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Your Guide to EMS Sculpting Machines

your guide to EMS sculpting machines

Salon owners always look for the latest technologies to offer their clients, enhancing their beauty and wellness experience. One such trend that has caught their attention is EMS sculpting.

This technology offers a non-invasive treatment to shape, tone, and firm the body. For this reason, it’s becoming a popular option for customers searching for safe and effective ways to enhance their physique. This means sellers can leverage this trend by offering the best EMS sculpting machines. 

Read on to learn how to select the best EMS sculpting machines for salon owners in 2024.

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EMS Sculpting: what is this new trend?
How do EMS sculpting machines work?
5 key considerations when selecting EMS sculpting machines
Final words

EMS Sculpting: what is this new trend?

Female patient receiving EMS sculpting treatment

EMS sculpting is a new way consumers can shape their bodies without surgery. It uses special technology to make the muscles contract strongly, helping build and reduce fat for a more toned and sculpted physique.

This procedure differs from regular workouts because it triggers powerful contractions that are impossible with regular exercise. Many consumers prefer using them to boost their fitness or kick-start their journey to a fitter body.

The best part is EMS sculpting doesn’t have any recovery time. It’s another reason many clients hold it in high regard—they don’t have to prepare for the treatment or follow any expensive post-care plan.

Although some clients may experience mild soreness, it’s nothing compared to the pain from regular workouts. But there’s more. Results from this procedure can last anywhere from six months to a year. Consumers only have to maintain a healthy lifestyle, preferably with a good diet and regular exercise.

Is EMS sculpting safe?

Woman giving her patient EMS sculpting treatment

EMS sculpting machines are the first FDA-approved energy devices for building muscle mass and burning fat. Up to seven independent US-based clinical studies evaluated these machines and generated the following results from healthy patients on average:

  • 16% muscle mass increase
  • 5x boost in fat metabolism (apoptotic index rose from 19% to 92% after EMS sculpting)
  • 1.5 inches (4 cm) loss in waistline circumference
  • 11% reduction in abdominal muscle separation
  • 19% fat reduction
  • 96% client satisfaction
  • 80% visible butt-lifting effects

Note: Clients with metal implants near the sculpting area may be at higher risk.

How do EMS sculpting machines work?

An industrial EMS sculpting machine

EMS sculpting machines target electromagnetic energy on muscle areas, pushing them to contract at 100% capacity and keeping them in that state for six seconds. Such feats are impossible with regular exercises, as the average person can only contract their muscles at 35% capacity.

The result of these contractions is the muscle adapting and reconstructing itself, eliminating the fat cells in the target area and creating a better build. In addition, the process doesn’t cause pain or discomfort—clients will only feel a pulling sensation. However, aestheticians will always perform these procedures at comfortable levels for their clients.

Can EMS work at home?

Woman in tank and panties receiving EMS sculpting treatment

Yes! Businesses can also focus marketing efforts on consumers who want to enjoy EMS sculpting at home. In fact, various at-home EMS devices are flooding the market, ranging from simple muscle stimulators to more advanced full-body suits.

5 key considerations when selecting EMS sculpting machines

Effectiveness and technology

EMS sculpting machines are only as good as the technologies they feature. One of the best tech to look for in these units is high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology. Currently, it is the most advanced and effective EMS technology for inducing powerful muscle contractions.

Alternatively, some EMS sculpting machines can come with awesome tech combos, like HIFEM with RF. Machines with the HIFEM-RF technology combo also deliver heat while causing muscles to contract. Undoubtedly, the extra heat helps stimulate fat cell death and promotes collagen production, resulting in instant face-lifting effects.

Note: HIFEM-RF EMS machines are not as effective as their non-combo counterparts. While they have the added benefit of tighter, smoother skin for faces, they won’t help for other muscle areas. 

Safety features

Like every other unit, EMS sculpting machines must have the necessary safety features to prevent accidents. Things can easily go sideways if EMS units don’t have features like automatic shut-off and overcurrent protection.

Automatic shut-off ensures the EMS machines stop after a certain period. It helps prevent excessive muscle stimulation, reduces the fatigue and discomfort risk, and promotes responsible usage.

Overcurrent protection is crucial as it helps monitor and control the electrical currents transmitted to the muscles. This safety feature acts as a safeguard, keeping things safe in the event of a surge that could lead to injury.

Lastly, sellers must ensure their prospective manufacturers have approval from relevant health and safety authorities, like the FDA.

Ease of use

EMS sculpting machines must be easy enough for the average user to understand and use. Hence, sellers should focus on machines with user-friendly interfaces and controls. Intuitive designs make navigating different settings and programs easier, ensuring a hassle-free workout experience.

Nevertheless, some consumers may still consider EMS units “complex to operate.” So, in addition to user-friendly designs, retailers must choose manufacturers that offer ongoing support and comprehensive training. It ensures buyers can use the machine safely and effectively without asking for refunds.

Portability and design

These considerations are more relevant for sellers targeting at-home users. Bigger, salon-grade EMS machines don’t need to be moved around often, so they don’t need portability.

However, those planning to use EMS devices at home or take them to different locations will prefer compact and lightweight designs. Additionally, the machine should also be easy to store.

Comfort and fit

Although intense muscle stimulation can be uncomfortable, the right EMS machine should never be painful. However, the best way to ensure salons offer a comfortable experience is by stocking up on units with adjustable intensity levels, allowing each client to receive a personalized EMS session.

But that’s not all.  Also, check for other parts influencing the machine’s comfort, like the electrode pads or belts. The pads should be comfortable to wear, and the belts should have a snug fit—these will help avoid any discomfort during the procedure.

Final words

People keep finding new, non-invasive ways to improve their bodies— and now, EMS sculpting is making waves in the beauty and fitness scene. However, choosing the right EMS sculpting machine is the only way to convert inquisitive buyers into paying consumers.

In order to do this retailers can consider the factors discussed in this article when stocking up on EMS sculpting machines. They’ll help sellers make informed investment decisions that benefit salon owners and at-home users.

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