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5 Exciting Window Trim Trends in 2022


As more people spend time at home and indoors, having an attractive interior space is becoming more and more important. Windows are a vital part of any building and there are a few popular window trim styles this year that business buyers should be aware of.

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What factors are driving the window frame market in 2022?
The window trim trends to follow this year
Keeping up with trends in the window frame market

What factors are driving the window frame market in 2022?

A window frame, also known as trim or casing, is the enclosure that holds a window in place. The window frame market is commonly segmented by material and end customer.

Segments by material

  • uPVC
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Others

Segments by end customer

  • Residential
  • Non-residential

Typically, window frame market data is reported in combination with that of the door frame market. Together, they are expected to surpass a value of USD 158 billion by 2028, at a 5.7% CAGR between 2022-2028. 

Urbanization is a major driving factor of growth in the window frame market. As cities expand, new construction activities will increase. Home renovation will also grow in developed countries where aging infrastructure needs to be replaced. Customer tendency to replace old construction with modern styles and the latest technologies will influence many of the window trim trends this year.

Learn about the window trim trends both residential and non-residential that customers can’t wait to have installed to boost your business.

The window trim trends to follow this year

Floor to ceiling windows

Lakeside living room with gray floor-to-ceiling windows

Corner apartment with silver picture windows

Driven by the desire to have a closer connection to the outdoors, one of the biggest trends this year is floor to ceiling windows. Floor to ceiling windows are large windows that are often installed next to each other to look like a glass wall. According to a recent Houzz poll, 42% of respondents have floor to ceiling windows in their homes.

Floor to ceiling windows are an easy way for customers to create an open feeling in their rooms and improve their mood with more natural light. Customers who purchase this type of window frame will usually be in a location with great views.

To achieve as much of an unobstructed view as possible, customers will be particularly interested in picture windows, which are windows with minimal frames and no grids. Customers may also want window frames designed for double pane glass to help with soundproofing and protection against weather events.

Black metal window trim

Living room with black metal picture windows

Office hallway with black window grills

Black metal window trim is a popular look because it aligns with the contemporary industrial aesthetic. Many homeowners will find a white house with black windows to be a charming combination.

Metal is a material commonly used for window trim. Steel and aluminum are the most widely used because of their durability and strength, especially for floor to ceiling windows that require reliable and stable frameworks.

Customers will want black window trim for both the interior and exterior design of their house. A black window trim with a grille pattern is a stylish option for customers who prefer more personality in their homes. While black remains the trendiest color, wholesalers should not overlook the rising use of colors such as brown, dark gray, blue, and bronze.

Contrasting window casing

Windows with stained wood sash and white casing

A fun trend in 2022 is window casings that contrast with the sash. The casing is the stationary, decorative trim around windows. Sash is the framework that holds the glass in place. When the window casing and sash are different colors, the resulting look is bold and unique.

Wood molding is a common material for contrasting window trim because it is easy to paint. This type of millwork is also popular as more customers become interested in organic materials and environmentally friendly buildings.

Two-toned casing and sash combinations are best suited to customers who wish to make a statement with their windows. For customers who want their accent windows to be more obvious, chunky trim pieces that are noticeably thicker than the sash will be important. On the other hand, some customers may prefer a subtler look, such as black windows with white trim, and will not want a window casement that is too elaborate.

Openable glass windows

Barista at coffee shop opening a white folding window

Restaurant with open black vertical folding windows

For an even closer relationship with nature, customers are now looking for large windows that open to the outdoors. There are a few different styles for openable glass windows

The most traditional type of openable windows are sliding windows or crank and push out casement windows. Recently, the market has seen growth in windows that can pull away from the wall in new ways, such as tilt and turn windows or pivot windows. For 2022, the most sought-after trend is folding windows. Vertical folding windows are ideal for cafés, restaurants, or homes, while folding window walls take this trend to the next level by turning windows into doors and allowing homeowners to walk outside.  

In some cases, technologically savvy customers that are interested in the megatrend of smart products will look for automatic window frames that can open on their own. Regardless of the style, customers will want window frames with quality, long-lasting mechanisms that can withstand years of use.

Arched window frames

Cafe with gray arched window frames

Arched window frames have generally been used by non-residential buildings, but in 2022, the residential home sector will see an increase in the adoption of arched windows.

Arched windows, or radius windows, are rectangular along the bottom with a half-circle on the top. For a modern look, arched window casements are often made from uPVC or metal instead of wood. The most common colors will be black or white.

Homeowners will be interested in arch windows because they bring in more daylight than the standard square or rectangular window. In keeping with the desire for exaggerated window sizes, floor to ceiling arch windows will be particularly trendy. Colonial grid arch window frames will appeal to customers who prefer to maintain a sense of traditional style in their homes.

Keeping up with trends in the window frame market

Construction activities for both new build projects and renovation of old infrastructure will drive the window frame market in 2022. A growing interest in connection to the outdoors results in trends such as floor to ceiling windows, arched window casings, and windows that can open and allow homeowners to pass through. Customers will also pay greater attention to black metal trim or wood window molding that can be painted to contrast with the window sash. Trends are always evolving in the window frame market. Frequent innovations in material, design, and engineering influence the rapid pace at which trends can become outdated. Upcoming trends will likely be shaped by a growing need for energy-efficient window frames and smart windows with security sensors. As customers look ahead towards new technologies, it will be important for business buyers to stay informed about the industry so they can remain relevant and successful in the market.

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