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110 GB Biocidal Active Substances Are Postponed Until 2027

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In February 2024, UK‘s Health and Safety Executive (HSE) announced that the expiry date of all biocide active substances expiring between 1 January 2024 and 31 December 2026 would be extended to 31 January 2027. This amendment impacts up to 110 active substances, with the expiration dates of 46 active substances formally prolonged.


Details of these 46 substances:

Active substance nameCAS numberEC numberProduct typePrevious expiry dateNew expiry date
Copper (II) hydroxide20427-59-2243-815-9PT0831 January 202431 January 2027
Copper (II) oxide1317-38-0215-269-1PT0831 January 202431 January 2027
Basic Copper carbonate12069-69-1235-113-6PT0831 January 202431 January 2027
Hydrochloric acid7647-01-0231-595-7PT0230 April 202431 January 2027
Cholecalciferol67-97-0200-673-2PT1430 June 202431 January 2027
Difenacoum56073-07-5259-978-4PT1430 June 202431 January 2027
Bromadiolone28772-56-7249-205-9PT1430 June 202431 January 2027
Difethialone104653-34-1600-594-7PT1430 June 202431 January 2027
Brodifacoum56073-10-0259-980-5PT1430 June 202431 January 2027
Flocoumafen90035-08-8421-960-0PT1430 June 202431 January 2027
Coumatetralyl5836-29-3227-424-0PT1430 June 202431 January 2027
Hydrogen cyanide74-90-8200-821-6PT0830 September 202431 January 2027
Hydrogen cyanide74-90-8200-821-6PT1430 September 202431 January 2027
Hydrogen cyanide74-90-8200-821-6PT1830 September 202431 January 2027
Pyriproxyfen95737-68-1429-800-1PT1831 January 202531 January 2027
ADBAC/BKC (C12-16)68424-85-1270-325-2PT0831 January 202531 January 2027
DDAC7173-51-5230-525-2PT0831 January 202531 January 2027
Formaldehyde50-00-0200-001-8PT0331 January 202531 January 2027
Magnesium phosphide
releasing phosphine
(Trimagnesium diphosphide)
12057-74-8235-023-7PT1831 January 202531 January 2027
Tralopyril122454-29-9602-784-5PT2131 March 202531 January 2027
Cypermethrin52315-07-8257-842-9PT0831 May 202531 January 2027
Dinotefuran165252-70-0605-399-0PT1831 May 202531 January 2027
IPBC55406-53-6259-627-5PT0630 June 202531 January 2027
Etofenprox80844-07-1407-980-2PT1830 June 202531 January 2027
Aluminium phosphide
releasing phosphine
20859-73-8244-088-0PT2030 June 202531 January 2027
Copper sulphate
7758-99-8231-847-6PT0230 June 202531 January 2027
Indoxacarb144171-61-9604-398-2PT1830 June 202531 January 2027
toluamide (DEET)
134-62-3205-149-7PT1931 July 202531 January 2027
Dazomet533-74-4208-576-7PT0831 July 202531 January 2027
Tebuconazole107534-96-3403-640-2PT0830 September 202531 January 2027
Spinosad168316-95-8434-300-1PT1831 October 202531 January 2027
IPBC55406-53-6259-627-5PT0831 December 202531 January 2027
Medetomidine86347-14-0811-718-6PT2131 December 202531 January 2027
DDACarbonate894406-76-9451-900-9PT0831 January 202631 January 2027
Imidacloprid138261-41-3428-040-8PT1830 June 202631 January 2027
DCOIT64359-81-5264-843-8PT0830 June 202631 January 2027
Alphachloralose15879-93-3240-016-7PT1424 July 202631 January 2027
Propiconazole60207-90-1262-104-4PT0824 July 202631 January 2027
Metofluthrin240494-71-7n/aPT1824 July 202631 January 2027
Aluminium phosphide
releasing phosphine
20859-73-8244-088-0PT1424 July 202631 January 2027
Boric acid10043-35-3233-139-2PT0824 July 202631 January 2027
Sulphuryl difluoride
(sulfuryl fluoride)
2699-79-8220-281-5PT0824 July 202631 January 2027
Sulphuryl difluoride
(sulfuryl fluoride)
2699-79-8220-281-5PT1824 July 202631 January 2027
Deltamethrin52918-63-5258-256-6PT1830 September 202631 January 2027
Bacillus thuringiensis
subsp. israelensis
Serotype H14,
Strain AM65-52
n/an/aPT1830 September 202631 January 2027
Lambda-cyhalothrin91465-08-6415-130-7PT1830 September 202631 January 2027

Active Substance Expiry Date under GB BPR

Under the governance of the Great Britain Biocidal Products Regulation (GB BPR), the use of active substances in biocidal products is strictly regulated. The GB BPR requires comprehensive assessments and approvals of these substances, covering toxicology, ecotoxicology, and efficacy before products are introduced to the market. Typically, an active substance receives a 10-year validity period upon authorization under the GB BPR, which can be extended following a thorough re-evaluation.

A renewal application is required after the expiry of the active substance’s validity period, and a rigorous reassessment of its safety and effectiveness is required to justify its extended use.

This proactive measure by the HSE provides crucial breathing space for relevant stakeholders to align their product portfolios and compliance frameworks with the evolving regulatory landscape. Chemradar will closely monitor HSE’s subsequent announcements and report on relevant developments.

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