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Your Guide to the Top Lint Removers in 2024

woman using a fabric shaver on her pink sweater

Lint removers remove lint, hair, and other tiny fibers from clothing, upholstery, and fabrics. Lint can accumulate on clothing and other textiles through regular wear and washing, leading to a less polished or neat appearance. Consumers constantly look out for products that blend user-friendliness and functionality. 

Lint removers, a portable device, are one such product that helps users maintain a polished appearance. Lint removers can enhance your product range since they benefit consumers who like to keep a neat appearance. However, it is essential to know the different types of lint removers available and what they offer. 

Read on to discover everything you need to know to ensure you are stocking lint removers that your buyers will love in 2024! 

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Global outlook
Factors to consider when choosing lint removers
Lint removers: Trending types

Global outlook

modern lint shaver on woolen sweaters

In 2023, the global market for lint removers stood at US$ 1.92 billion, with projections suggesting an increase to US$ 3.14 billion by 2032. This growth, anticipated at a 6.6% annual rate from 2024 to 2032, is driven by the following factors:


The modern consumer is always on the move, seeking solutions that can keep up with their fast-paced daily routines. With their compact design and 135,000 average monthly searches, Lint removers have become essential for ensuring clothes and fabrics, from elegant bridal wear to everyday sweaters, remain impeccable.

Technological advancements

Innovations in design, such as ergonomic handles and rotary blades, have revolutionized the efficiency of lint removers. High-quality models with features like stainless steel blades or a pure copper head ensure durability and superior performance.

Versatility and utility

​The best lint removers are adept at handling various materials, from delicate fabrics to heavy-duty upholstery. This versatility makes these tools a valuable addition to your inventory, capable of appealing to your customers, especially those who want to maintain everything from cozy bedding to chic sofas.

Factors to consider when choosing lint removers

fabric shaver and a white sweater

Compactness for portability

Size and weight matter greatly to consumers prioritizing portability. Compact designs that fit effortlessly into a travel bag or store display offering easy access and storage, will be more attractive to those looking to maintain a polished look on the go.

Power source

Evaluate the range, from rechargeable units that appeal to eco-conscious consumers to battery-powered models ideal for those seeking reliability on the move and manual tools for simplicity and instant readiness. Offering a variety ensures you cater to diverse needs, from travel essentials to home staples.

Fabric compatibility

Ensure the assortment includes options suitable for various fabrics, from delicate clothes to durable upholstery and carpets. Versatile devices that can gently handle fine mesh while being effective on heavier materials will appeal to a broader audience, enhancing your store’s appeal.

Durability and build quality

Select lint removers crafted from high-quality materials, such as stainless steel or pure copper heads, to promise longevity and consistent performance. Items made from durable fabrics and robust construction offer better value and assure customers of their lasting effectiveness.

Innovative features

Keep an eye out for products that offer more than just lint removal, such as those with fabric shavers for refreshing pilled sweaters or special attachments for various cleaning tasks. These additional functionalities can make a product stand out, offering new ways to meet and exceed consumer expectations.

Lint removers: Trending types

Lint rollers

lint roller used to shave fabric upholstery

Lint rollers are highly sought-after, with an average monthly search of 110,000, according to Google Ads data. They come in adhesive-based forms and are used to remove lint, hair, and other debris from clothing and fabrics. They consist of a handle and a roll of sticky paper or sheets that can be peeled away to reveal a fresh adhesive surface. 

Lint rollers pick up and trap unwanted particles by rolling the sticky surface over the fabric, leaving the fabric clean and neat. The convenience of adhesive lint rollers extends beyond their immediate use. There’s a roller for every need, ranging from heavy-duty designs for tougher jobs to more delicate versions suitable for finer fabrics.

Lint brushes

Lint brushes, with 12,100 average monthly searches, offer a reusable alternative to adhesive rollers with an effective and eco-friendly design. These brushes typically feature a fabric or bristled surface that traps and lifts lint and fuzz when brushed against the grain of the fabric. Lint brushes are ideal for furniture, garments, and car interiors.

Many lint brushes come with a dual-sided design, which boosts their versatility. One side removes lint while the other brushes pet hair or dust away. These portable and user-friendly tools help maintain fabrics, ensuring they remain their best for a long time.

Motorized lint shavers

Motorized lint shavers take fabric care to the next level, combining power and precision to rejuvenate worn textiles. These devices are equipped with rotary blades that help eliminate fuzz and pills. This action efficiently restores the appearance of sofas, sweaters, and other fabric surfaces.

Motorized lint shavers also include detachable lint catchers and adjustable shave heights. This allows for efficient customization to different fabric types and easy disposal of collected lint.

2-in-1 lint remover and fabric shaver

lint remover and clothes on a table

For versatility, 2-in-1 devices that combine lint removal with fabric shaving capabilities are in demand. These are especially popular among consumers looking to refresh their garments and upholstery, making them look as good as new.

This multifunctional tool offers convenience and efficiency thanks to features such as a detachable lint catcher, stainless steel blades, etc. Ideal for tackling pills on sweaters and ensuring curtains and couches remain lint-free, they enhance the appearance of fabrics with minimal effort.

Electric lint remover

electric lint remover on a purple sweater

Electric lint removers offer efficient and quick solutions for removing fuzz balls and lint from clothes and upholstery. With features like rotary blades and stainless steel or pure copper heads, they’re designed for durability and effectiveness. These tools are ideal for giving garments, and furniture like sofas and curtains a new look, making them essential for home use and travel.

Choosing an electric lint remover can be easy when considering models with a detachable lint catcher for simple disposal and ergonomic handles for comfortable use. They are beneficial for heavy-duty tasks and can get rid of pet hair and lint from durable fabrics seamlessly.


lint remover used on a white cloth

Today’s market reveals a clear shift towards eco-friendly and practical solutions. Portable lint removers are at the forefront of this trend. Incorporating a diverse range of these tools in your inventory ensures your business meets the modern consumer’s needs.

From rechargeable to manual options, diversity in your offerings ensures you cater to all preferences. When you highlight sustainability and innovation, including free shipping incentives, those seeking efficient garment and furniture care will be attracted to your offerings. Finally, don’t forget to subscribe to Alibaba Read’s Home and Garden category for more essential updates!

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