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4 Major Strategies in the In-betweener Beauty Industry


As the beauty industry continues to expand, the next generation of consumers is making a growing impact. Beauty products geared towards the in-between market are continuously growing. 

In-betweeners consist of youth in the age range of 6 to 14 years old. While the products must be captivating to the youth, they must ultimately appeal to the parents. These products must help to develop healthy habits and good hygiene while still embracing play and creativity. 

In this article, we will explore four major strategies that are making way in the in-betweener beauty industry as well as a full breakdown of the market. 

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The market for in-betweener beauty
4 key strategies in the in-betweener beauty market
Starting in-betweeners on the right foot

The market for in-betweener beauty 

With the rise of social media, beauty awareness is starting at an earlier age and becoming increasingly popular with tweens and teens. Teenagers alone spend approximately $44 billion a year on beauty products.

In the U.S., over 50% of youth from 12 to 14 wear mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner and eyebrow pencil, and 45% use foundation and concealer. 

This no longer consists of just young girls; as gender norms are being challenged, the beauty market and its audience are evolving. Today, 69% of boys aged 9 to 17 use beauty products. 

The market is only expected to grow and is anticipated to increase at a CAGR of 6.5% by 2028. 

4 key strategies in the in-betweener beauty market

As societal norms continue to be challenged and changed, the youth are pushing for products that support their curiosity, while parents want products that offer education and support healthy habits. 

Below are four key strategies every business needs to know if they are targeting the in-betweener market. 

1. Encourage exploration and play

Young person trying creative-beauty makeup products

Tweens and teens are at a time of discovery and exploration, so their body care and beauty products should encourage that. 

56% of U.S. teens state that they use makeup as a tool of self-expression. Some of the most popular in-between brands encourage self-discovery through printable face charts, virtual masterclasses, and one-on-one lessons. 

While the products shouldn’t stray too far from the adult version, products like the chocolate palette offer a sense of play with colors that can provide self-expression. 

2. Keep the parents in mind 

Parent and child with beauty products

While tweens and teens may have purchasing power, they still rely on their parents to foot the bill. Therefore, products must make the parents feel safe and secure. 

The best way to appeal to parents is through FDA-regulated products that are free from allergens and safe for all skin types. Parents will also look for organic products made from all-natural ingredients. 

3. Offer education 

Women putting lipstick on a child

This is a vital age where education is key. Not only is this generation willing to learn, but parents will support products that offer education. 

Education can be offered in numerous ways such as educating the consumer on what is in the product and why, how to properly recycle the product, and how to use the product properly to support good hygiene. 

Brands are using multiple platforms to educate young consumers such as their packaging, websites, and social media. 

4. Keep it simple 

Simple beauty products scattered on a table

This is an age group that has just started out, and to make their experience a positive one, it must be made simple. 

As this age group may consist of first-time beauty consumers, it should be kept as simple as possible. Kits are a great way to do this as they provide everything needed in one place, and they will take away the guesswork while creating positive daily habits. 

If the product is over complex, the inbetweener may lose interest and stop using it. Face wash kits that have apps with helpful reminders are a great way to keep youth on track and create a positive daily routine. 

Starting in-betweeners on the right foot 

In-betweeners are a very influential market. This is an important time in their life when learning proper habits and hygiene.

While the youth want products that allow them to engage in self-expression and creativity, parents are looking for brands that encourage healthy habits, are made with natural ingredients, and are safe for their child’s skin. 

Following these top strategies will help put businesses ahead of the curve in the in-between market industry. 

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