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10 Essential Amazon Selling Tips Businesses Need To Know


With over 200 million users and billions of visits to the site each month, Amazon is one of the best ecommerce platforms that businesses can use. 

But with the site’s constant algorithm updates and the number of competitors that join each day, selling on Amazon can be difficult. Many businesses sell millions of items on Amazon, and others sell very few. Frustration kicks in, expenditures spiral out of control, and sellers are left with items that nobody wants. 

If you are making little to no sales, all hope is not lost. Read the following selling tips to become an expert at selling on Amazon. 

Table of Contents
Master the art of customer service
Get your packaging and branding right
Maintain a competitive pricing strategy
Choose a reputable supplier
Create a fulfillment strategy
Make user-friendly listings
Focus on a few key categories
Keep track of your inventory
Drive traffic with social media
Pay attention to customer feedback
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1. Master the art of customer service

Customer service is a top priority for Amazon. Your customers feel the same way. The majority of consumers feel that customer service is more important to them than the product itself.

Research has shown that 68% of customers are willing to pay more for products and services if the business offers excellent customer service. Further studies found that 93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with sellers who provide high-quality customer service. Therefore, your business needs to have strong customer service skills.

Adhere to the following to provide excellent customer service:

– Respond to all reviews, comments, and inquiries in a timely manner, including negative ones. 

– Avoid arguing with the consumer and instead demonstrate empathy and understanding.

– Provide fast shipping.

– Have a fair return policy.

2. Get your packaging and branding right 

For some sellers, product packaging and branding can be an afterthought. Know that packaging and branding are crucial to the reputation of your business. If you do not get these key aspects of your business correct, your orders may not make it to their destinations once they have been dispatched. This is because of customs. 

As you probably know, Amazon orders can be shipped all over the world. The issue with global shipping is that each nation has its own customs rules for product packaging. Customs may seize your goods if you fail to fulfill their requirements (for example, if you forget to place the correct sticker on your package). Familiarize yourself with the rules of the country you are shipping to and double-check that you have met the requirements before sending orders. 

Branding is also a critical factor in the selling process. Your business logo should be visible on all orders, on your Amazon page, and when you are interacting with customers. Consumers are more likely to remember you if they get familiar with your brand, and they will be more inclined to return.

3. Maintain a competitive pricing strategy 

It has never been easy to set a price. You do not want to go too high for fear of pricing people out of your items, but you do not want to go too cheap either for fear of putting yourself out of business.

You need a competitive pricing strategy to succeed in making profits. This means you set your price in line with competitors’ prices to prevent losing customers and market share.

4. Choose a reputable supplier

No business wants to end up with low-quality stock from poor suppliers. After all, if a customer receives an item that falls short of their expectations, they will almost certainly return it and write a bad review. 

The problem with suppliers is that you will not have the opportunity to meet them. Only buy from leading wholesale suppliers on Alibaba.com if you want to get high-quality stock. 

5. Create a fulfillment strategy

Getting your orders to the buyer as soon as possible is important when selling on Amazon. If you fail to match Amazon’s delivery criteria, you will be fined for poor operational metrics.

Amazon measures a variety of fulfillment data, including the proportion of orders that arrive on time, the percentage of packages that receive a first carrier scan on time, the percentage of orders dispatched with the right shipping option, the return/refund rate, and more.

If you continually exceed the objective on all of these measures, you will qualify for guaranteed delivery and reduce your lead time to less than 24 hours. As a result, Amazon will elevate your product listings.

6. Make user-friendly listings

Implement consumer-friendly listings to create a solid basis. This begins with crafting easy-to-read and compelling titles, bullet lists, and descriptions. Make them informative, and make sure they meet Amazon’s character count requirements. Use high-resolution images of your items from numerous perspectives to demonstrate functioning and size. 

Beautiful, clean photography and well-formatted titles and descriptions make a difference in how professional your brand seems online when consumers search for items in your category.

7. Focus on a few key categories

It is tough to reach customers if you are not a well-known brand. If you want to know how to sell more on Amazon, try selling items in popular categories like health and wellness, home and kitchen, pet accessories, and toys. This is a better way to fulfill the high demand of built-in audiences.

These sorts of categories reflect topics that are important in everyday life, which gives these items greater solidity when they are sold. 

8. Keep track of your inventory

If you do not have an established management system in place, maintaining your Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) inventory becomes increasingly difficult. Efficient inventory management prevents you from selling items that you do not have in stock and paying for the storage of items that are not likely to sell. 

Keeping track of your FBA inventory levels not only saves money but also ensures customer satisfaction. Check your inventory performance index (IPI) score on a regular basis by looking at your inventory performance dashboard. This score will be from 0-100, and the lower it is, the more money you will save. 

9. Drive traffic with social media

One of the most effective ways to promote your products on Amazon is to advertise on social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Marketing products on social media is a great way to reach your specific target audience, increase brand awareness, and attract loyal customers. Approximately 55% of customers have made purchases through social media. Make daily posts, use hashtags, and interact with other accounts to boost the visibility of your account. 

10. Pay attention to customer feedback

Customer satisfaction is a necessary factor for business growth. About 95% of customers read customer reviews before making a purchase. You are going to make more sales if your reviews are mostly positive. To achieve this, you will need to ensure that your customers are happy with their orders and your customer service.

Your seller ranking is determined by the number of positive or negative reviews you have. The algorithm is designed to ensure sellers with a lot of bad reviews never make it to the top listings. 

Positive reviews will also increase your likelihood of getting into the Amazon Buy Box. This is a feature that appears on the right side of a product page and distinguishes it from other listings, urging customers to add the item to their cart. 

Follow up on product reviews and personally reach out to customers to ask if they are happy with their items. Actively reading your reviews will give you insight into the areas you need to improve. 

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