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Hot-selling Alibaba Guaranteed Household Cleaning Tools & Accessories in January 2024: Essential Picks from Lint Rollers to Sleeve Covers

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In January 2024, the spotlight shines on the most sought-after household cleaning tools and accessories, selected from Alibaba.com’s comprehensive catalogue. This selection is not just about popularity; it represents the pinnacle of Alibaba Guaranteed offerings, ensuring low prices with shipping included, guaranteed delivery by scheduled dates, and a money-back guarantee for order issues. For business buyers navigating the expansive world of online retail, these products stand out not only for their sales volume but also for the peace of mind they bring. By choosing Alibaba Guaranteed items, retailers can confidently stock up on products that promise reliability, efficiency, and satisfaction, without the usual hassle of negotiations or concerns over shipment and refunds.

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1. Custom Logo Household Carpet Cleaning Tool: A Must-Have for Pet Owners

Custom Logo Household Carpet Cleaning Tool
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In the realm of household cleaning tools and accessories, the Custom Logo Household Carpet Cleaning Tool emerges as a highly sought-after product in January 2024. Originating from Zhejiang, China, this manual lint sticking roller is designed with practicality and ease of use in mind. Its primary function serves to effortlessly remove pet hair from bedding, blankets, curtains, carpets, and more, making it an indispensable tool for pet owners.

Constructed from durable plastic, the lint roller features a customizable design, allowing for personalization with a brand or company logo. With its compact size of 10cm and a weight of only 0.100 kg, it offers unparalleled convenience and portability. The roller comes with 60 sheets, providing ample coverage for thorough cleaning sessions across various surfaces. Its effectiveness is further enhanced by its suitability for use on clothes, furniture, and carpets, ensuring a lint-free and hair-free environment.

The product stands out not only for its functional attributes but also for its consumer-friendly features such as low minimum order quantities (MOQ), the option for OEM & ODM services, and customizable packaging. This lint roller is not just a tool; it’s a solution to the common problem of pet hair accumulation, offering a quick and easy way to maintain cleanliness in homes with pets.

2. Disposable Plastic Shoe Covers: Essential for the Food Industry

Disposable Plastic Shoe Covers
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Among the diverse offerings in household cleaning tools and accessories, the disposable plastic shoe covers stand out, especially for professionals in the food industry. Originating from Hubei, China, these covers are designed with both functionality and hygiene in mind. Their primary feature is to ensure cleanliness in environments that demand high sanitary standards, such as food processing areas.

Made from PP nonwoven material, these shoe covers offer durability and waterproof protection, making them an ideal choice for maintaining floor cleanliness and preventing contamination. The product is available in a standard size of 16*40cm, catering to a wide range of footwear sizes, and comes in customizable colors to meet specific branding or aesthetic preferences. Furthermore, the option for OEM customization allows businesses to align these practical accessories with their corporate identity.

Packaged in boxes of 100 pieces, with a minimum order quantity of 50,000 pieces, these shoe covers are presented as an efficient solution for businesses looking to uphold the highest standards of hygiene. Each package’s weight is thoughtfully considered at 0.500 kg, ensuring easy transportation and storage. Whether chosen for machine-made precision or the meticulousness of hand-made production, these shoe covers represent a critical accessory for any entity within the food industry seeking to minimize dirt and germ transfer.

3. Eco-Friendly Wooden Cashmere Comb: A Sustainable Cleaning Solution

Wholesale Custom Logo Eco-Friendly Wooden Cashmere Comb
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The Wholesale Custom Logo Eco-Friendly Wooden Cashmere Comb represents a sustainable approach to garment care, especially for those precious wool and cashmere items. Crafted in Zhejiang, China, this manual dedusting roller is designed not only to refresh and revive the appearance of sweaters but also to effectively remove pilling. Its compact and portable nature makes it an essential tool for maintaining the quality of delicate fabrics.

Constructed from natural wood, this sweater comb underscores an eco-friendly choice for consumers conscious about their environmental impact. The wooden material provides durability and a gentle touch on fabrics, ensuring that clothing remains unharmed during the depilling process. Customization is a key feature, with the option for free logo engraving, making it an excellent choice for brands looking to offer personalized products or promotional items.

With a minimum order quantity of just 50 pieces, this tool is accessible for businesses of all sizes. It measures 7.6*4.5cm and weighs a mere 15g, emphasizing its convenience for both use at home and while traveling. The comb’s effectiveness is not limited to clothes; it’s also an efficient solution for removing pet hair from fabric surfaces, showcasing its versatility. Packaged in an opp bag and paper carton, each unit is lightweight for shipping, further enhancing its appeal to environmentally conscious businesses and individuals seeking a multifunctional, durable, and reusable tool for fabric care.

4. Wooden Mini Shoe Brush: Compact and Eco-Conscious Cleaning Tool

Hot Selling Wooden Mini Shoe Brush
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Introducing the Hot Selling Wooden Mini Shoe Brush, a testament to sustainable cleaning solutions from Zhejiang, China. This compact brush combines the natural durability of beech wood with soft bristles, designed specifically for the meticulous care of shoes. Its small size and short handle make it an ideal tool for both quick touch-ups and thorough cleaning sessions, ensuring your footwear remains in pristine condition.

Sustainability and convenience are key features of this shoe brush, appealing to eco-conscious consumers and retailers alike. The use of beech wood not only gives it a sturdy feel but also adds an eco-friendly aspect to your cleaning arsenal. With the option for a custom logo, businesses can personalize the brush, making it a perfect addition to eco-friendly product lines or promotional offerings.

The brush comes in two colors, allowing for a modest range of personalization. Its dimensions ( and lightweight design (weighing just 0.060 kg) make it incredibly portable, suited for both home use and travel. The minimal MOQ of 3 pieces makes it accessible for small-scale purchases, yet it’s equally suited for bulk orders tailored to business needs. Packaged carefully to ensure safe delivery, each brush is a blend of functionality, design, and sustainability, catering to the growing demand for products that support a more environmentally responsible lifestyle.

5. Disposable PE Sleeve Covers: Hygienic and Waterproof Protection

Disposable PE Sleeve Cover
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From Hubei, China, comes the Disposable PE Sleeve Cover, a practical solution for maintaining personal hygiene and protecting clothing in various environments. These sleeve covers are made from LDPE material, ensuring durability and water resistance. Designed for single-use, they offer a convenient and effective barrier against moisture and contaminants, making them an essential item for personal care routines.

The blue PE Sleeve Covers are not only functional but also versatile. Their application extends beyond personal care to include uses such as waterproof phone protection, showcasing their multifunctional design. With the ease of disposable use, they cater to the needs of individuals seeking quick and efficient solutions for hygiene management without compromising on comfort or protection.

With a minimum order quantity of just one piece, these sleeve covers are accessible to a wide audience, from individual consumers to large-scale healthcare facilities. Each pack contains 50 pieces, packaged in a compact and lightweight manner (25X23X1.5 cm; 0.300 kg per batch), ensuring they are easy to store and distribute. This product exemplifies the blend of convenience, hygiene, and protection, addressing the growing demand for disposable personal care items that offer both safety and practicality.

6. HR Disposable Shoe Boot Covers: Durable and Slip-Resistant

HR Disposable Shoe Boot Covers
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The HR Disposable Shoe Boot Covers, originating from Hubei, China, offer a high level of protection for footwear in multiple settings. Designed with practicality in mind, these boot covers are made from a combination of PP spunlaid nonwoven and PE materials, ensuring both durability and waterproof capabilities. The inclusion of a skid-resistant sole enhances safety by minimizing the risk of slips, making them an ideal choice for environments where both cleanliness and safety are paramount.

Each boot cover measures 230 x 420 mm, providing ample coverage for a variety of shoe sizes. The unit weight of 14.6 g attests to their robust construction, capable of withstanding rigorous use without compromising on protection. These shoe booties are disposable and stocked, indicating their readiness for immediate use and ease of replacement, essential for settings that require strict hygiene standards.

Packaged in multiples of 50, with a gross weight of 0.560 kg per batch, these boot covers are designed for convenience and efficiency. The packaging dimensions (28X25X2 cm) reflect the product’s compactness and ease of storage, facilitating their distribution and accessibility. This product exemplifies a commitment to providing practical, safety-oriented solutions for both personal and professional use, ensuring that footwear remains protected in any situation.


Concluding our exploration of hot-selling household cleaning tools and accessories for January 2024, we’ve traversed a variety of essential items, from innovative lint rollers designed for pet owners to eco-friendly wooden combs for garment care, and practical hygiene solutions like disposable sleeve and shoe covers. Each product, selected based on its popularity and the value it brings to the US marketplace, underscores the diversity and necessity of these tools in maintaining cleanliness and order. This selection not only reflects current consumer preferences but also highlights the commitment of Alibaba.com to provide quality, guaranteed products that cater to the evolving needs of households and businesses alike. As we move forward, these items stand as a testament to the importance of practicality, sustainability, and innovation in our daily lives.

Please note that, as of now, the ‘Alibaba Guaranteed’ products featured in this list are only available for shipping to addresses within the United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, France, and Germany. If you are accessing this article from outside these countries, you may not be able to view or purchase the linked products.

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