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12 Best Wix Ecommerce Templates To Inspire You (2023)


You’ve probably heard of Wix in the same breath as Shopify. Wix has emerged as a top-tier site-building and hosting ecommerce platform. Wix continues to make site building easier for beginners.

In fact, the user-friendliness of drag-and-drop functionality has made site building more accessible to new users.

If you want to create a unique brand identity for your ecommerce store, you don’t want to overlook Wix templates. Of course, users still have to dive into a plethora of designs and make suitable choices.

Selecting an “ideal” Wix template for a startup business, artist, or ecommerce store can be overwhelming.

The good news is that you can browse over 800 Wix templates until you find the “one.” Templates for Wix work as customizable web pages and make it easier for new users to play with image galleries, sample content, built-in features, and internal pages. Each Wix template is 100% customizable.

You can use it as your starting point to start your new site.

The focus of this guide can help you select the most attractive Wix templates for your Wix online store. Depending on the category, recommendation, and features, you can choose a solid Wix template to help launch your online store.

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What makes an ecommerce template good?

When shopping for website templates, you’ll get caught in many ecommerce website templates. So, pay close attention to essential elements that make a great template to make your selection process simple:

Visually appealing

The first element you notice in a Wix template is its visual prowess. If it is beautiful – it would probably work out and fit your needs.

One of the hallmark aspects of a template is that it allows users to make minor or major changes. Once you open a template – you can use Wix Editor to play around with its layout structure and design elements.

Good customer experience

The template’s user experience and interface should be intuitive and innovative. These elements ensure end-users have a seamless experience navigating the content across different web pages. 


A template should have a secure payment interface and payment processing so that customers can browse and shop from an online store safely.

Best Wix ecommerce templates

Whether you’re a photographer or designer – you can tap into Wix store templates and personalize and stylize your online site.

Let’s take a look at the best Wix templates you can try:

Outdoor Adventurers

  • For: Outdoor gear retailers and accessory boutiques
template for outdoor gear retailers and accessory boutiques

It is a bold, stylized, and simple layout – a perfect ecommerce template for online stores, accessory boutiques, and outdoor gear shops. With a template like this, you’re bound to stand out.

This custom-made template has a personality and couldn’t be perfect for online stores that want to sell a lifestyle. It features a beautifully minimalist design with tone-down colors. With this template, uploading images and managing inventory becomes more straightforward.

Add product descriptions of your products with images and prices and start the selling process.

Check out the Wix template here and the best Wix store examples.

Neon Gaming Club

  • For: Video game shops, game developers, and online gaming retailers
template for video game shops

This evocative and dark template caters to online stores that want a bold look to sell their merchandise. You can’t go wrong with this template if you want to highlight the newest arrivals and best sellers on your landing page in bright colors and big fonts.

This is an inviting and engaging template that allows you to showcase your products with beautiful banner images. You can also add visual effects to improve user experience and render added value for visitors.

Check out the Wix template here.

Wellness and Beauty Store

  • For: wellness and beauty
template for wellness and beauty

Want to create a calm and soothing environment on your site? Try this Wix ecommerce template out. It features a minimalist and clean design for ecommerce stores that want to grow their business faster.

This template also features a built-in booking app to invite customers. It means customers can set appointments with a single button. You can also add a built-in contact form to generate more leads.

Once you integrate the template, you can use the shop page to sell unique products online and have a better shot at attracting more customers. 

Try this Wix template here.

Digitonics Store

  • For: electronics ecommerce stores
template for electronics ecommerce stores

This template is what you would call a compact and an all-in-one solution. It’s ideal to sell home appliances, tech accessories, and electronic items. It has an incredibly minimalist look and looks and feels premium.

So, if you’ve got an impressive line of products, you can use this template to get the attention of your target customers. It is a great template to create a beautiful product gallery with attractive icons.

You can add images, adjust prices, include relevant product details, and start selling to a global audience.

Check out the Wix template here.

Fresh Grocery

  • For: online grocery
template for online grocery

To sell fresh items, you need a site template that screams freshness.

This template also features a clean and minimalist design. If you offer products to the local community, expect this template to breathe new life into your ecommerce site.

It’s simple, short, and sweet – designed to make it easier for ecommerce store stores to add product descriptions and relevant images with value.

Get this Wix template here.

Baby Store

  • For: baby gift store
template for baby gift store

It is a combination of a playful and stylish template ideal for online children’s stores and ecommerce boutique sites. It is a well-structured and well-thought-out template that makes you want to add/sell cute kids’ toys and accessories.

This template allows users to make consistent adjustments until users experience an optimized online shopping experience. With this template, you can focus on the comfort, simplicity, and ease with which you sell products to your target customers.  

This Wix template is available here.

Christmas Holiday Store

  • For: Christmas stores
template for Christmas stores

This template captures the essence of the holiday shopping season and allows ecommerce stores to dive into seasonal festivities. It is an excellent Wix template for holiday boutiques, decoration stores, and Christmas shops. It has a straightforward design and the red and white color combination highlights the Christmas spirit.

You can use this template for your site to seamlessly manage your inventory into different categories. Highlight special deals and discounts from your landing page. With this template, you can easily add images with price points for your entire collection. One look at this template, and you’d want to start selling your Christmas collection items right away.

Check the Wix template here.

Hyperactive Art Shop

  • For: Art stores
template for art stores

One look and you’ll notice the visual beauty of this template. It is a flawlessly designed and structured template that can attain and retain the attention of visitors. It feels and looks simple but is packed with bright images and colors that allow artists to capture the unique creative vision and style of their artwork.

You can set a solid backdrop to get the instant attention of visitors and take your artistic expression game to a new level. Show and share your passion for art with this template, and you’ll notice an uptick in your visitors.

Take a look at the Wix template here.

Football Merch Store

  • For: sports merchandise stores
template for sports merchandise stores

Nothing speaks louder than a bright and bold sports merchandise store. As far as online store templates go, this template is designed to be engaging and help you grow.

It’s a great app for building a customer base for a long time. If you want to see your sales skyrocket and grow your customer base to new heights, you’ll find the subscription-based model around this template practical.  

Check out the Wix template here.

Classic Clothing and Sunglasses Store

  • For: eyewear stores
template for eyewear stores

Whether you’re looking for clothes website templates or eyeglasses templates, this is a glossy look and beautiful look. Ecommerce online stores can use this template to easily sell their luxury fashion accessories.

This fashion website template features an intuitive design and vibrant colors to showcase a variety of clothing and eyeglasses, and accessories. Using this template, you can make custom product galleries, promote your on-sale items, and bring out your press coverage into focus. You can continue making adjustments until your product offerings match your site’s elegant and modern design.

Click here to check out this Wix template.

Crisp Publishers

  • For: bookstores
template for bookstores

It is a playful, and, engaging and beautiful-looking template. It allows you to organize your product offerings easily. Unlike most templates, it is a more straightforward template.

You can add images and text and render an optimized shopping experience for your customers.

Get a full look at the Wix template here.

Ultimate Pet Stop

  • For: pet supply shop
template for pet supply shop

When it comes to online pet stores and animal supply shops, the site has to look inviting. From barking dogs to chirping birds, you can use this template to improve your value proposition and sell more product products.

Like most Wix templates, it is easy to use and features categorized collections and product galleries.

All it takes for pet store owners to upload basic product information with relevant photos and contact information and they’re good to go.

Check out the Wix template here and some ideas for pet care emails.

Wrap Up

Like Wix apps, you’re not limited by Wix templates. Depending on the category, you can choose a wide range of pre-designed and attractive options. And each customizable template has its own perks and unique look and feel.

You can opt for a playful, elegant, or simple Wix template from multiple categories. In fact, you can save unlimited new Wix templates and take your time to choose the one that fits perfectly for your online store.

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