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3 Unique Styles of Bicycle Fenders for Kids

Different colors of bicycle fenders hanging on wall display

Accessories for kids’ bicycles are both practical means to protect from mud and water kickback as well as a means to add a touch of flair to bikes. As such, they come in numerous different styles and patterns, enhancing kids’ overall riding experience. Read on to discover some of the most popular styles of bicycle fenders for kids.

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Global market value of bicycle accessories
3 unique styles of bicycle fenders for kids

Global market value of bicycle accessories

Selection of bicycle accessories laid out

Cycling is increasing in popularity across the world thanks to an emphasis on sustainable travel, more people taking it up as a recreational sport, as well as a proliferation of e-bike use, especially among younger people. And with cycling growing in popularity, so too is the demand for bicycle accessories.

Young girl wearing red helmet and cycling gloves

By 2023, the global market value of bicycle accessories had reached over USD 12.5 billion. That number is projected to increase significantly between 2023 and 2032, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of at least 7.5%. This growth is in part due to many bicycle accessories now being considered essential for children’s safety.

3 unique styles of bicycle fenders for kids

Pink and white bike with light blue bicycle fenders

Bicycle fenders are designed to block unwanted splashes or debris from being kicked up by the wheels and hitting the rider. They can be placed on both the front and back wheels and are available in many different shapes, sizes, and styles. Kids also like to stick out, so stocking fenders with unique designs is recommended.

Kid’s bicycle with training wheels and yellow bicycle fenders

According to Google Ads, “bicycle fender” has an average monthly search volume of 14,800, with October seeing the highest number of searches at 18,100.

Google Ads also reveals that the mostsearched for types of bicycle fenders for kids are “clip-on fenders” with 170 searches, “full coverage fenders” with 140 searches, and “retractable fenders” with 130 searches. Below, we’ll take a closer look at unique styles of bicycle fenders for kids.

1.   Clip-on fenders

Black clip-on bicycle fender on back wheel of bike

One of the most popular styles of bicycle fenders for kids are the clip-on fenders. These fenders are known for their versatility and lightweight design – important so they don’t add too much weight to the bike – and are often made of hard plastic or flexible but rigid rubber material that can easily withstand years of riding.

Clip-on fenders attach to either the bike frame or the seat post by an adjustable clip or a strap. They should require no additional tools, making them very straightforward for both kids and parents to use. It’s important that the clip offers a tight fit when attached to the bicycle so that it doesn’t fall off mid-ride.

Kids bike with training wheels and clip-on bicycle fenders

The length of clip-on fenders will depend on the size of the bike’s wheels and frame. They need to provide sufficient coverage of the wheel so that the rider is fully protected from splashes and any debris that may fly up from the ground. These fenders can be used for casual bike rides along paved roads or in wetter conditions where mud may be a concern.

These budget-friendly fenders tend to cost no more than USD 30 at retail.

2.   Full-coverage fenders

White and black bike with full coverage bicycle fenders

Unlike clip-on fenders, full-coverage bicycle fenders attach to the frame or fork of the bike via a mounting bracket, helping to ensure that they remain fixed, even in bumpy conditions.

These styles of bicycle fenders are especially good at protecting the rider in wet and muddy conditions. Since they’re likely to undergo more wear and tear than other fenders, it’s important that they’re made of a very durable material such as plastic, aluminum, or lightweight metal alloys, which can better withstand corrosion and remain resilient in tough riding conditions.

Black bike with full coverage bicycle fenders on both wheels

While they’re often heavier than clip-on fenders due to their larger size and mounting brackets, parents may prefer them for their children to ensure complete protection. These fenders often cost between USD 20 and USD 50 at retail.

3.   Retractable fenders

Black retractable bicycle fender at full extension on bike

Similar in design to full coverage brackets retractable fenders have one unique feature: a mechanism that allows them to be extended or retracted when needed. This offers riders a blend of convenience and functionality not found in other fenders.

When the fenders are at fully extended they offer riders near-complete protection from kickback, while when they’re retracted, they give the bicycle a more sleek appearance – all without needing to remove the brackets or fenders.

Black retractable bicycle fender attached to seat post

Retractable fenders are great for riders who may encounter wet conditions but don’t necessarily want fenders as a permanent fixture on their bike. They’re often a little heavier than other fenders due to the additional mechanism.

These fenders often cost more than the previous two styles, sitting between USD 30 and USD 70 for the more high-end models.


Boy on small bike with clip-on bicycle fender

These three unique styles of bicycle fenders for kids share in the ability to protect children from rocks and dirt, but have key features that set them apart. Parents will prioritize fenders provide protection for their kids while they’re cycling, while kids will likely want styles that fit the overall aesthetic of the bike as well, so having a variety of colors and patterns available is essential.

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