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Your Guide To Selecting Metal Nailing Machines

your guide to selecting metal nailing machines

New technologies have led to significant technological advancements, the construction industry has seen tremendous growth, including the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Metal nailing machines are a prime example of this, as they minimize human input and reduce production costs.

Metal nailing machines in the market come with varying features such as output per unit time, power consumption, and the ability to produce varying nail sizes. These features cater to individual needs and contractors’ requirements.

As demand for better infrastructure increases, it’s crucial to have a variety of metal nailing machine models in the market for small and large enterprises. Find out what to look for in a metal nailing machine and how to choose a suitable one from this post.

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The market for metal nailing machines
Features to look for in metal nailing machines
How to choose metal nailing machines
Final thoughts

The market for metal nailing machines

The market size of the global nailing industry was US$ 629.6 million in 2022 having registered a 7.5% annual growth. This market value is set to grow to US$ 1.15 billion by 2030 at a 7.9% compounded annual growth rate (CAGR).

Many factors have contributed to the upward trend in the global market. They include urbanization and artificial intelligence adoption by industrialists. Furthermore, nails are crucial in laying strong foundations for infrastructure and other steps in construction. This, coupled with an improved standard of living, has led to high demand for nailing machines.

The market size is set to increase in the future as construction businesses seek to meet market demand and standards. Note that different businesses have varying demands for nails, therefore, each model in the market counts. However, designers and manufacturers should ensure they incorporate desirable features in new models to improve their efficiency.

Features to look for in metal nailing machines

Mode of operation and output per unit time are the main features to look for in a metal nailing machine. A power-saving machine with a moderate speed is generally better than a slow one. Besides these, here are some essential features to look for in a nailing machine:

Simple working principle

A metal nailing machine comprises the punch bar, the nail cutter, and the grip. These parts ensure the nails produced are in the required shape and size. When choosing a machine, the working principle is the first thing to consider. A nailing machine with a simple working principle enhances overall efficiency.

In addition, an easy-to-adjust nailing machine saves time and lowers production costs.

Output per unit time

Nailing machines can help manufacturers lower the cost of labor by up to 70%. However, if the output per hour is low, it becomes less economical. The output per given time is an essential feature when choosing a model.

The customer base of a business determines the suitable output rate. As a rule of thumb, a business serving many customers should go for a high-speed nailing machine to ensure the daily supply meets the market demand.

Note that some machines with high output may also have a high defective rate, which is costly in the long run. Therefore, choose a machine with high output and a low defective rate to minimize the wastage of raw materials and power.

Should have auto lubrication system

A metal nailing machine with an auto lubrication system enables it to self-lubricate while working. This feature improves efficiency and saves time since there is minimal interruption to the machine while working.

Furthermore, a centralized lubrication system applies a controlled amount of the lubricating fluid throughout the movable parts, making it function flawlessly.  When choosing a nailer, check out the lubricating system and learn how it works. Also, ensure the system distributes the lubricant evenly to all parts.

Should produce different types and sizes of nails

Different types and sizes of nails in partitioned containers

Contractors require different nail sizes for various functions. When choosing a metal nailing machine, choose one that can produce nails ranging from 1-6 inch sizes. In addition, it should allow for the adjustment of wire diameters to obtain different nail sizes.

In addition to the common nail sizes, a suitable machine should produce specially shaped nails such as those used in welding.

How to choose metal nailing machines

Metal nailing machines are designed to improve productivity while saving on labor costs. The following factors are crucial when choosing one:

Low running cost

Different models of nailing machines have varying requirements and functionalities. For example, auto-lubricated machines are cheaper to run since they require less physical handling. Other requirements that constitute the running cost include power supply and maintenance. Choose an efficient nailer with a low running cost for optimum production.

Adjustable output per unit time

The nail output per minute varies depending on the model and nail size. An adjustable machine allows for the regulation of output to minimize the defective rate.

Besides, adjusting the output rate ensures the production of the required quantity of each nail type, hence preventing wastage.

When choosing a metal nailing machine, go for makes with adjustable output that produces varying nail sizes and types.

High nail-making speed

Nailing machines’ speed differs depending on make, mode of operation, and size. Whereas traditional models deliver about 200-700 nails per minute, advanced designs can deliver up to 2000 nails per minute.

A high nail-making speed is important in businesses since it fosters maximum daily output. It also improves reliability since businesses can meet market demand.

Choose a machine with high nail-making speed and save time, energy, and production cost.

Easy on nail adjustment

Contractors and businesses require nails of different types and sizes. They include ordinary nails, special nails for welding, and clout nails for ceilings and wooden joints. Therefore, go for an all round machine that delivers different nail types.

To avoid time wastage, a nail-making machine should be easily adjustable when changing the wire diameter to the desired size.

Final thoughts

The demand for nail-making machines in the global market is growing. As businesses seek to increase their productivity for a competitive advantage in the global market, they require advanced models for nail making.

You should therefore explore the different market designs to meet customers’ requirements and preferences. In addition, check out the latest models in the market for maximum efficiency. To learn more and to browse listings of quality nail machines, head over to Alibaba.com.

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