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3 Trends Changing Gifting for Valentine’s Day 2023


Valentine’s Day is traditionally a celebration for couples. But today’s definition of love includes a broader spectrum of its forms, like self-love. 

By knowing this, businesses may predict what people want to get for themselves and their loved ones this Valentine’s Day, leading to reasonable business prospects.

This article details three leading trends shaping Valentine’s Day celebrations in 2023. Keep your business relevant in the upcoming season with insights on market trends. Stay at the top by discovering the best kinds of products and solutions that you can offer below.

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The expansion of Valentine’s Day
3 vital trends for Valentine’s Day 2023
Valentine’s Day gifts for all

The expansion of Valentine’s Day

Celebrating Valentine’s Day goes way back to the 1400s and remains important even with the rage of the virus. In 2021, Americans spent $21.8 billion to buy flowers, jewelry, and clothing for this occasion.

As years pass, the meaning of Valentine’s Day is beginning to broaden. 

Consumers are not only celebrating romantic love but also self-love and familial love. This makes products like skin care devices and practical gifts popular among people. Sensual products are also rising in popularity.

This romantic day is often celebrated on February 14, but the date can vary worldwide. For example, Japanese women give gifts on February 14, while men do so every March 14. Some countries also hold week-long celebrations in July. 

As the world transitions out of the pandemic in 2022, meaningful holidays with love at the center hold higher importance. This year’s reports say that consumers spent $23.9 billion on Valentine’s Day presents, which is expected to increase in 2023. 

As we prepare for the upcoming holiday, we see a shift in how consumers approach their holiday shopping. 

Read on for three vital trends that are shaping Valentine’s Day 2023 and future holidays to come. 

3 vital trends for Valentine’s Day 2023

The trends for Valentine’s Day next year focus on self-love, self-expression, and giving thoughtful gifts. Products centered on self-care, romance, and sustainability are bound to have increased demand leading up to the holiday. 

Jade beauty rollers on a table

1. Mindful gifting is preferred

People want to receive thoughtful, practical gifts for the upcoming Valentine’s Day. Yes, classic cards and flowers will still be in demand, but there are more innovative products people can opt for.

Consumers prefer practical gifts nowadays, especially with the occurring global inflation. As such, it comes as no surprise that one-time-use novelty products are slowly getting abandoned by consumers.

Thoughtful gifts can also include other considerations. Good examples of these are sustainability and environmental concerns, such as water shortage. Waterless skin care products with ingredients grown with less water are great choices.

Products like premium skin care and facial devices have good prospects. These items are not only practical but may also show one’s concern for their beloved one. 


While the product is the most important part for the consumers, packaging matters. For this trend, consumers are most attracted to minimal yet sleek and bold packaging. 

Woman relaxing in a bathtub

2. Self-love is a key message

Different from tradition, Valentine’s Day also celebrates self-love. This practice became popular in recent years because of the pandemic. Anxiety and mental health cases rose as much as 25% higher according to reports around the world.

Today, many people want to meet their needs and care for themselves through self-love. They also suggest that self-love may help ease anxiety, avoid stress, and strengthen self-esteem. 

Skin care, meditation, exercise, relaxation, and bathing are popular ways to express it. That’s why bath and body gifts and natural self-care products are in high demand.


If you want your product to appeal to many consumers, simplicity and sustainability are best. People are looking for natural products that will help them connect to themselves and their partners, so it is important the packaging reflects that. 

Woman getting a massage with oils

3. Self-expression is on the rise

Many people claim that self-expression is one of the best ways to connect with their partners. This is best done in intimate scenarios, which is a likely theme on Valentine’s Day 2023. Gifts like slow-burning candles and temperature-changing massage oils are popular among lovers. 

The demand for sensual gifts and items for beds is also increasing. People prefer products that are hygienic, easy to use, and discrete. This may stem from the global practice of better hygiene with recent health crises. Another reason is their concern for comfort and convenience when using the products.


Safer, hygienic, and sustainable packaging is what will set you apart here. While consumers are looking for products that will allow them to go deeper with their partners, the packaging doesn’t have to be so serious.

People want an approachable product with bold graphics, bright colors, and a bit of humor to break down taboos and minimize embarrassment. 

Valentine’s Day gifts for all 

Today, Valentine’s Day is not only for lovers but also for oneself and one’s family. Classic flowers and chocolates are still in demand but overall, consumers want gifts that will provide a deeper meaning.

Recalibrating your inventory and capturing these trends may bring you reasonable returns. Hang on to these leads and ensure that your business stays relevant and at the top. 

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