with their surrounding, making them a wonderful addition to an outdoor space. They are easy to maintain and do not require much looking after, which is what makes them a timeless addition.

Multi-color flagstones for unique walkways

Multicolor flagstones in the patio

Multi-color flagstones can be incorporated into walkways in different styles. Resultantly, they add a much-needed character and oomph to the house. 

Homemakers can play around with different styles like adding planters to the flagstones or filling the spaces between them with grout and grass or keeping them rugged to give the walkways a natural feel. The colors can also be mixed and matched for experimentation.

The flagstones must be used in moderation, and those of walkways need to be kept at an ideal length from each other; neither too large nor too small. The stones can make the space stand out and look extraordinary. 

Knowing that consumers are now moving towards sustainable homes, the landscaping stones trends are here to stay. From a business point of view, this is a brilliant opportunity for wholesalers, retailers, and small to mid-sized business owners to tap into this lucrative market and boost their sales.

Home design trends do not change as quickly as fashion trends, but now is the peak time for businesses to increase their revenue by following the four trends that are mentioned in the article.

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