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Your Guide to Mattress Protectors for Extra Comfort & Quality Sleep

Hand pouring blue liquid onto a white padded mattress protector

Mattress protectors can keep one’s mattress safe against unwanted spills and stains, as well as enhance comfort. This means that understanding the global mattress protector market is valuable for small businesses that aim to cater to this growing trend. Additionally, knowing how mattress protectors differ from other products is vital for inventory management. 

This article discusses both these elements, giving retailers new insights into this market and essential tips that will help ensure you stock your catalog with items set to be popular for the year ahead!

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Mattress protector market share
Everything retailers should know about mattress protectors
Stock up on mattress protectors

Mattress protector market share

Cream-colored, patterned mattress protector fitted on a bed

Vantage Market Research’s study shows positive prospects for mattress protectors. The global market value for this product was USD 2.3 billion in 2022.

Predictions state that it will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.81%, reaching a projected value of USD 3.35 billion by 2030.

Keyword search volumes

Google Ads keyword searches for “mattress protectors” were 110,000 in June 2023. By November 2023, this figure rose to 135,000 average monthly searches. This change is a 22,72% increase in interest levels for mattress protectors.

Several factors support sales growth

Many retailers are now allowing customers to test mattresses before buying. This service is spurring customers to protect their bed investment with mattress protectors. Also, mattress protectors are available in multiple colors to match personal preferences.

Individuals change their mattresses every nine to ten years on average. In contrast, hotels change their mattresses every five to six years. These figures are valuable for servicing various target markets. Retailers can also use this information as input into their buying decisions. 

Forecasts indicate that Europe, Asia-Pacific, and South America (Brazil) are the largest markets for new mattress purchases. The U.S. and Canadian markets are also growing rapidly. These markets are increasing due to the interest in sleep quality and bed comfort.

Everything retailers should know about mattress protectors

Navy poly-cotton mattress protector and matching pillow protectors on a bed

Because the bedding world has changed so much, it is wise to keep up with innovations. One relatively new product is the mattress protector.

The following sections explain everything about mattress protectors and their benefits. This information can help retailers understand what items to stock.

Mattress protectors: Mattress protectors protect your mattress, which is often expensive. They are also often treated to prevent dust mites and bed bugs. Consequently, these treatments aid in preventing allergens and promoting a good night’s sleep. 

Mattress protectors avoid damage to the mattress from moisture, spills, and stains because they are waterproof. Because of this benefit, the mattress stays clean and protects the bed as intended.

Protectors are easily removable, so customers can simply wash them when dirty. 

Topper: This product fits over the mattress, adding an extra layer of comfort, but it offers no protection.

Mattress pad: Pads lie somewhere between protectors and toppers. They increase comfort and offer some protection, but not as much as mattress protectors.

Benefits of mattress protectors

Patterned and padded chocolate-brown mattress protector with frill


Often, all it takes is a cold water wipe-down of the mattress protector to keep it in good condition. Otherwise, machine washing on a lower heat is suitable. 

Besides protecting the bed from accidents and spills, a good quality waterproof mattress protector has other benefits. Because it is waterproof, it doesn’t allow moisture to reach the mattress surface. No mold can build up. Dust mites must live in another environment, so sensitive people are safe from allergens.

Retailers can search for mattress protectors with clear care instructions and additional hygiene benefits to provide additional value to their customers. 

Protect your investment

Pink hypoallergenic waterproof mattress protector

Mattress protectors also work like fitted sheets despite being placed under the sheets. This snug fit means that it doesn’t bother the person when sleeping. They are important because perspiration can seep through a fitted sheet and stain the mattress if no protector is present.

Customers must then use a lot of manual labor to clean the mattress or a steam cleaner to create a hygienic sleeping environment if they don’t have a mattress protector. Retailers can help customers avoid complex cleaning options by stocking mattress protectors.

It is also a good idea for retailers to buy pillow protectors when buying mattress protectors. These two items are ideal for protecting the bed – an expensive investment – and customers’ pillows, which can also be costly. Both purchases will extend the lifespan of their mattresses and pillows.

Convenience and comfort

Black polyester waterproof mattress protector

Although toppers add comfort, mattress protectors can do so too. When protectors are made from cotton, they are also cool and breathable. These qualities reduce perspiration at night, adding to a comfortable sleep. In contrast, polyester options increase night sweats.

Mattress protectors also offer an additional soft layer beneath the sheet, which can enhance the softness of the bed surface.

An OEKO TEX 100 certified label shows that a mattress protector is free of harmful chemicals. This certification is trusted worldwide for testing textiles, from the fabric to the thread and stuffing. 

If bedding has this label, it is confirmation that every part of the protector (or other bedding item) has been tested for up to 350 hazardous chemicals and is safe for human use. When stocking up on these products, check for this and similar labels.

Mattress protector materials

Woman sitting on charcoal-colored, quilted, waterproof, mattress protector

This bedding item comprises diverse materials. Cotton, polyester, microfiber, and polycotton are typical examples. Most mattress protectors are available with anti-mite, bedbug, dust, allergen, and other treatments, but not all.

Almost all have waterproof features. Some are padded, quilted, or smooth.

Ultimately, retailers should decide which markets to serve. Once they are clear about this, it makes it easier to simplify inventory choices.

Stock up on mattress protectors

Yellow fitted and waterproof mattress protector

Mattress protectors offer a way to protect expensive mattresses while at the same improving the quality of one’s sleep. As a result, they are set to be popular among individuals and businesses in the hospitality sector for the year ahead. 

Retailers should be aware that they can purchase mattress protectors in multiple colors, sizes, and materials to fit a range of sleeping needs. 

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