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Women’s Suits and Pre-summer Sets: 5 Raving Trends in 2022


There’s a big market for women’s suits and pre-summer sets in 2022, with an estimated US$ 7.03 billion. The projections for this market show a CAGR of 2.37 percent from 2022 to 2026. So, it’s undeniable that the market is flourishing, and the growth is continuous.

Finding the raving trends in the women’s suit and the pre-summer market is timely for businesses that want to boost their sales. Here are five trends that businesses can exploit in 2022. 

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The women’s suits and pre-summer sets market is experiencing huge demand
Women’s suits and pre-summer sets: 5 fast-moving trends to jump on
The bottom line

The women’s suits and pre-summer sets market is experiencing huge demand

The practicality of women’s suits and pre-summer sets has made them a popular trend in 2022. Discover the profitability of this trend.

Summer is approaching, and it’s the perfect time for female consumers to bring their fashion swag game on. It’s also an amazing time for the women’s suits and pre-summer wear trends to shine.

It’s 2022, and North America is taking the front seat in these pre-summer wear trends. Europe and the Asia Pacific are closely following behind. The age demographics of women rocking these trends are generation Z and millennials. Factors driving these trends are innovations and new business policies. So, it’s wise to jump on these trends while it is hot in 2022.

Women’s suits and pre-summer sets: 5 fast-moving trends to jump on

The resort set

Woman in shades rocking sleeveless summer dress

The resort set is vacation-ready, resort or travel clothing. Asides from the adventure and comfort feel of this piece, it’s lightweight and breathable for hot climates.

The resort set usually comes in natural fabrics like gauzy synthetics, cotton, or linen. But there’s more. This trendy design has a variety of patterns ranging from tropical prints and batik to vibrant colors that go well with seaside vacays.  

The matching set could be anything from a resort shirt and pull-up trousers, a crop top with a flowing skirt, a two-piece off-shoulder crop top with loose pants, or a brightly colored short and shirt. 

Woman in red summer two-piece off-shoulder and pants

Resort sets also come in different bright shades of red, blue, green, hyper-pink, yellow, white, purple, orange, etc.

The resort wear set cuts across consumers who love an ocean-friendly and versatile casual look—with a touch of class. They can nail this look with flatform flip-flops or slip-on sandals.

The skirt set

The skirt set is proof that dressing for warmer months isn’t complicated. In short, the skirt set is an effortless way of making a bold chic statement. There are bold color variants for consumers that love to keep things simple.

The bohemian-styled skirt set is another excellent option for consumers who love exploring summer in all its glory and getting sunkissed. The printed tie-dyed color two-piece is perfect for consumers that want a daring look. The multi-color custom skirt set is ideal for consumers who want an athletic look as they explore summer. These sets come in black, green, yellow, pink, blue, lilac, etc.

Lady in black top and bohemian high-waist skirt

The see-through bling set is another fantastic addition for consumers who want a quick alternative for bikinis. 

Beautiful blonde rocking pink see-though two-piece set

Some of the fabric options of the skirt sets are rayon, polyester, knit fabrics, linen blends, pure cotton, cotton lawn, etc. Popular patterns in this category are stripes, polka dot, floral print, etc.

The elevated comfort set

As the name suggests, the piece gives consumers comfort and an elevated look.

One of the popular styles in this category is the flared hemline. It’s super breathable and boosts comfort as well. The flared two-piece can come in high-waist pants and shirts or a matching mid-sleeve top and pants with flared hems.

Lady in gray top and cream high-waist pants

Two-piece flared skirts and wide-leg pant sets also fall into this category. And they’re ideal for consumers that want a free and simple style. Polo power isn’t left out as consumers can play around with knitted two-piece polo shirts and shorts.

Lady in white long sleeve crop top and cream pants

These sets come in fabrics like cotton, spandex, poly blend, linen, knit ribs, rayon, etc. Also, they come in different colors that express personalities like mint green, dark blue, beige, cream, yellow, etc. The patterns vary, ranging from polka dots and tropical prints to stripes.

Summer tailoring

Consumers crave suit sets for different reasons. Some want a power suit, and a few want a chic suit that looks awesome alone. Others prefer a stylish interview outfit. In reality, there’s a perfect suit for every consumer.

Consumers will happily jump on this design style to avoid sweat patches during the summer without thinking twice. With its breathable materials like cotton blend and linen, there’s no doubt that it would move the market.

Other fabric options are cotton or wool. The cotton suit set is a versatile choice that gives off a summer-friendly vibe. It’s perfect for consumers that want a casual and comfortable style. The linen suit set is a modern design that offers a sharp and functional style.

Another evergreen variant is the two-piece shorts and suit set. Consumers that love a formal and classic look will lean toward the flared pant and suit set.

Blonde in shades rocking a cream suit and shorts

Most suit sets come in plain patterns. But the resort pattern suit set is a cool option for consumers that want an informal and playful look. Interestingly, consumers can also experiment with bold colors like pink, light blue, gold, orange, lemon green, red, etc.

Lady rocking green and blue tie and dye suit set

The skirt suit

Undoubtedly, skirt suits are summer’s unsung hero that gives users a casual-corporate look. The interesting part is that the trend is taking over. Consumers that want a perfect combo of casual and smart can opt for a loose-fit skirt suit with tees.

Lady wearing a white suit and a short skirt

A classic brown skirt suit is another chic way to make a retro statement. Consumers that want an informal skirt suit can go for the cropped blazer and mini skirt suit. Others can opt for bold hues with basic colors underneath for a fresh look. Those that want a viable skirt suit for partying can add a crop top underneath.

Another simple option is to choose a classic white skirt suit. Most summer skirt suits come in cotton, linen silk blend, or linen fabrics. Color variants of this piece are blue, yellow, black, red, etc. Some available patterns include crosshatch, pinstripe, houndstooth, etc.

The bottom line

As summer approaches, the women’s suits and pre-summer sets are good trends to jump on. This season, businesses can boost sales by leveraging the raving trends: the skirt suit, summer tailoring, resort set, skirt set, and elevated comfort set.

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