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5 Astounding Baby and Toddler Garden Crafter Designs of 2023


With families getting more interested in the great outdoors, there’s an increasing need for a crafting aesthetic that shows joyful expression.

Several bold prints and colorful yarns, like mixed-stitch knits, cross-stitch, and embroidery, reflect this aesthetic for several outdoor activities. And they make some fantastic and comfortable wear for babies and toddlers.

In this article, businesses can explore five fabulous garden crafter designs for babies and toddlers in 2023. Read on to see the market summary of the baby and toddler apparel market.

Table of Contents
A summary of the baby and toddler apparel market
Five high-trending baby and toddler apparel styles of 2023
Leverage these fast-growing trends in spring/summer 2023

A summary of the baby and toddler apparel market 

The baby and toddler market had a $62.04 billion value in 2019. As the market keeps expanding, marketing experts project the market will reach $82.54 billion from 2020 to 2027. They expect the segment to exhibit a 4.2% CAGR over the forecast period.

Fashion trends are changing, and social media influence continues to grow, strongly impacting the children-wear market. More parents are becoming sensitive about their kids’ clothing choices, thus increasing the demand for more fashionable items.

The increasing trend of sustainable baby clothing is one more factor that contributes to this market’s growth.

Five high-trending baby and toddler apparel styles of 2023

Knitted cardigan 

Beautiful toddler posing with a knitted cardigan

Cardigans are fashion staples that cut across all seasons. Parents can use them as versatile layering items to keep their toddlers cozy during cooler days. They can also use them alone to keep their kids cool during hotter days.

These trans-seasonal pieces ooze craftsmanship. They feature high-quality yarns that won’t irritate the skin or make babies feel uncomfortable. Parents can also get these pieces in recycled linens and cotton.

The beautiful aspect of knitted cardigans is the chunky stitch techniques that reflect the crafted effects and textural interest. These colorful crochets or intarsia stitches can add stunning color contrasts and joyful aesthetics, transforming the humble cardigan into a fashion statement.

Cute child smiling with a light brown knitted sweater

Knitted cardigans also offer exciting details and trims that give the piece expressive and vibrant updates. These come from applique crochet, weave-in-designs, and embroidered motifs.

Parents can make their toddlers look cute by opting for knitted cardigans with matching sets. Shorts and skirts make excellent second pieces for the ensemble while maintaining the comfort factor.

Alternatively, consumers can use denim bottoms. Pairing denim with knitted cardigans will help accent the top’s beautiful patterns and colors.

Repurposed shacket 

Anonymous kid posing with floral-pattern shacket

The shacket is one simply incredible fashion innovation. This piece combines a shirt and a jacket into one fashionable piece.

Shackets are incredibly adaptable. Parents can wear them on their kids as a layering piece or alone. They’re versatile and flexible enough to make fabulous outfits for little ones.

Repurposed shackets feature more weighty fabric that separates them from button-up tops and dress shirts. They offer an extra bit of warmth to keep toddlers cozy and comfortable.

These flexible pieces have various designs with cheerful, bright prints and colors expressing a DIY theme. Some variants offer wholesome cross-stitch motifs that exude a crafted vibe.

Parents can make their babies look casual with the repurposed shacket. They can use the relaxed combination of a flannel shacket, a white T-shirt, and light-wash jeans.

Baby sitting down with a denim shacket

Shackets can also add some life to toddler outfits. Consumers can opt for variants with a pop of color. Sherpa shackets would also make the perfect layering piece for colder conditions. They work as a statement piece for children.

Consumers can dress sherpa shackets with subtle pieces to make them stand out. They can consider pairing the piece with plain jeans and tees.

Collar dress

Toddler smiling while wearing a cream collared dress

Collar dresses can bring out the classic toddle shape with added longevity and functionality. These classic pieces are not new trends. But now, they come with updated looks. For instance, newer versions feature removable collars that parents can swap (for color contrasts) or remove.

Details and trims also help make the collar dress more fashionable. Parents can get variants with added collared embroidery or repurposed rickrack for handcraft aesthetics. Collar dresses also offer various patterns, prints, and colors. Some even offer environmentally-friendly tie-die alternatives.

Anonymous toddler raising hands in a checked collar dress

A midi collared dress is a magical variant of this piece. Parents can dress their toddlers up in a polka-dot midi collar dress and pair the outfit with a red jacket for added warmth.

Another outfit toddlers can rock is the plaid collared dress. Every bit of this piece screams gorgeous, especially when paired with dark red tight-high socks.

Parents that want a retro vibe for their little ones can opt for a large-collared dress. The large collars on this piece make a vintage statement that works particularly well for outdoor activities. They can throw some pop socks into the mix for added cold protection. 

Bundle-dye bodysuit

Cute baby standing in white bodysuit

As far as essential items go for babies and toddlers, the bodysuit is a top seller. These are practical and washable onesies babies can wear 24/7.

Consumers can enjoy tie-dye designs with their toddlers’ bodysuits, which helps to enhance the overall aesthetic. Bundle-dye bodysuits can also feature slightly longer legs that are different from the original bodysuit design. These updates nod towards in-between dressing and gender-inclusive design trends.

These bodysuits can flaunt different colorful patterns and prints that reflect trendy crafting themes for the great outdoors.

Parents looking for activewear aesthetics will love short-sleeved bodysuits. The style strays away from traditional sleeveless designs. Consumers can also go for long-sleeved variants that offer more coverage and protection for toddlers.

Woman carrying a baby in a bodysuit and jean combo

Although bodysuits look great on their own, consumers can pair them with various bottoms. Since bodysuits are versatile, they can work as shirts. Adding a flared skirt or denim jeans would elevate the bodysuit’s charm.

Bloomers also pair well with bodysuits. Consumers can make fascinating color contrasts by combining bright-colored bloomers with bundle-dye bodysuits.

Embroidered bloomer

Baby wearing bloomers while lying down

Bloomers are cute and sweet alternatives to pants and shorts in warmer conditions. In styles ranging from terry-toweling to frolicky frills, these pieces are perfect for elevating everyday outfits and covering baby nappies.

Voluminous shapes are the bloomers’ specialty. They offer comfortable fits with enough space for bulkier reusable nappies. This piece has a puffed shape that makes babies and toddlers look chic and smart.

The handmade craft aesthetic looks outstanding with the embroidered bloomer. It adds a timeless appeal that drives the artistry vibe of this item. These pieces create nostalgic effects with traditional embroidery and crafting techniques, like the Folklore Las Niñas.

With surplus wiggle room and support, the lightweight baby bloomer is sure to become a parents’ favorite. Consumers can dress their babies up in blue bloomers and polka dot shirts. Jackets and tights also pair well with this ensemble.

Baby rocking a bloomer with a pair of knit tights

Elasticated waists and stretchy legs all aim for added comfort. These cotton frill bloomers come packed with these in mind. The added broderie frill adds more aesthetic to the eye-catching embroidery bloomer. Consumers can go wild with this item by pairing it with long-sleeved tops or bodysuits.

Want something durable? Parents can opt for embroidery bloomers made from terry fabric. It’s resistant to stretching, shrinking, pilling, and even fading. Terry-toweling bloomers look fabulous as matching sets.

Leverage these fast-growing trends in spring/summer 2023

Spring/summer 2023 spreads the joy of the great outdoors by driving the desire for crafting and colorful techniques. These baby and toddler designs tap into the family crafting aesthetic by using saturated and purposeful natural dyes.

Versatility, comfort, and sustainability are other factors that drive the fast-growing children’s trends for the upcoming seasons. The high quality of these trends makes them fit to enter the resale market.

Focusing on knitted cardigans, repurposed shacket, collar dresses, bundle-dye bodysuits, and embroidered bloomer trends is an effective way for businesses to enter the resale market with irresistible offers.

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