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4 Playful Baby & Toddler Trends for Autumn/Winter 2022–23


Playful baby trends are coming up in the kid’s apparel market, and the value of these fashion staples is skyrocketing. It’s no surprise that more babies have been spotted wearing these trendy styles as they are key trends this autumn and winter.

This article will explore these trends to help fashion retailers get more information about them, highlighting why they are so important. Let’s start by looking at the size of the baby and toddler apparel market.

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Overview of the baby & toddler apparel market
4 playful baby and toddler primary trends
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Overview of the baby & toddler apparel market

The size of the global baby apparel market was US $62.04 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow to US $82.54 billion by 2027, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.2%. 

The baby clothing market has been significantly impacted by growing social media influence and shifting fashion trends. In addition, the desire for stylish apparel is driven by modern parents’ significant interest in the clothing options for their children.

The Asia-Pacific region accounted for a significant portion of the global market in 2019, with a value of US $23.27 billion. Sales of goods in China, India, and Southeast Asia will likely benefit from the rising number of newborns in the area.

Sweat sets

Toddler boy wearing a black sweat suit set

Many parents consider these adorable sweat sets for their children as they are one of the most comfortable clothes for kids today. Injecting a cozy and comfortable oversized aesthetic to the attire encourages extended wear as children can quickly grow into the clothes.

Some brands have included the optional addition of customizable toys and fabric badges of different characters or even animals that kids would recognize. They can be placed anywhere and effortlessly add a playful aura and feel to the clothing.

For colors, parents can aim to procure these staples in bright hues for a refreshing look. They can go for colors such as blue, bright red and orange, deep purple, luscious pink, and lime green. Other matching sets come in a mix of colors that don’t necessarily block each other but work together to complete the childish look. 

Great color combinations include blue with orange, green, or yellow. Parents can stick with primary colors to enhance simplicity for their babies.

Toddler wearing a navy blue and gray sweat set

Cozy sweaters are made from various great fabrics, including, but not limited to, cotton and synthetic materials, although they are traditionally made from wool. 

Crew-neck sweaters made of knitting cotton fabrics would be great for kids. They can be worn as a matching set of the same color or worn with knitted trousers, shorts, or skirts. Cotton is best because it is more breathable than synthetic fabrics and is sometimes considered softer than wool.

Modular pullover hoodies

Kid wearing a modular pullover hoodieKid wearing a modular pullover hoodie

These hoodies aren’t like regular sweaters with top hats, but they have been modified to have detachable arms for some, and have become multifunctional statement clothes. Children with this apparel can pick what works for them and grow into that.

The modular pullover hoodies also have some fastenings that are easy to use. This subtle update encourages more independent dressing and pairing of clothes. The detachable sleeves can be removed to create a new style for paneling and layering clothes. They make dressing up a fun thing to do for children.

The best texture fabrics for hoodies, especially for children, are cotton-based knits. It is also known as sweatshirt fleece, which is soft on the inside and smooth on the outside. Cotton blends are used more often these days instead of pure cotton.

They also come with pockets at the back or front to carry stuff in. The fun part of these hoodies is their insane color-blocking patterns. Mixing strong pastels with bright hues can create different emotions for new experiences.

For casual, laid-back looks, kids can wear a fitted pullover hoodie with regular pants like denim. Matching the hoodie and trousers in the same color creates a good feel. Also, ensuring that the trousers are comfortable cannot be overlooked. Kids can also wear their hoodies with fitted or slightly oversized joggers or denim pants. Cotton works excellent as well.

Young boy in a multi-colored hoodie

Some of these hoodies come with pockets at the back and are incredibly stylish for kids drawn to unorthodox looks and going against the norm. Color-blocking patterns on the sleeves, neck, and lower back are welcome, using primary colors and bright hues. Consumers can pair them with thick pants like denim and corduroy or lightweight trousers made of cotton, linen, and cotton blends.

Layered tees

Kid wearing a black and white layered t-shirt

Layered tees are a creative combination of an inner long-sleeved t-shirt and an outer short-sleeved shirt with a seam on the arm. They can also be two separate shirts worn together for a new experience.

Color-blocking patterns are also a key part of what these shirts stand for, as the combo of two shirts brings a new meaning to color blocking. Primary colors and bright hues also adopt an inherently playful vibe with this style.

These shirts and layering ideas are especially great for autumn and winter as they aid in heat retention and prevent the body from harsh winds. Like many T-shirt layering ideas, the idea is to be relaxed and fitted, although some baggy aesthetics are welcome.

Young girl wearing a rainbow-colored layered T-shirtYoung girl wearing a rainbow-colored layered T-shirt

Kids can have the outer layer big enough to layer over the long-sleeved shirt. Plain color shirts like white, blue, and red would work for the long-sleeved shirt and with any color short-sleeved shirt. A long-sleeved shirt with graphic prints is excellent for some visual aesthetics.

Another way to style this trend has the long-sleeved shirt as an undershirt, but both shirts can be the same color to create a monochromatic tone to the ensemble. A brighter shade or darker tint of the chosen color would go great for pants.

Modular overalls

Young girl wearing a modular denim dungaree

Children’s modular overalls are a one-piece garment with comfort as an essential keyword.

A great casual pick for a modular overall would be the denim overalls. They are great for kids, and make them look super cool and adorable at the same time, especially for girls. In addition, they often come with frills attached, adding to the aesthetic and enhancing the cuteness.

These overall looks can be heavily updated with certain trims, snaps, and zippers in bright hues and pastels. In addition, parents can opt to procure overalls with modular details like pockets attached to the garment or worn separately with something else.

The color-blocking aesthetic is excellent for this trend as well. Consumers can experiment with primary and secondary colors in all sorts of ways to provide kids with fun pastels for more visual interest and investment in the outfits.

Young boy wearing blue suspender jeans

This fashion staple also works when consumers layer it with a sweater or a buttoned jacket. Of course, these coveralls are layered with an undershirt, but the extra jacket on top assures adequate protection from the cold. Coveralls also add another opportunity to experiment with fabric textures and colors.

Kids can have a striped or plain-colored undershirt to go with the overall. This depends on the overall as it is important that the shirt does not overwhelm the attire. Long-sleeved shirts are better for children so that elbows and forearms are equally protected from the cold.

Final words

Baby and toddler apparel trends are aimed at visual interest, color-blocking patterns that appeal to kids, and tend to boost moods, creating a positive environment. The fabrics and textured clothes are also tailored toward a fun and playful vibe.

Apparel trends like the modular pullover hoodie are a fantastic snug option for the colder months. In addition, sweat sets with matching designs work great for indoor wear or a short walk in the park.

Fashion retailers should consider these kids’ apparel styles for their next inventory stock-up because these trends will continue being popular in autumn and winter.

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